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    Curious about Glen Burton guitar

    I got a Glen Burton solid body with a figured Maple top in trade and am curious about it's value. It has an original Floyd Rose bridge, two Hum Bux, and a Single coil in the middle. It appears to be circa late Eighties with it's angular headstock and sharkfin inlays. Strictly for the Hair...
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    Espania guitars made in Sweden_Anybody?

    My Dad has a beautiful classical guitar he wants to sell but he can only tell me a little about it. He's had this since I was a kid. I was never allowed to use picks with it since it didn't have a "scratch guard". Good thinking on his part because the top is perfect (as are the back and sides)...
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    Eventide releases beta software for the PitchFactor

    Eventide releases beta software for the PitchFactor Here's the link from AES; I'm holding out for an Eventide Express a little longer.
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    Change the tips or tuners on 50's Gibson?

    I put new butterbeans on my National & Supro lapsteels and they'll be OK. They new plastic just looks so White! I was wondering if I should pull the tuner plates and stick 'em in the case so I can swap in the current 3-on-a-strip tuners Kluson offers. This way I haven't fornicated original...
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    What's so special about the Acetone FM2 fuzz?

    :crazyguyOK, I felt like I was missing some key element to achieving a killer fuzz tone by this fellows response to my query about the Acetone fuzz. He reffered me to that bastion of empirical data, Harmony Central, for a quick course in all that is sublime. The reviews there said stuff that...
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    Reducing the feedback inna Sup Reverb

    Does anyone have a recomendation for reducing the feedback squeal in a silverfaced Super Reverb? I'm using it onstage for harp playing so it's proximity to the mic is pretty close as a rule. I'm thinking in terms of preamp tube substitution or sumpin'.:confused: