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    How Do You Use the Word "Collection" for Your Guitars/Amps?

    How do you use the term "collection" when you talk about your guitars or amps? Do you use it as a synonym for the much-derided terms harem and quiver and as a shortcut for the cumbersome phrase "all those guitars/amps I own?" Or, do you consciously acquire certain makes and models in the same...
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    Chris Squire's Influences

    Recently I've been re-listening to a lot of early 70s prog and spending quality time with my favorite Yes albums (Yes Album, Fragile, Close to the Edge) and am impressed with Chris Squire's technique and musicality. Other contemporary prog bass players didn't have the same approach at all...
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    Roberts Roto Neck 12 Dual 12 string Electric Guitar

    I came across a CL listing for an interesting guitar, having a single neck with two fret boards. It allows for each to be tuned differently, making it fast and easy to change from one to the other. Have any of you ever played one of these...
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    What Overwrought and Definition-of-Guitar-Excess Songs do You Love to Play?

    I don't play in bands anymore so sometimes it's fun to let it rip at home on songs whose guitar parts are overwrought and are the definition of guitar excess. I'm looking for recommendations of songs to add to my list, and here's the kind of thing I'm looking for. Your suggestions are welcome!
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    Recommend YouTube Videos About Music, Theory and Production...Other Than Rick Beato

    Occasionally I check out Rick Beato's YouTube videos but usually come away disappointed. While I like his choice of music, I'd like more on the theory and production and less on his reaction and ego stroking. So, do you have any recommendations for videos?
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    Recommend amps with "amp-about-to-explode" sounds at any volume

    In another thread, @Gallery said something about Audio Kitchen amps that describes a kind of amp I'm looking for. He said, "If you like amp-about-to-explode sounds at almost any volume (which I do but can get for cheaper with a fuzz face or a Tweed pedal) and have the moola to invest in a very...
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    What Are Your Favorite Prog Songs 2010-2019?

    I'm getting stuck in a rut listening to the same old (and I do mean old!) progressive rock songs and am looking for new ones. So, I reach out to the TGP Brain Trust for suggestions for recent ones from 2010 to 2019. Thanks!
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    Recommend Physically Small Lunchbox Head: < 15W, No EL84s, No 12AX7s

    I'm looking for a physically small head for grab-n-go purposes to take to buddies' houses for small music room and living room jams. They'll provide the speaker cabs, and since we like gear, I'd like to find a head that's out of the ordinary. Rather than try to specify a kind of tone, I'll...
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    In Line with Ringo, What Other Drummers Play "What's Right for the Song?"

    Ringo is often mentioned in TGP threads as a great drummer because he plays what's right for the song. He's not considered talented in the technical sense, but talented in a feel and rightness sense. So, what other drummers have this kind of talent? What specific songs can you recommend to...
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    Any 62 Hot Rod Strat Style Guitars from Boutique Builders?

    I'm interested in getting a used Fender 62 Hot Rod Strat by purchasing online (TGP, Reverb, etc). I thought I'd broaden my search to include boutique builders (but not random partscasters put together by random people). To make my search easier, do any of those builders have specific model...
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    Can modellers compensate for an individual user's hearing loss (auditory ear tests)?

    My ears have changed sensitivity over the years and now that I'm in my 60s I don't hear some frequencies as well as I used to. Auditory test results are in graphical format, with a curve that has some dips that show where my losses are. What this means is the sound emitted by a speaker will be...
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    How to tell if a guitar is an authentic Hot Rod 62?

    I'm interested in getting a used Fender Hot Rod 62 and since there are none at my local stores I've been looking online at the usual sources, TGP, CL, Reverb, etc. How can I ensure that the guitar is actually a HR 62 if there's no paperwork with it? Is there a certain serial number series? I...
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    Can an AX III or FX3 blend 2 amps in this way?

    I'm thinking of getting an FX3 if it can meet my needs, but if not the AX III is my second choice. First I'd like find out if they have the capability blend two amps simultaneously. So I come to The TGP Brain Trust to ask, do both or either of them have this capability? I want to blend two...
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    Amp for FM3?

