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  1. Dexter.Sinister

    Sold Cutthroat Audio SFZ Prism 1x12 guitar cabinet (Forte 3D design) - REDUCED TO $365

    The foam creates an "infinite baffle" that increases the perceived "size" of the cab while maintaining a smaller volume. It reduces some of the "cab sound" which is or is not desirable, depending on what you seek. Light "resonant" cabs with floating baffles contribute a lot to the sound (for...
  2. Dexter.Sinister

    FSOT 1949 Gibson LG-2 Acoustic

    That one makes me feel a little funny ***down there***. Nice axe.
  3. Dexter.Sinister

    Crazed, skinny-assed, diaper wearing chick has a rather catchy tune

    Make my funk the P Funk, I wanna get funked up...
  4. Dexter.Sinister

    You simply cannot call yourself an entertainer if you can't play Country Roads, Sweet Caroline and __________ .

    Likewise. However, I did lead a marching chorus through a crowd on the Cambridge side of the Charles singing Sweet Caroline along with Neil Diamond (across the river in the bandshell) immediately before the 4 th of July fireworks. Got us to a perfect location for the viewing and listening to...
  5. Dexter.Sinister

    Crazed, skinny-assed, diaper wearing chick has a rather catchy tune

    Do you have kids? Are any of them motivated by the arts? And gals? <This is not in any way a judgment thing. I am askling sincere questions. I admit a POV and prior kid-raising bits..>
  6. Dexter.Sinister

    Crazed, skinny-assed, diaper wearing chick has a rather catchy tune

    Jeebus. Look you all. Once upon a time, artists messed with people on purpose to make a point. You all might not diggit it. That is OK. Drop the body image BS. If you care about music, critique that. If you care about presentation, THEN critique that. Explicitly. Seems to me that there is a...
  7. Dexter.Sinister

    PSA: STP livestream event 10/16/2020 - $10!

    The brothers Deleo sound good.
  8. Dexter.Sinister

    Anyone looking for a really nice replacement pickguard?

    That’s a beauty, brother Jefe! Funny, I’ve been reaching out to a few fellers about getting a faux tortie guard for my hogged out, bumhuckered, ‘73 Hardtail Strat. Haven’t found somebody that works sheets hig enough for the job. Looking for that Ry Cooder type of blotchy old tortie. Orta give...
  9. Dexter.Sinister

    FS Gibson J-15 Walnut burst, OHSC

    Stained maple neck? Hard to tell from your photo.
  10. Dexter.Sinister

    Iron Man vs Crazy Train

    <Replaced the previous figure as I detected an unrecognized political message. I think one works...>
  11. Dexter.Sinister

    PSA: STP livestream event 10/16/2020 - $10!

    My lab and I will be there.
  12. Dexter.Sinister

    Eric Gales

    Gotta fight!
  13. Dexter.Sinister

    Komet Silver Cloud and Joe Bonamassa

    Heard from Doug Holt after hollering. Good man. Jenkins SS cabs are mightyfine.
  14. Dexter.Sinister

    1979 Fender Strat Antigua

    Paul Prince. He also has played with Thomas Mapfumo.
  15. Dexter.Sinister

    No More Barber Pedals????

    Right. The main thing, besides neutrality, is sufficient gain to tune the first gain stage slammage. Magic, it is.
  16. Dexter.Sinister

    No More Barber Pedals????

    Long ago on the Barber Forum, I inquired about a launchpad mini, but really what I would murder is the boost circuit with a trim to be an always on "tube cooker" that could be fit by me into something I would leave at the amp input (I am wireless often) or attach to my strap right after the...
  17. Dexter.Sinister

    I owe reactive load boxes a sincere apology...

    Those statements are related phenomena and likely the source of your first comment woes. Turn down the gain, back off the picking hand attack, explore more dynamic range, and all will be well. That's a problem with attenuation in general and the source of the disproved but oft-repeated myth...
  18. Dexter.Sinister

    Gibson vs Martin. Help with my GAS

    Rather liked the old Froggies. Looks like a smart model. Haven't played an Iris yet, but likely will after folks wise up and The Plague subsides...
  19. Dexter.Sinister

    Best specs compromise for flatpicking and fingerpicking

    I play my old Martin D-28 for that, but since you didn't ask... Check out the Taylor V-Class braced guitars. I've played several and really (really) like two, depending on the need/mood. You more a piano human or darker smokier person? Former projects better and captures more nuance, latter is...
  20. Dexter.Sinister

    K&k min + on board pre

    @walterw Mr Wright knows. The super high impedance (like 10 meg sometimes) on the front end of many acoustic preamps and direct boxes puts a hurt on my earhole. The K&K pre is not magic, just impedance tuned for the transducer. You can do this yourself with another pre rather easily. I happen...
  21. Dexter.Sinister

    1979 Fender Strat Antigua

    Your '75 mocha looks like my '73 hardtail. I love love love that guitar. Light, solid, versatile. I played with a great guitarist (featured artist in GP, etc) in an African rock band for years. His number one electric was a 70s Antigua Strat. Sounded great (but he is an inventive and...
  22. Dexter.Sinister

    Pick a song you'd like played/performed at your funeral

    I am an organ donor. After they hog me out, I will be cremated. To salve the sorrow of my tight-knit and huge family, my ashes will be interred in the family plot, overlooking the Augusta National.
  23. Dexter.Sinister

    Pick a song you'd like played/performed at your funeral

    Funerals are for the survivors. It is an opportunity for them to have a little bit of you to ponder.