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  1. Slideman

    My favorite fuzz tone is my Boss DS-1?!

    I happened to be perusing some YouTube videos on Gilmour inspired tones and stumbled across this video where a DS-1 - set rather unconventionally - obtains some really awesome fuzz and overdrive tones. Tried it at home...plugged the DS-1 into my Bad Cat on the edge of breakup, added some DD-2...
  2. Slideman

    The Best Albums to Fall Asleep To.....

    After a few weeks of sleepless nights due to life related stress, I decided to try and ease into a deeper slumber by finding some albums to relax to with headphones. I had a hard time thinking of what would work, so I decided to revert to my childhood "headphone" listening days where I would...
  3. Slideman

    My Orange OR-15

    After buying my Orange OR-15 on a whim as a back up to my Orange RV-50 and to use for smaller gigs, I found myself loving this amp more everyday. It's light, small, simple to use, 5 knobs and killer tone and superb effects loop. Set and forget the amp, use your guitar volume and tone to shape...
  4. Slideman

    Marshall 1987x Mods

    I recently grabbed an odd ball of a Marshall off of Reverb. It's a 1987x...but came from the factory with a JTM45 plate on the front (that was a bit weird) but it was a great deal. I had the amp modded with the PPIMV using one of the speaker jacks on the back for the master volume (chicken head...
  5. Slideman

    One Expression Pedal for Two Delays?

    Is there an expression pedal that has two outputs so I can use one expression pedal for two delays? The idea is to position one pedal between my DMM 500T and Boss RE-20 and depending on which effect is activated, the expression pedal works with that pedal.
  6. Slideman

    NUX Cerberus

    Something new for NAMM 2017...this likes a pretty versatile small multi-effect package for grab and go rehearsals or small gigs. They packed a lot into a small package (especially on the modulation).
  7. Slideman

    Gigging Amp Suggestions...

    Hi, I'm looking for a very versatile amp for a variety of gigging situations (large and small) to support my band's new album release. I currently have a few amps...they all do one thing great (either great overdrive or clean) but not both. Needs to cover classic rock, southern rock and...
  8. Slideman

    Sold Wren and Cuff, Analogman, EQD, Arion, Catalinbread

    For sale are: Wren and Cuff Box of War: $SOLD Analogman Sunface 2N: $150.00 EQD Monarch OD: $110.00 Arion Chorus (EWS mod) $SOLD Catalinbread DLS111 $SOLD (Blemish on left side of pedal) All are in excellent working condition, velcro etc. Home/studio use...
  9. Slideman

    NAD: Orange OR-15 Head

    I was looking for a back up head to my Orange RV50, as well as some lower Orange wattage for some smaller clubs my band will be playing this Spring/Summer. The RV50 will be used for the larger stages. I may also use a very downsized rig for small venues with the OR-15 as a swing/back up for...
  10. Slideman

    NGD -- Upgrades to Fender Classic 50s Telecaster

    I've had this Classic 50's Tele since 2003 as a main gigging guitar. Over the years, I've had some minor upgrades -- brass saddles, Stew Mac Vintage locking tuners, CTS pots and Seymour Duncan Antiquity Bridge pickup...but as much as I loved the neck shape, I hated the poly gloss all over the...
  11. Slideman

    New Tape Delay Day...WEM Copicat

    Picked this immaculate baby in all original condition up on Reverb for a great price...and it sounds beautiful! Some of the grittiest, warmest delay I've ever played....plugged into the front of my Orange RV50 BTW. To be expected, slap-back is just fantastic...has some great ambience/reverb...
  12. Slideman

    NPD: Skreddy Screwdriver Mini Deluxe...Brings a smile to my face :)

    I recently purchased the Screwdriver on the recommendation of a friend. I was looking for a versatile OD to work through a clean amp for gigs, but something that could go from smooth overdrive to a raunchy fuzz like tone. This thing sings and rocks with a Les Paul into both my Fender and...
  13. Slideman

    What amp am I?

    I've been thinking of getting a combo amp that is based on a tweed circuit but also has tremolo and reverb...with a 1x15 speaker. The only amp that I could find that came close (although not really a tweed) was a Peavey Delta Blues. So, any other ideas or suggestions?
  14. Slideman

    NPD: Death by Audio Reverberation Machine

    Just got this yesterday...test drove it for an hour. I was looking for an ambient reverb pedal for an Americana meets Psychedelic project. So far, I'm very hooked on the tones coming out of the "machine". Some general comments: Pro: The switch between "dark and bright sun" is like...
  15. Slideman

    Low Wattage Amp for Big Stage?

    Need a little advice on whether using a lower wattage amp will work well with the band on a bigger stage. I typically have been using a 20 watt Top Hat Club Royale on our typical club/bar gigs; however, the band will now playing a 3000 seat club/arena and I'm wondering whether I should stick...
  16. Slideman

    Indy Band Outsmarts the tune of $20k

    Anyone see this news story? They figured an ingenious way to outsmart Spotify to generate royalties for themselves through streaming "silent" the tune of $20k.... I found it entertaining...:munch...
  17. Slideman

    Boss RE-20 Space Echo Club

    Ok, I see many TGPers talk about how great the Boss RE-20 is for getting those great tape delay echoes and trails, but for the most part, it doesn't get all the respect it should. Yeah I know for some on here it's a Boss, if you don't use the right power supply it can have noise (no noise for...
  18. Slideman

    The most expensive cable...ever!

    This must be one helluva cable...packed "with care" from Japan. Obviously a mistake...but on TGP someone may mistake this for the Klon of cables.
  19. Slideman

    The Unethical Practice of Review Magazine Advertising in Exchange for an Album Review

    For the past 6 months, my band has been promoting our album to local media, album review and instrument magazines, FM/Satellite radio etc. We hired a publicist, received a lot of great press, very good album reviews and got a significant amount of FM and College radio play on West...
  20. Slideman

    NGD: 2003 Les Paul Classic

    Just picked this beauty up off of Ebay for a great price. This LP Classic is in "mint" condition and was barely played, if at all. It's a 10 year old guitar and is virtually NOS....sat in a case most of its life. I was looking for an LP Classic as a backup to my main guitar for the upcoming...
  21. Slideman

    I love my Mesa Electra Dyne.

    What a great amp! I bought a used one off a TGPer for a great price and I can't say enough great things about this amp. I've owned and continue to own a slew of great amps (Orange, Marshall, Fender, Top Hat etc); however, I'm taken away by the versatility and tone of this amp in such a simple...
  22. Slideman

    Should independent artists provide their music for free?

    Maybe not the first to bring this up on TGP, but it always seems to be an ongoing debate and discussion among original or independent bands/artists. Should music be given away for free for self-promotion and recognition, or does that "devalue" the work effort/expense/time that was expended to...
  23. Slideman

    ARC Crimson King Demo

    Stumbled across this while having coffee....first pro demo I've seen. Great fuzz sound.
  24. Slideman

    Saw Counting Crows/Wallflowers last night

    Great concert in NJ last night. Both band performances were outstanding and the crowd was really into it through the end. First time I've seen either band, but I didn't realize how talented the CC band was, as each member was multi-faceted and a great player on a a variety of instruments...
  25. Slideman

    Songs from my band's new album..check it out!

    Here's some new songs from my band (The Iron Bridge Band) new album "Road Not Taken" Just some straight ahead rock/pop tunes. Release at end of Summer 2013. Thunder in a Sacred Place Best Wine...

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