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    Has the explosion of signature guitars

    diluted the specialness of it all? Remember when Les Paul, Yngwie, Randy and Clapton were the only guys with signature guitars? Now it seems ever mid-level rock star has a "signature model", which is usually just a slight variation on product the company already makes.
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    A sure sign you've made it the industry Your music is used to torture prisoners. :eek:
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    Cool lessons on YouTube

    fretjam is the YouTube user name, or he can be found on No affiliation just came across is goofing off, some great info especially if your theory is weak. Link to YouTube channel:
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    eJamming anyone using?

    The concept is simple, you can jam with anyone in the world via the internet. Anyone have any practical experience with it? Latency? Overall opinions?
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    Signature guitar models

    The market seems flooded with signature models, most have only minor differences from base models. I was thinking about what are truly unique signature models. I came up with: Randy Rhoades Jackson Vee brought a new shape. Hamer Steve Stevens, 24.75 scale setneck with Floyd Rose...
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    PRS Zappa search

    I'm on a quest to get one of the fifty PRS Zappas. I know of the one at Willcutt, one in Germany and one on eBay. I'll admit I'm picky, I want the clef note inlays, quilted top and ideally a unique color other than faded sunburst. Perhaps you know of one that floating around that I have...
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    Anyone have a vintage 30 Redwirez cab sim?

    They can email me? I don't have a Paypal account and just want to try one cabinet to see if I can figure out how to load them, and compare it to the Axe-Fx internal V30 cab sim, before I go through the ordeal of borrowing a friend's Paypal account to buy the entire Big Box Series. I prefer...
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    Steve Stevens & Billy Idol NYC 9/15/10

    Here's last nights pics from front row:
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    Steve Stevens Billy Idol Montreal show PICS

    This guitar has a video screen running where pickguard would be: At Steve's Music in Montreal before the show signing a guitar for me:
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    iPhone winner seems to be Peavey
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    Best on the floor modeler?

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    Bodiless classical guitar?

    Saw a guy playing what appeared to be a classical guitar neck surrounded by a simple black metal frame. Can't seem to find any info on it via Google since I don't know the manufacturer. Any help please?
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    Reality Check POD XT Live the Rippingtons

    Went on the Spirit Smooth Jazz Cruise last night from pier 61 up to the Brooklyn Bridge and back. The Rippingtons performed. Both Russ Freeman and the bass player used POD XT Lives. Russ went straight into the PA, the bass player used a rented SWR rig with two 4x10 cabs mic'd. They sounded...
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    What to recommend to an older novice?

    Someone asked me for some guitar advice and I'm stumped as what to tell him. Let's just list his pluses and minuses first. Pluses: Knows fingerboard very well, can play in any key anywhere on the neck. Understands modes, melodic and harmonic minor scales and chord construction. Can rip...
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    Axe-Fx Ultra 10.0 at NY Amp Show

    The new presets sounds awesome. The foot controller is still a work in progress but looks good as well. The Atomic wedges sounded great and we got it so loud I can't see anyone needing more power.
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    Headless guitars?

    Who makes them besides Steinberger, Klein and Hofner?
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    Voice Capo anyone?
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    Tuck breaking it down for ya Great video of building his solo guitar technique adding one variable at a time. You can skip to 1:22 into it.
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    Initials inlay 12th fret price reduction =?

    Let's say you were interested in a guitar. You emailed back a forth a few times, based on a small photo. The seller then sends some up close pics that reveal he had his initials inlaid at the 12th fret. We were discussing $3,500 but now I feel that the price has to be reduced. I would...
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    Michael Jackson guitarists:

    Van Halen Slash Steve Stevens Jennifer Batten
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    25.5" Eb vs 24.75" E string tension

    Using the D'Addario website, and a set of XL120 strings 9~42 I've come up with the following data: Their charts are all based on 25.5" scale length: NOTE / DIAMETER / PSI E / .009 /13.1 B / .011 / 11.0 G /.016 /8.2 D / .024...
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    Are these real Gibsons?|66%3A2|39%3A1|72%3A2102|240%3A1318|301%3A1|293%3A1|294%3A50
  23. L closed down?

    Anyone know why or if it coming back?
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    Hey free shipping included|66%3A2|65%3A12|39%3A1|240%3A1318|301%3A1|293%3A1|294%3A50 But don't forget:
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    Place to refinish figured maple guitar?

    I have a guitar that has a figured maple top that I wish to have refinished. Who do you recommend?

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