    I'm planning on getting an FM3 and would like to get an amp to drive existing guitar cabs, so I'm looking for recommendations. Here's my needs: - For use either in my living room or for taking to buddies' living rooms for small jams (low to medium volume, never high volume as in a club) -...
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    Which Signature Models of Millennial Musicians do Millennials Like Best?

    I'm trying to stretch out from my Baby Boomer cloister and get some new ideas and inspirations for my next guitar. I'm not up to speed on musicians who are Millennials, but some of those artists are pretty successful and have signature models. So, what signature models of Millennial musicians...
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    Hard Time Separating Some Songs from the Production

    Many songs are good no matter what instrument(s) they're played on, whether a reworking by a cover band, strummed on an acoustic over a campfire or interpreted very differently from the original. These songs seem to fit a category where the essence of a song is not tied to the production of the...
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    Road Trip Tunes: Recommend Long-ish Songs from 2000 to Present

    I'm getting ready to drive cross country soon and want to modernize my song list by adding ones from this century. My list is stuck in the past and consists only of tunes from pre-1999 so here's what I'm looking for: - Songs to "listen to on the road" but NOT songs "about the road or cars" -...
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    Partscaster Project: How to Buy Neck and Body Online for a Well-Balanced Guitar?

    I'm planning a strat-style partscaster build for which I'd buy parts online (Warmoth, etc.) and I'd like to end up with a well-balanced guitar. I've owned some strats that were not well balanced but they're no longer around so I can't strip them to find the part weights. Given that I know what...
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    Recommend Songs with Great Guitar Runs

    I'm working on my runs and am looking for songs to help me learn and give me inspiration. An example of what I 'm looking for is in Chicago's Questions 67 and 67, where Terry Kath gets some action in during the first 45 sec and again at around 3:30. What can you recommend? Thanks!
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    Recommend Forgiving/Squishy/Loose Feeling Amp (<12 W)

    I'm looking for a low power amp (say <12 W) that feels quite forgiving/squishy/loose. I'd prefer a used head, must be tube, and my budget is < $750. Here's a list of buzzwords to help define what I'm looking for and what I'm NOT looking for: Yes: Forgiving Spongy Squishy Loose Bouncy No...
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    What are your favorite prog songs by bands OTHER THAN Crimson/ELP/Yes/Genesis/PF/Rush?

    I'm a bit of a prog fan but not a die-hard so I don't know much beyond King Crimson, ELP, Yes, Genesis, Pink Floyd and Rush. I'm looking to expand my horizons so I'm seeking suggestions for great songs beyond these artists. Your suggestions are appreciated!
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    Did any of the classic prog bands (Crimson, ELP, Yes, Genesis) ever play the other's songs?

    This question applies to the actual bands, not individual members or offshoot groups. My buddies and I were wondering what it would sound like if the classic prog bands played songs done by one another. For example, what would Tarkus sound like if Genesis played it? Or what would Starship...
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    Greg Lake's Rig on Karn Evil 9?

    I've been on an ELP kick lately since a recent thread on ELP came up a few weeks ago. One of the songs getting a lot of my attention is Karn Evil 9 and I'd like to know what Greg Lake's rig was on did he get the sound he did? Any ideas? Thanks!
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    What Semi-Hollow Body Guitars are Comfortable for Seated Players?

    I used to have an ES-335 that I loved but since I play in a seated position (right-handed player with guitar on my right thigh, legs not crossed, no strap) it wasn't comfortable. It didn't "sit" correctly on my leg and I felt like I was fighting it. My current guitars are an American Deluxe...
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    If the Hunter/Wagner Intro to Sweet Jane "Doesn't Fit," Then What Song Fits?

    Recent discussion with the pals turned to the Hunter/Wagner intro to Sweet Jane, and some said it doesn't fit but couldn't back up their opinion with any songs that "fit." So, I turn to the wisdom of TGP! What's your take? Does the intro fit Sweet Jane? Or, if not, what song do you think is...