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  1. 8len8

    Old Unique Stage Outfits that Stand the Test of Time?

    I’m sure many will disagree, but I feel the dragon outfit worn by Jimmy Page in the 70’s wouldn’t look totally ridiculous on stage these days. Are there any unique outfits that major acts have worn on stage in the past that you think might still fit in (somewhat)?
  2. 8len8

    Lyrics that didn't age well.

    Any song that references “my lady”. Kinda old school saying.
  3. 8len8

    Born in XXXX but listened to songs from...

    Born in 1968. Listen to songs from 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and 00’s. Like you said, I’m more familiar with the stuff that came out when I was a teen getting into music.
  4. 8len8

    Recording vs practice vs gig

    I use the same setting for all situations, and of course tweak to taste all the time.
  5. 8len8

    Directional Guitar Cables

    Actually, the product quality can be such that you get intermittent performance depending on the temperature and how the cable is bent. I’ve spent months testing digital signal cables.
  6. 8len8

    Directional Guitar Cables

    Even digital cables can be bad designs: - Poor shielding - Uncontrolled impedances - Crosstalk between conductors - Poor mechanical properties that result in impedance discontinuities All of these things could result in data corruption.
  7. 8len8

    Anybody here uses D'addario EXL120BT 9-40 Balanced Tension?

    I have for the last few years. Feels more comfortable to me than unbalanced sets.
  8. 8len8

    Frustrating guitar? amp? power? issue. Please help.

    Have you considered posting in the Amp forum? There are a lot of discussions about audio quality in that sub-forum.
  9. 8len8

    Mixing Articles?

    Sorry, I’m not into reading pages and pages no matter how much it’s supposed to help me. I know I can easily read a book on the subject to learn, but I have other priorities with my time. I’d like to read maybe 1 page or watch a 5 min video to get my technique better (I don’t need it to be...
  10. 8len8

    Mixing Articles?

    Any good, and simple, articles about using compression and limiting on the mix down of a rock song?
  11. 8len8

    20 watt amp for exquisite classic rock tones?

    Another SC20 recommendation.
  12. 8len8

    Does Anyone Here Play Just One Type of Guitar?

    I’ve eventually settled on LPs as my go-to 99% of the time.
  13. 8len8

    Should I buy a mono reverb?

    I only play in front of an amp/cab, so I’m used to hearing mono reverb ;). Not a deal breaker for me.
  14. 8len8

    Frustrating guitar? amp? power? issue. Please help.

    Yes. When air moved between the speaker and your ear it modulates the sound. Try saying “I am iron man” into a fan ;)
  15. 8len8

    Directional Guitar Cables

    We need an Ethics sub forum here ;)
  16. 8len8

    A/B Switch for my Deluxe Reverb?

    You might want to start a dedicated ABY thread. All passive ABYs have loss, usually in the Y position. It’s your choice of powering an active ABY vs the loss of a passive one. Many threads here on this topic.
  17. 8len8

    Directional Guitar Cables

    I thought I saw something in the forum rules about it, but I might be wrong (just glanced at them once years ago).
  18. 8len8

    Frustrating guitar? amp? power? issue. Please help.

    You’ve eliminated many of the variables. No drafts or ceiling fans around? That’ll definitely cause a flanking effect. It is Very subtle, so it might actually be happening with my rig but I’d never know it.
  19. 8len8

    Four hour gig last night

    For me it’s not the late hour. I hit the guitar hard and move around a lot on stage playing upper beat rock stuff. I can’t do it as long as I used to.
  20. 8len8

    Experience Buying Guitar from Japan (Ebay)?

    I recently bought a guitar from Ishibashi music. They are very reputable, have an awesome selection and great customer service. They provided me with tons of info on the guitar I wanted, were very clear about import taxes and duty, and even said they’d break their no-return rule for me if I...
  21. 8len8

    Four hour gig last night

    I’m over 50 and give it my all during shows, so it’s only 2 hr gigs for me any more.
  22. 8len8

    What drive pedal next?

  23. 8len8

    Gear for drones?

    EHX Freeze.
  24. 8len8

    Alternate Tuning Capos?

    Yeah, I’ve read mixed reviews about that one.