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  1. frisco kid

    Who else digs Sparkle finishes? Post yours here!

    I guess I never outgrew my love for big bass boat sparkle finishes. Just got a new GMP Roxie in the first's a few other glitterbombs that have passed yours!
  2. frisco kid


    About ten years ago, I sold a GMP Roxie that was one of the best sounding and playing guitars I ever owned. For years I've been saying I would have that guitar remade with the new GMP crew. I committed to do it last year and I'm so glad I did. I just got it yesterday and I must say it surpasses...
  3. frisco kid

    Sold Gibson Goldtop Traditional with Vibramate Bigsby

    This is a great 2014 Goldtop that you have the option of converting back to hardtail TOM. Beautiful finish with a one piece back. They got the plastic colors right with very nice bone pickup covers and pickguard instead of the "prosthetic pink" that usually is found on Goldtops. It's in...
  4. frisco kid

    US Customs question

    Hey guys...a buddy of mine bought a guitar off eBay from a Japanese seller over a month ago. Took two weeks to land stateside and has been sitting in Customs Chicago for another two weeks. He just now got an email that he must have a customs broker to get it out??? I'm getting this all...
  5. frisco kid

    Long time Dallas residents

    Was racking my brain trying to think of the name of a music store chain that operated out of shopping malls back in the 70's and 80's...bought my first guitar at the Redbird Mall (now Southwest Mall) location, a Memphis brand Les Paul copy, and took guitar lessons there too. A lot of good...
  6. frisco kid

    Crazy Squier Prices???

    I knew the Pro Tone series guitars were great bang for the buck back in the day...but nearly a grand for one of these now? I can hear Chris Carter and Tom Jackson in unison....C'MON MAN...
  7. frisco kid

    Dirt pedals for Deluxe Reverb

    I've always been drawn to amps with great overdrives, decent cleans and so so reverb (JCM 800, Rivera Fandango and Genz Benz Black Pearl as of late) know dirty blues, classic rock and hair metal tones. I never really cared to own an amp with pristine cleans and lush reverb. Lately I've...
  8. frisco kid

    PBS Classic Rock Performances

    Anyone catch the PBS show of the classic Ed Sullivan performances? Couldn't help but notice how Gretch and Rickenbackers dominated. Seems like most bands used them as their guitars of choice.
  9. frisco kid

    Bigsby Appreciation Thread

    Bigsby's often get a bad rap as being hard to restring, keep in tune and just a general overall me they're the ultimate in vibratos and give the guitar the most vocal characteristics. I also think they look great and add a vintage aesthetic to any no haters please, post...
  10. frisco kid

    This look fishy to you?

    Looks like some poor sap is going to get taken on this fake Gibson Les Paul Custom. Everything about it is wrong...single ply binding on the back, bogus truss rod cover, rosewood board, ink screen serial #? can the seller get away with this...
  11. frisco kid

    Cool Telecaster (not for purists)

    Anybody play one of these? They've been out for about a year. Can't say I'm a big John 5 fan but these don't seem too bad for about $800-$900. Comes with a double bound alder body and US Vintage trem... Specs look good: Model Name J5 Triple Tele® Deluxe Model Number 013-0050-(306) Series...
  12. frisco kid

    Deal with the Devil

    OK...the devil says you can be the best guitar player on earth with amazing skills beyond compare...the catch is this is the ONLY guitar you could play from now on, just as it appears with no you accept?
  13. frisco kid

    Les Paul meets ES295

    Just got this Gibson Guitar of the Month LP295, cross between a Les Paul and ES295. Nice little upgrades like locking bridge, graphite saddles/nut, parallelogram inlays, florentine cutaway, floral pickguard and Bigsby. Pickups are '57 classics (classic plus bridge) and they sound great! It's...
  14. frisco kid

    ? for ASAT Special owners

    Anyone have a problem with their MFD neck p'up being so much hotter than the bridge? There's a huge difference in mine...guess I could just switch them and see if that helps but would prefer they were more balanced. Also, anyone try the Rio Grande or Nordstrand replacement p'ups for their ASAT's?
  15. frisco kid

    Trussart Copper Top on the way!

    As much as I loved the way my last Steeltop looked and played, I wanted something other than the Filtertron style pickups in it. Brandon at Willcutt's and Rob at Trussart said no problem, send it back and we'll build ya something else. I spec'd out a Copper Top with Roses, Arcane humbuckers...
  16. frisco kid

    Quality or quantity?

    I've been a good boy and saved up about $3000 for gear this Christmas. My collection's been trimmed down to a Trussart Steelcaster Deluxe, R4LPC wP90 & alnico, 70's ES335 and an Custom ASAT Z3. Lately I've been gassing for a Firebird VII and Gretsch Powerjet...based on ebay prices lately I...
  17. frisco kid

    Gibson Firebird owners

    Can you retrofit a Maestro Vibrola onto a Firebired with stop tail? Will the tail studs show? Always loved the look of a 2 p'up reverse FB with vibrola but they don't make 'em anymore. Would like to make my own but only if it looks factory...

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