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    Ibanez TS-9 Re-issues, are they all made in Japan?

    I was wondering if the reissue Tube Screamers are all made in Japan, or if some are made elsewhere?
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    PRS USA EG-3 Fit a USA PRS CE Body

    I have a PRS EG-3 that I love the neck on, but it is fire engine red. I play metal, and it just does not work for me. Will this neck fit a PRS CE body? All you experts out there help me out!!!:drink
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    Bedrock amps. Who owns them, and what do you think?

    I have had several through the years, and have a chance to pickup the 25 watt EL-84 head from a friend. I like the tone, but will do some slight mods if I get it. I know some of the early ones were handwired, and the later ones had some quality issues. What say ye!!!
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    Soulmate Necks, anybody have one? Thoughts? I have a 2 piece Alder Hamer Diablo that has a hum single hum with a Schaller Floyd. I love this body and it is resonant, with the great Hamer quality. The problem is the neck pocket is not a regular Fender size. Warmoth, Allparts, USACG, and others...
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    Larrivee RS-4 Guitar. Anyone play or own this?

    These look amazing. Lollar pickups, Tonepros, Schaller, Premium Maple 3/4" top, Mahogany body and neck. Anyone played, or own one. Giving me some guitar lust.
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    PRS EG 1991 3 Fralin Domino Pickups, Comments?

    Prs EG-3 1991 USA made with the 3 Fralin Domino single coil pickups. Alder body, with solid color. I have heard they sound great, but the neck joint is really weak. Anybody, own, or has owned one? I have a chance to get one on a trade, and trying to decide.
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    Fender 1997 Big Apple USA Strat. Thoughts?

    I am looking at a trade for this guitar? Any thoughts? Are these swimming pool routes, or the ones with wood? Appreciate any and all comments.
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    Seymour Duncan Phat Cats, Thoughts?

    I just picked the bridge and neck pickips in perfect condition for 50.00!!!!:AOK What are the thoughts on these? I have not installed in anything yet.
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    This is why drugs are bad I have NO idea what this guy is talking about. :bong = :NUTS
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    Ultimate Cab???? Or Ultimate Joke? :NUTS:NUTS:facepalm
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    Dumblator Type of Effects loop Tube or Solid State

    Looking for a Dumblator style tube or solid state outboard effects loop. I have an effects loop in a few of my amps, and rack setups. They do not have send and return knobs to adjust the levels in and out. I would like a buffered effects loop to adjust levels. I have seen that Ceriatone...
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    Vigier, Tyler, or Suhr best superstrat?

    I am looking for a superstrat guitars, and have narrowed it down to these 3. I want a Hum, Single, Hum with a Floyd style Tremolo. Input from those who have owned, or currently own these. Ed Degenaro has played all 3 I believe, and would love his suggestions.
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    Best pickup for Extreme Metal??

    I am looking for the best pickup for extreme meta, active or passive. Suggestions, and input appreciated.
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    Best 100W + Amp for Extreme Metal?

    What is the best 100 watt or more for extreme metal. I tune to C# on most tunes. Modern styles in the vein of Necrophagist, Decrepit Birth, Arsis, The Faceless.....etc.
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    Hello from the Frozen Midwest

    Nice to meet everyone. I am a Gear Nut who lives near Chicago, but travels all over.
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    Hello everyone