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  1. HoboMan

    Tony Lewis, Lead Singer of The Outfield, Dies at 62

    I get very close to that tone on my Carvin using the neck humbucker in split coil mode. Yes, they were a 3-piece but used a second guitarist and keyboaridist when playing live. You can see these two other "members" in the Your Love video. Later on when they toured after a long hiatus they...
  2. HoboMan

    Tell me about the Friedman 20 watt amps please

    l would really try to find a way to try out some of these amps. When I was looking for a "Marshally" sounding amp I tried out a Friedman Runt 20. From all the reviews and specs on paper it should have been the perfect amp for me. I was going to order one without even trying it but happened to...
  3. HoboMan

    NGD! Charvel Pro-Mod DK24

  4. HoboMan

    Budda SD18 update (good news) & speaker question

    I just remembered that I made an audio recording of my SD18 thru my Budda 1x12 cab with a celestion 70/80. Not trying to push it on you but I'm just surprised this speaker gets such a bad rap.
  5. HoboMan

    Budda SD18 update (good news) & speaker question

    I gigged a 2x12 cab for a couple of years that has Carvin British series speakers which are just rebranded Eminence Legends. That cab sounds great (still have it). I only used it at one gig with my Budda but it definitely sounded good.
  6. HoboMan

    Mick Mars build NGD

  7. HoboMan

    Tony Lewis, Lead Singer of The Outfield, Dies at 62

    Huge Loss. I just heard the news on my ride home from work. The Professor of Rock already has a semi-tribute video for Tony. Another coming soon. Tony is my all time favorite singer. Not only was the first album great but they had more albums that were also amazing. I love the guitar tones on...
  8. HoboMan

    Seymour Duncan Pickup Height Problem

    You may have to contact the PU manufacturer or retailer directly but I know in the past you used to have a choice of short or long legs. Here's a retailer selling a short leg Duncan:
  9. HoboMan

    Pickups out of phase on 2015 Les Paul...

    Looks like somebody may have modified some wiring and taped it up with elecrical tape (on the right side). Looks like its the wiring for the three way toggle. Maybe someone modiied something there but I don't see how that would affect an out of phase setting.
  10. HoboMan

    Seymour Duncan Pickup Height Problem

    Are you talking about the two metal mounting legs? I think they make PUs with long and short legs.
  11. HoboMan

    Opinion: Which electric guitar brands hold their value the most?

    From my recent used guitar selling I would say Gibson.
  12. HoboMan

    Post your favorite JCM800 tones!

  13. HoboMan

    Stairway to heaven | Guitar Solo

    Great job! I've been playing a long time and never got around to learning that solo. I think it's time.
  14. HoboMan

    Need advice on XR12 vs XR16 with stereo FOH and Monitor EQ

    Get the 18. Download the free software and start using it before you buy. You'll then know if it will do what you want. Lots of training videos on youtube and join one of these facebook groups: Over 17,000 members. More help than you'll ever...
  15. HoboMan

    Budda SD18 update (good news) & speaker question

    Funny thing, I use to go thru the Sovteks. That's what Jeff recommended using. Buddas were know for going thru power tubes. The last Budda I purchased had JJs in there and they sounded good and I never had to change them. I've sold off all my Budda execept for one SD30 and it currently has...
  16. HoboMan

    Are any other guitarists as significant as Jimi and EVH?

    As for being influential and "creating" a new style I would absolutely have to say Yngwie
  17. HoboMan

    NGD - 2019 Gibson Les Paul Classic Honeyburst

    WOW! Beautiful guitar at a fantastic price. Enjoy
  18. HoboMan

    Four hour gig last night

    The band I was in for the past 2 years played 4 hours each night BUT with only one 20 minute break.
  19. HoboMan

    Sold 2012 Gibson Les Paul Junior Special

    The official Gibson name for this model is the Junior Special. It's basically a Les Paul Special. 2012 model with two P90s and baked or "Torrified" maple fretboard. This is a great playing and sounding guitar. Little bit of fretwear at the cowboy chord area but nothing that affects playability...
  20. HoboMan

    Strings touching bridge on Les Paul- does it matter?

    In my experience it affects tone/sustain in a bad way. I put a new bridge on my SG and it sounded dead. Then I realized the strings were hitting the back of the bridge. I raised the tailpiece and the tone/sustain came back. I ended up topwrapping to solve the issue. YMMV
  21. HoboMan

    FS Hamer Artist 25th Anniversary

    Putting this up for sale. Great guitar but it's not getting played. I prefer slimmer necks and this has a fatter neck. I bought this from the original owner about 2 years ago. All original with SD JB at the bridge and SD59 at the neck. The pickup covers have an aged patina on them. Guitar was...
  22. HoboMan

    Should I Trade gibson midtown for telecaster deluxe?

    My vote would have been no but I'm not a tele guy and I absolutely LOVE my Midtown.
  23. HoboMan

    NGD - Another Awesome GC Used Score!

    Damn, now I'm hungry and all I have here is some frozen battered fish filets. And it's not even Mrs. Pauls!
  24. HoboMan

    Les Paul: P90 vs Humbucker

    I have and like both. The one thing I really like about humbuckers is the ability to split the coils.