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  1. The Golden Boy

    I don't "get" the Big Muff

    They were cool in 91/92. I went through a few- that sound just wasn’t my thing- I played it on a few records- but it’s nothing identifiable as a Big Muff. I get the same sort of thing from a DS-1.
  2. The Golden Boy

    Your Favorite Bass Cab?

    As far as the point of why someone would choose a 15 over 10s? 15s sound different. As I mentioned before- it took a long time to figure out that I like the sound of the 15 in my Triad much more than the sound of the 10s. As I mentioned- my main gigging cab is my SWR 2x15. G&L + Boogie...
  3. The Golden Boy

    car audio afficianados

    I have my lovely Alpine 3 disc in-dash changer and a Carver 120w power amp sitting, gathering dust. But damn if they're just too effing cool to get rid of. Maybe someday I'll have a beater 80s/90s car that needs a stereo.
  4. The Golden Boy

    Servicing a vintage Marantz 2230...who does a great job.

    I have no idea if he takes mail in stuff- but Ron at The Audio Shop in Racine WI is awesome. He's done all of mine, and I got the recommendation from a friend that had a bunch of work done. He's a great guy, does excellent work and for a good price. He rents space in the back of a music...
  5. The Golden Boy

    Your Favorite Bass Cab?

    My favorite cab is my SWR Triad. Things get kind of fuzzy as to what I traded for what back then, but I think I traded a 65 Esquire for a 68 J-160E- and then I traded that for these SWR cabs- the Triad and Goliath II. I remember humping them up to the 3rd floor of the building I lived in...
  6. The Golden Boy

    Your favorite REM song?

    Harborcoat is one of the most perfect ways to open an album. These Days is one of those all time favorites. Most everything mentioned here is just awesome. A few years ago I did vocals for a set of REM songs- it was so unbelievably hard getting down to one set to represent REM. For...
  7. The Golden Boy

    Why didn’t EVH make more music?

    You might want to look at the rock charts of 1977/78. There were a couple of other guitar playing bands and guitar players that were sorta popular at the time. :rolleyes:
  8. The Golden Boy

    Getting disillusioned and burned out with pedals

    When Junior was learning to play, he was convinced he couldn't play "Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)" without a wah. I don't think it was a subtle hint that he wanted a wah pedal- I think he thought it was necessary. (of course, this coming from the guy who used to trade guitars every 2 weeks...
  9. The Golden Boy

    There is going to be FALLOUT over this! G&L Fallout, that is ...
  10. The Golden Boy

    I don’t get pedals. What’s the big deal?

    I see people come in with big ass boards of stuff... I guess if you think it makes your sound better and you're happy with it- go for it. I have a tuner pedal, an OD that I use as a 'lead boost' type thing, a chorus for "shimmer" on clean parts. I still have a delay, because one time I...
  11. The Golden Boy

    Harmony pickup lacking

    I don't know how I missed this 2 years ago- :omg I think the Hofner would be very similar to the Harmony. I'm not so sure about the M85. I have a Starfire II- from what I'm aware the M85 has the same pickups and electronics as the Starfire II- but in a semi hollow body- mellowing it out and...
  12. The Golden Boy

    I'll admit it, I'm a Bose fan.

    Jesus. Old people are funny. If you ever wonder why people aren't into audio- it's because of all this dick waving. I've got a set of 301s and 501s. I had them for 20+ years until I found out on the internet that they suck. They're still hooked up to my stereo. That's running a $1500...
  13. The Golden Boy

    Show your teles!

    TeleStrap by Dave The Golden Boy, on Flickr
  14. The Golden Boy

    Best picture of you when you were young, playing guitar

    Somewhere around 1986. I still have the shirt, strap and bass.
  15. The Golden Boy

    Most unique 90’s guitar tone

    Around early 1992- Recording a song for a compilation... the record I brought in that I wanted my guitar to sound sorta like- Dinosaur Jr's "Out There." At the time I was using primarily a 75 Les Paul Deluxe through a 78 100w Marshall with a Big Muff. The studio engineer/producer guy said...
  16. The Golden Boy

    Most unique 90’s guitar tone

    At that time, I looked at STP as "the record company's version of AIC and Pearl Jam" jammed onto the radio. Some time- probably around the Shangri La Dee Da record- I caught that "Sour Girl" song which somehow led to Tiny Music- and then the other records. When I made my CD "mixtape" for my...
  17. The Golden Boy

    Crapolla!!! My band imploded today...

    At least they have the best porta potties.
  18. The Golden Boy

    Kurt Cobain - pretentious?

    Maybe it was the whole "punker than thou" attitude that is so supremely annoying. I was 22 in 1991. I was into the whole punk rock thing in the 80s. I *liked* Nirvana, but I didn't think Cobain was the poet of my generation or something.
  19. The Golden Boy

    1972 Jazz: what years are this "era?"

    Interesting. Most people recommended shims. Of course the internet is rife with tales of re-screwing, adding screws and gluing. You should be a luthier. You'd make a killing.
  20. The Golden Boy

    Top 5 Bass Amp for Recording/Jam

    Get some Ernie Ball casters, drill a few holes and mount the casters! Thats what I did with my SWR cabs. When I got them, my studio was on the 3rd floor of a walk up- that was BROOTAL, regardless of being in my mid 20s and in shape.
  21. The Golden Boy

    1972 Jazz: what years are this "era?"

    I had a 70s Telecaster Custom with the 3 bolt neck. It was a sloppy, slippy neck join. If I strummed too vigorously it would pop the neck out, and I'd have to slap up on the neck to knock it back into tune. Because of my experience, my opinion of the 3 bolt neck is terrible- and I'm aware my...
  22. The Golden Boy

    Top 5 Bass Amp for Recording/Jam

    This is where that gap appears. The stuff that was the cat's pyjamas, the stuff that was THE standard just a few years ago (it seems)... and the reason why that stuff is dead. Similarly to Robal, I use an SWR Super Redhead for smaller gigs and some practices- it's my smallest amp- but it's...
  23. The Golden Boy

    Were you a teen in the 80's? MTv memories go in this thread.

    Class of 87. What I remember about the early early MTV- we stumbled across it on our cable. I swear it ran on a 24 hour track- I would walk home from 7th grade and "Our Lips Are Sealed" was on. Without fail. Probably followed by "Salt In My Tears" and "Harden My Heart." Probably. I wasn't...