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  1. godotzilla

    Underrated bass players

    10 pages in and no Graham Maby? One of the great melodic bassplayers with a crap-ton of groove to boot. Also, Colin Frickin' Moulding
  2. godotzilla

    Underrated bass players

    I'm sure you're familiar with his "Redd Stripes" project? Where he added basslines to the White Stripes "White Blood Cells" album? Fantastic stuff that greatly improved that record.
  3. godotzilla

    What's the biggest show you ever had tickets for, and didn't attend?

    Led Zeppelin. 1980 tour. Bonham died.:( I think I lost $20.
  4. godotzilla

    Ive come to a conclusion

    Says the guy with a Tubescreamer HW, a pedal worth $40 - and priced 8 times that.
  5. godotzilla

    How awesome was Blackfoot ??

    I believe they recorded at the Old Schoolhouse, Henry Weck's studio in Ann Arbor. (Henry was the drummer in Brownsville Station, BTW)
  6. godotzilla

    Genisis going on tour.

    I think Mike is a fine guitarist - just fine - and he contributed some great acoustic work on albums alongside Hackett. But he's completely vanilla. Serviceable to the songs and nothing more. No personality, none of the quirkiness, none of the idiosyncratic ideas that Steve brought to the...
  7. godotzilla

    Genisis going on tour.

    Genesis stopped being interesting when Steve Hackett decided to leave and Mike Rutherford (incorrectly) decided he was a better guitarist than a bassist.
  8. godotzilla

    Major/Minor "Remixes"

    That's some uncanny valley for your ears
  9. godotzilla

    Lynyrd Skynryd : That Smell : Live 1977

    Steve Gaines was a beast
  10. godotzilla

    Ego Songs: Got Any?

    I've learned a bunch of Steely Dan songs, because I love them, and I find it an interesting challenge to create guitar-only arrangements for them. I don't get to play them out because one of my band partners loathes the Dan (it's one of his few flaws as a friend, so I let it slide)
  11. godotzilla

    David Byrne on SNL

    Byrne's feet bother me less than when the Hobbit Lord tries to pull it off
  12. godotzilla

    Hats Off To Neil Finn

    Loved Split Enz - particularly this song. But it drove me nuts sifting through all the Tim stuff to get to the Neil stuff. So I was super-pleased when Crowded House came along ...
  13. godotzilla

    Get crazy w/ the Cheez Whiz

  14. godotzilla

    Missing Persons - Destination Unknown • TopPop

    Agree with all the praise so far. Just want to add that Warren C. was a monster who came up with really inventive, surprising guitar parts. (And Dale was hawt)
  15. godotzilla

    10 Reasons Why "Octopus's Garden" is a Great Song

    So you're saying you like "Don't Pass Me By" better?
  16. godotzilla

    Went to see Soul Asylum, but Local H obliterated them.

    A friend of mine (huge Local H fan) built a couple guitars a la Scott Lucas. Half of a P-bass pick-up under the E and A strings, routed to its own output jack. This "bass" output goes into an octave divider (Boss), rolled 100% wet. That goes into a bass amp. It takes some arranging to get...
  17. godotzilla

    Wow, I found an 80s song with an amazing solo that I'd not heard before.

    Played on Flowers in the Dirt album and tour. Also on the follow-up, Off the Ground. Think he was gone after that.
  18. godotzilla

    Need a Tech to Repair my Klon KTR.

    I needed to get in touch with Bill as well. Found this email in another thread: I sent him something this AM. It didn't bounce back - though he has yet to reply ...
  19. godotzilla

    What is your favorite album/CD cover?

    So many great covers that I used to stare at, pick apart the meaning while listening to the albums. Most of my favorites had covers by Hipgnosis
  20. godotzilla

    Marc Ford

    Sorry, that's my mistake. It's the original (double-length) CD to which I was referring.
  21. godotzilla

    Marc Ford

    That song is on my 2-disc set.
  22. godotzilla

    Funny song about hipster coffee shops

    I hate hipsters (and their ****in' avocado toast), so I thought this was great.