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  1. howdy-doo

    Does an USA made guitar automatically translate into better "all"?

    Not necessarily, but generally speaking if a brand places its factory in the US they also choose to build their higher ticket guitars from there. Yes the higher ticket price is caused by the higher wage in part, however recently (from what I've noticed anyway) it can also be the difference...
  2. howdy-doo

    Show me your Les Paul

    Picked up a 2020 50s Standard the other day. Very happy with it so far, I've always been a strat guy so this is a bit of a change in course, but I'm liking it!
  3. howdy-doo

    Anti-GAS Tri-fecta Poll: The longest you've gone NOT buying, selling or trading gear?

    I had a pretty 'bad' year for buying gear. Well actually it was good, but bad buying lots of it... I originally put down 90-180 days, but I got an EJ strat (a bit over a year ago now really), and then bought a Jimmy Page tele last Christmas, which was completely unplanned but I was looking to...
  4. howdy-doo

    Gibson neck profiles

    Thanks everyone for your replies! All the information is super helpful. I actually found a good deal on a 50s with a returns date in to January after I posted my original post so though to hell with it I'll give it a try. It arrived this morning and so far the neck feel really nice, I think the...
  5. howdy-doo

    Gibson neck profiles

    Yeah I'm looking at the newer models. Thanks for the information it's definitely something to think about. I actually ended up measuring the depth of my JP tele neck and it's very similar to the slim taper neck, just a bit thicker at the 12th (came out at 0.78 at the 1st, and 0.98 at the 12th!)...
  6. howdy-doo

    Gibson neck profiles

    Looking for a bit of advice to get some idea of neck profile of the 50s and 60s Les Paul Standards. Currently where I am has a fairly strict lockdown, so if that eases I'll see if I can try some out but it's looking unlikely for a little while. I normally like fairly chunky necks, with the Eric...
  7. howdy-doo

    Current Gibson Quality Control

    Hi Everyone, I just wanted to ask those that have recently bought (bought blind preferably) a new Gibson and if so what the quality control was like? I'll start by saying that I'm sure the issues of the past are overblown to what it would appear and I really don't want this to turn in to a...
  8. howdy-doo

    COVID cancellation: was I being unreasonable

    We're going through a pandemic right now, so indoors or out, distanced or not, if you don't feel comfortable gigging again yet then you made the right choice. This goes double if the venue has previously broken the law / guidelines on covid restrictions. At least where I'm from you can get...
  9. howdy-doo

    One Really Awesome Expensive Guitar Or A Crap Ton Of $$$Cheap Good Guitars?

    I'm gonna assume that the really expensive guitar ticked all the boxes, but this was basically what I did a few years a go. I had around 9 or 10 mid range nice quality guitars, but I decided to sell all but one (which has also since gone) and get one really good guitar, but more expensive...
  10. howdy-doo

    Is natural "relic" really possible?

    It's definitely still possible to naturally relic guitars (providing they're nitro and not poly) I don't understand the hate, or criticism when talking about nut depths etc though.... that entirely misses the point of pre reliced guitars, it's literally just the same as someone preferring a...
  11. howdy-doo

    What’s up with Fender (and general guitar) prices these days?

    I've not read much of the thread but if I were to hazard a guess I'd say an increase in wages (I would guess at least for the Mexico staff over that time period) and then add in inflation, maybe import duty on Mexican made products might have gone up too in that time. I am completely guessing...
  12. howdy-doo

    Superficial question - what's your favorite strat color?

    2 tone sunburst with maple neck is my number one colour-way like my EJ, but I also think sonic / daphne blue (take your pick) with maple (also rosewood to be honest) looks great, and black on rosewood is a great combination too. So that gives me a fair few combinations of colours I can use to...
  13. howdy-doo

    Post Malone - Cliffs Of Dover

    Great to see him doing something so outside of his normal style of music, kind of sad to see some people don't seem to be able to say anything nice
  14. howdy-doo

    Show your teles!

    My Jimmy Page Tele. One of the best guitars I've ever played!
  15. howdy-doo

    IMHO: Fender is antiquated

    What an odd thing to feel the urge to make a topic on. Companies make products to meet a demand, if Fender is the market leader they must be doing something right.
  16. howdy-doo

    Living in an apartment and guitar playing

    I've not read any of the middle pages of this thread but looks like that might have been for the best! Anyway, I live in an apartment but I guess I'm just lucky in that either I have really great neighbours or the walls are just thick enough that it I can have my amp loud enough (I think it's a...
  17. howdy-doo

    Always on reverb?

    I do the schofield thing like some others have mentioned with reverb and a slap back. Tried it after the that pedal show episode and used it ever since
  18. howdy-doo

    What things are you REALLY picky about on a guitar?

    I'm a little picky but not that much. I used to be bothered about neck carve, but I have a few guitars with different shapes and they all feel great (only stipulation is nothing too skinny). Same with radius, I used to stick with vintage/9.5 but now I have a few different ones and it's not hard...
  19. howdy-doo

    Deck the Strat trem... without having too much tension

    One thing I haven't seen noted which might be worth checking is how close the bridge block is to the body if you take the back plate off. I have 2 stats, both setup as you're describing, so only down on the tremolo but one is much much stiffer than the other. On the stiffer one the bridge block...
  20. howdy-doo

    Which pedal by what company are you wishing would happen?

    I don't know by who, and I've thought about just making one myself, but I always thought it would be really cool to have an overdrive (like a tubescreamer type) where you had a switch to swap between a standard tone circuit and a cry baby. The cry baby wouldn't have a treadle like normal but...
  21. howdy-doo

    For those who don't play out, what inspires you to keep playing?

    That last paragraph is basically it. Playing guitar makes me happy, and whilst playing over a looper might not be the same as playing with other musicians, I can still get in to that headspace where you're just enjoying playing and not thinking too much about it. I find it's a great way to...
  22. howdy-doo

    How many dirt pedals is "normal" on a board?

    I've got 3 plus a fuzz so 4 I guess, one is a KoT clone too so does that count as two on its own? Each one interacts different with different amps and they all combine differently so I don't think I'd remove any, but I wouldn't buy any additional
  23. howdy-doo

    When you find a sweet deal on a guitar...

    If you hadn't just got the silver sky then maybe jump on it but since you just got a new guitar I'd hold off. Just because something is a good deal doesn't always mean you need to go for it even if I understand the temptation!
  24. howdy-doo

    Guitarist Magazine shoots down posers

    I agree almost entirely with what he says in the column, however I'd also like to say that I've seen almost as much of a militant mindset from those who are adamant that there is no difference in higher end gear. I feel guitarists as a whole need to take a step back and 'allow' people to be...
  25. howdy-doo

    Locking tuners:

    I've never used them so take that for what you will, however whenever I've had issues with a guitar going out of tune using a whammy, more often than not it's been binding in the nut rather than the tuner so I would assume a locking nut would be much more effective than locking tuners, and to be...

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