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    Middle position issue on my Suhr Classic Pro Tele

    I’m the 2nd owner and got the guitar mint and bone stock except for the pickups, which were swapped out for a set of Fralins. I wanted the guitar stock to match the build sheet, so I bought and installed a set of Suhr Classic (low peak) pick-up’s. I’m not even sure what low peak means, but...
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    How long should it take an online company to respond?

    I ordered a Sire Larry Carlton S7 and received it this past Thursday. Was very excited based on the glowing reviews. Pulled it from the box and immediately noticed one side of the flame top was was much darker. Downer! Then I noticed there were several small scratches and a small hole on the...
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    Clean, big, open 3D sounding amp for chorded music at home?

    I play at home and only play rhythm/chorded music. I have a fairly large room and can crank it to moderately loud levels. I play clean 80% of the time and never more than a little OD. Most people seem to play lead and most videos and conversations are based on lead as well. But, I’m looking...
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    String Question

    I recently traded for a Gretsch 6120 that came with strings that had about an inch of black cloth like material on the ball end of the first three (unwound) strings. I've never seen this before and I like the strings, so wanted to see if anyone has an idea of what brand these might be.
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    Need help with Jensen speaker not matching the mounting holes

    I recently picked up a DR Z JAZ 20/40 1X12 combo which came with a Jensen C12N installed. I noticed it was screwed into the mounting board with four wood screws so I took the speaker out and verified the original four holes with metal receptacles (or whatever they're called) were in place. I...
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    Chicago Blues Box Roadhouse questions

    Recently picked up this amp in a 4x10 configuration. These seem to be fairly rare/osbscure and are no longer made from what I’ve read. Wanted to see if any of you have some knowledge of this amp. The one article/review I found says it’s based on Super/narrow panel Bassman. Does anyone know...
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    Matchless Baby or 3 Monkeys Sock Monkey 12/10

    Have a chance to get either of these at a reasonable price. Not much info on either amp and can't try them side by side. Can anyone offer some advise on which would be better for a small home amp? Thanks
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    How to dial in the Boss DM-2W

    I picked the pedal up, but am having trouble getting it dialed in. The intensity (repeats) and echo (level) are very interactive and very other delays I’ve used. When I turn up the level the repeats seem to increase, not just get louder. I’d like to hear from those who have tried or own this...
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    Issue with delay in effects loop

    I'm having an issues using my recently purchased T-Rex replay pedal. When I run it through my loop the level drops considerably, so I have to raise the volume on the pedal to compensate. It worked fine for while, then I started getting a really loud feedback noise. When I turn the volume down...
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    Reasonable time for amp repair?

    Took my amp in locally for warranty work and it's been over a month and they will only tell me that there is a problem and the tech will get back to me, but he never does.
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    Need help trouble shooting amp issue

    I recently acquired a Bad Cat Cougar 15 from my son. He noticed a slight hum and very weak reverb when new, but kept them amp anyhow. These issues are still present, but it also intermittent noise issue that is there even when the volume is all the way down. And not only is the reverb weak...
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    Vintage 30 lack of bass?

    I recently picked up a Bad Cat Cougar 5 which came with a Vintage 30. It’s an open back cabinet and not huge, but not small either. The speaker sounds pretty good, but has very little bass. In your experience does the V30 lack bass or should I look elsewhere? I realize it’s just a 5 watt...
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    Which tubes for use in cathode follower position?

    There is much discussion about certain types of tubes not lasting in the cathode follower position. And after much reading it seems as though there are only one or two new production tubes recommended for this position. So I wanted to see what you guys have been using. Is this problem over...
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    Tele PU’s for rhythm/chords

    There are numerous threads for Tele PU’s, but they rarely mention rhythm/chorded performance. I play chords 95% of the time (strummed and picked) so I’m looking for a clear/sweet sound with excellent note definition/separation. I use a little OD at times, but when I do I still want the clarity...
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    Best VOX type amp for home use?

    I have a really great Tone King Imperial, but I recently picked up a Rickenbacker which has got me to thinking about a Vox. As great as the TK is, it's really overkill for home use, so I don't want to make the same mistake when I go after a Vox or Vox type amp. What do you guys recommend...
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    Gibson Nighthawk Studio

    Picked one of these up barely used. What a great guitar and alternative for those of us who prefer the Fender scale. I've read about Gibson's poor quality control, dislike for baked maple FB's, etc., but I'm really digging this guitar. QC on this one is very good and I don't find anything...
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    Alternative to Ragin' Cajun

    Recently picked up a Tone King Falcon that comes with the RC. I know allot of people like this speaker, but while I don't hate it, I'm not crazy about it. For my ear it's too hard sounding, has excessive bass, lack of overtones and highs lack sparkle. The speaker is broken in and I've tried...
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    Sweet Cheetah 2 distortion pedal?

    Anyone familiar with this pedal? My son picked one up in a trade and gave it to me. It's an older pedal has a TS sound at lower volumes and when you crank the gain it has a fuzz type distortion. Advertised as a distortion pedal capable of doing heavy metal, but it's so much more. I was...
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    Best for rhythm crunch/OD?

    What would you guys recommend if your were looking for a pedal just to add a little dirt to rhythm/chorded music? I'm looking for something that wont change the fundamental tone, is smooth, and will let the fully freq. range and detail come through. I've been listening to allot of clips...
  20. J

    Recommend 10" speaker for Tone King Falcon

    I recently picked up a Falcon here on the forum and love the amp, but am not crazy about the Ragin' Cajun' speaker. Too hard sounding and the nuances of my guitars just don't come through as I'd like them to. I play at home; mostly chorded stuff. This amp has the three voices so I also...
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    Help date/identify a strat

    There's a strat for sale locally that's advertised as an 82. However, it has an E4 serial number and research indicates this has to be from 84-88. I've asked him to remove the neck and see if he can see a production date and am awaiting a response, but in the interim I thought I'd provide...
  22. J

    Set-up questions for Epi Casino

    Just picked up a Casino and have a question I hope you guys can help me with. Since the pick-up's are fixed, i.e. no height adjustment, the only way to change the string to PU height is by adjusting the bridge. But, this also changes the action, so I was curious what set-up's you guys are...
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    Epiphone ES-335 Pro??

    Anyone own or have experience with these guitars? I've been eying these since they came out, but none of our local stores ever have them in stock. I got a 20% off coupon from MF so I ordered one today. Looks like a real good deal on paper. Hope it's a sweet guitar.
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    Tremolo quit on me..

    I recently picked up a 72 Super Reverb totally stock. I turned the tremolo off and when I went to turn it back on it didn't work. I tried swapping the inputs from the foot switch and replacing the tremolo tube, but neither worked. The amp looks like it came out of the box and sounds...
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    Recommended pedal order

    1. delay>tremo>reverb 2. delay>reverb>tremolo 3. reverb>tremolo>delay 4. tremolo>reverb>dealy Which would you recommend? The reverb and tremolo are combined on one pedal (Strymon Flint) so these order are what's possible. Also, if it's prefereable to use the Flint as the last effect...