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    Got my Marshall JCM800 2203 re-tubed... and it sounds worse...?

    hey guys, I got my Marshall JCM800 100W 2203 re-tubed recently. I'm running EL34s in the power section. I've used Sovtek power tubes for years, and each time I've had it re-tubed, it sounded great. The tech put Electro Harmonix in this time (all he had on hand), which he says are more of a...
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    83 Marshall JCM800 2203 - can someone check the back of theirs for me?

    I got my amp back from my tech, and gave it a good wipe down. While doing so, I obliterated the ink from the label on the back. I know it's a 2203, and I know it's 100W, but what goes in the third blank (Power input)? Curiosity really. and should I get a blue pen and write it in there again...
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    Setup Questions

    I had questions regarding setting up my DGT> I am not sure of a few things here... The D string is buzzing in open position. I never had the guitar set up, as it played great the first 2 years I've owned it. It's humid as heck here. I figure that might be why it's happening. I do keep it in my...
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    Tony Rice - voice and arthritis issues

    I didn't know this! Sorry if this is old news. Looks like they are collecting $$$ for him as well, as he is unable to perform. !
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    String gauge on EBMM Axis? - who went to 10's?

    The Axis guitars I've played all had 9's on them. Do you have yours set up for 10's? How do you like it? I ask because though the frets are great as-is (and the neck profile is small), I wonder if they are too low to facilitate bending with 10's. Let me know your thoughts on this. I...
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    Filling holes in my Zappa collection - which titles are "essential"!?

    I have plenty of FZ releases, but these are the ones I don't have. I don't really get into his orchestral stuff, as you'll see those are most of the ones I am missing. Others tell me that discs such as Man from Utopia aren't good at all (!?). Fill me in on what else I *should* get. Most of what...
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    Can a loop pedal be used with a distorted tone without turning to mush?

    I apologize if I am asking a goofy question... but. When I use my Boss looper through my JCM800, by the time my gritty tone goes from the recorded loop through the same gritty amp, it just gets worse and worse. I have been turning down the guitar to record a loop, (cleaner) and then...
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    Not a whole lot of Taylor "Signature" lines left. and no more LKSM?

    Surprised to see that the Leo Kottke Signatures are gone from Taylor's line - that had some cool / different stuff going on. Taylor Swift and Jason Mraz is all that's left ?!? I know that Doyle and Dave Mathews went elsewhere...
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    New David Grissom CD - How It Feels to Fly - out 2/4

    New DG CD available! Can't wait to hear it. Ordered.
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    Gibson G0 Les Paul

    Hi there, Can someone tell me what a "G0" Les Paul is? I know R0 (60 reissue), but what is the "G"? Does this mean a Guitar Center edition possibly?
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    Can't remember the name of a cabinet builder

    it's been years since I spoke to the guy, but it's driving me nuts that I can't remember. The cabinet company (well, I think it was one guy) began with a "C". it had something to do with stone, or rock. Castlerock or something like that. He was in the UP of Michigan if I am not mistaken. Can...
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    RIP Jimi - 43 years ago 9/18

    Thanks for all the inspiration + tunes you left behind! xAWtuxhdUDE Leave a youtube clip if you can! Let's get some nice ones up here.
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    Marshall 4104 vs 2104?

    Hey guys, What's the difference between these two amps? They are both 50W, JCM800 combos, correct? Enlighten me, please!
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    strap button pushed into bottom of guitar

    Hey guys, I have an EBMM Albert Lee that I had a question about - The previous owner dropped the guitar on the bottom strap button. I got the screw to catch, and it's not like the strap button is too far into the guitar, but wonder if the screw will loosen over time. If it does, would wood...
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    Does anyone know why Andy Hess left Gov't Mule?

    Granted it was a few years ago already, but I was just thinking about it. Haven't seen Mule but once with Jorgen (granted they took a break in there too). Has it been stated anywhere about why Andy left? I do know that he hung out long enough for the band to break in Jorgen, which was cool of...
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    Listening to Gov't Mule's Deep End Volume 1 and 2...

    Allen Woody's death affected me the most of any musician. I've met the guy, and he was an absolute powerhouse on the bass. (For those of you Mule fans that only know the newer stuff, do yourself a favor and go pick up Dose!!... NOW! Do it!!! :-) ) He made me want to play bass as well as...
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    I wonder how many bands hate Youtube?

    I've read in several interviews that band members go on youtube to find how something was played, see a performance, etc - just like all of us... ...But I wonder how many don't like the fact that performances are being recorded constantly, on phones, etc. Not to mention portions of official...
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    Carl Verheyen - comment about "bedroom" players?

    I remember seeing something where he said he didn't take on bedroom players as students or something. (something to this effect, but I expect to be corrected....) Can anyone remember what it was? I can't find the original interview online, where I thought I saw it before...
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    JCM800 shut-down...

    In all the years I've owned my JCM800 half stack, I've never noticed this, so I ask... When I hit standby, I usually unplug the guitar, and coil up my cable. Today, I left my guitar plugged in, but when I turned the amp off after 20 seconds or so, you could hear my guitar come through the amp...
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    Midwestern guitar - should the high frets be buzzing a bit?

    I changed the strings on my PRS, which hastn't needed ANY adjustments since I got it almost a year ago. Here we are in cold weather - I have a humidifier on my furnace, but ever since a recent string change, the higher frets are buzzing a bit when I play a little harder (never used to notice...
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    Best way to de-tarnish strings?

    I bought a bass recently, and it had obviously sat in a warehouse for years. (Musicians Friend) The strings are new, technically, but tarnished. Is there a string cleaner out there that doesn't leave a residue, and is cheap / readily available? I saw those Ernie Ball String Wipes - it...
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    What's the scoop on Maestro bridges (SGs....)

    I was told that they could be a pain to keep in tune, and that if you play too hard, the low E string (and others) can pop out of the saddles. True? Have any improvements / tweaks been made, or could be made? Thinking about an old-school SG....
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    Anyone else have Dweezil's latest?

    Just got it in the mail late last week: Really digging this. There's some awesome, awesome stuff on here. Some of it "out there" (which I love as much as the straightforward stuff) and a lot of great chops...
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    Anyone have good luck ordering a used guitar from MF??

    I always thought that the "dogs" got returned, but figure people have to change their minds about the purchase, etc. and they aren't all bad guitars that get returned. (I can hear it now "you bought ANOTHER GUITAR? We don't have the money - you should return it!!") They have a 10% off used...
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    Anyone buy from Matt Umanov guitars?

    How is it there? I saw some reviews online that go either way. Everything from good experiences to people complaining that they weren't allowed to sing when testing out acoustics. (!) What's it really like? Thought of picking up a Martin there someday when out that way.