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    Decently Priced Clean Amp?

    I need a decent clean amp for medium sized venues and churches. I play a lot of indie rock, glam rock, some funk, and some blues. Mostly in the general rock arena or contemporary christian music like hillsong or hillsong united. I'm thinking I'll just use my pedals for any dirt I need. I've...
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    The Black Crowes effects?

    Anyone got any pics of their current boards? I saw them last night (this morning) on a jay leno rerun, maybe a month old. Great band I must say.
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    High Gain Pedal?

    I need a high gain pedal for rhythm guitar. It's gotta be good with palm-muted power chords. I've got a muff, but I'm using that more for leads. So recommend me something. Nothing to expensive...I use a tele or strat, into a valve jr at home and a crate v30 for gigs. Thanks for the help.
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    Have A Cigar

    What will get me the sound of the first guitar you hear? I think it's a which phaser?
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    Best small delay w/ Tap Tempo

    I'm looking for something other than the DD-5. No price range...let me know!
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    Best Dual Overdrive Pedal?

    I've been looking at the Tim, Blackstone, and the Fulldrive. I'm not sure which to get. I need something to give me good crunch for rhythm and a good lead tone from the boost side. I'm thinking the Tim is my best bet, but I'm sure there's tons of dual pedals, so just let me know. Thanks.
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    Volume Swells?

    How exactly do you all pull off volume swells. I know it's you use a volume pedal after dirt, before delay...but does anyone have more details, tips, and/or advice on how to pull swells off. All help is greatly appreciated.
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    Reverb before or after...Delay

    I just got a Verbzilla and I'm not entirely sure if I should run it after/before delay. Which do you prefer?
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    Building a PC for Home Recording

    I'm trying to build a fairly decent DAW for home recording use. Any suggesetions on which CPU, Motherboards, RAM, Hard Drive, Video Card, and Power Supply Unit would give me the best performance for recording? Thanks for any help.
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    Pedal Painters?

    Just wondering if there's anyone I could send my BYOC cases to so that they can get painted. I've tried some on my own, but I want something a little more professional looking and at a reasonable price. So yeah, let me know...I'd even ship the case to a forum member to be painted. Thanks.
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    BBE Two Timer

    Sorry if this was posted already. Anyways, looks great, anyone know how much these will be?
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    The New Fender Pedals NAMM 2008

    Not really sure if this was posted, I tried the search, but here's the link to a video showcasing the new fender pedals. I love the sliding footpedals, going left to right...very innovative.
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    Korg Pitchblack?

    Not sure if this was posted already, looks exactly like what I've been waiting for. :D
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    Pedals and sweatshops?

    Is there any evidence or proof of pedal compaines using sweatshops. If anyone can point me to some links or articles that'd be great.
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    Pink Flesh or Lunar Module

    I only want to get one, but I can't decide which one to get. The Lunar Module clip sounds awesome, but I've heard a lot of good things about the Pink Flesh, and I really don't have a muff style pedal in my arsenal. So let me know your opinions and experiences you've had with these 2 pedals, to...
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    Looking for a delay that can...

    ...give me at least 2 (preferably 3) footswitchable presets and tap tempo, any suggestions? I'm looking at the DD-20, Nova Delay, Eventide Timefactor, DLS ECHOTAP, LINE 6 DL4...any other choices? I really don't want to spend more than $300, if not I'll think about maybe a DD-5 paired with...
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    I'm gonna start building my own pedals...what do I need?

    I'm a rookie at this, I've never even soldered before, but I want to practice first and then start on a simple kit. What should I buy to practice soldering, what's a good kit to start off with, what equipment should I buy? If you can help me out that'd be great.
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    How do I order a Timmy?

    I hope that's not a dumb question...
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    VOX AC-30 in a box?

    This might've been posted before. I want that U2 overdrive sound or if any of you have heard of Hillsong United, that type of overdrive.
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    Modded TS-9 or MI Audio Blues Pro

    I can't decide on which one to pull the trigger on. :crazy Let me know which one you like and why? I want a good Low/Med gain OD to use for blues and rock. -Lou
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    Big Muff Clones?

    The bassist in my band is looking for a good substitute for a Big Muff. He doesn't want something so big to take up space on his board? If you have any suggestions let me know.
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    Questions about volume pedals?

    I was wondering if you all run your volume pedals in the beginning of the chain or the end.? I'm thinking of running it at the end..and if I do that, do I need a passive or active vol. pedal? SCHOOL ME!
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    I want to play acoustic, but then again...I dont... I need some sort of acoustic simulator that'll make my electric guitar (tele) sound like an acoustic guitar. It doesn't have to be spot on, it's just for live playing at my church. So if you've had any experience with any, let me know. Thanks ahead of time.
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    Which one should I get to replace my OCD

    1. Box of Rock 2. Silver Kiss 3. Timmy Anything else you can think of. :)
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    Which pedal should I get next?

    I've got a wah, a fuzz, an overdrive/distortion, a delay, eq pedal, compressor, tuner and a chorus. I'm thinking about getting a trem, octave, vibe, phaser, or maybe a flanger. Let me know which type you think I should get and if you have a specific pedal let me know as well. Something in...