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    Do I have to?...I rather dream!!

    Strange day....needed to get it out of me system:nuts Thanks to Althrax for the splendid backer:)
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    The pain of slow oblivion CS tele and Super Sonic 22, memoryboy Dlx... Thanks to Mats for the backer!
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    Tokai Silverstar strat with Micro Coils....

    My old big headstock strat born with a Greco body and Tokai neck(mutt from the factory) Changed the zinc bridge to an old Gotoh steel one instead(old 110 Gotoh) Also changed the tuners to Schaller 70's style tuners... 12-54 strngs tuned in normal 440. Fender Super Sonic 22, Roland RE-201...
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    Over the hill.....

    And off on vacation!
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    Good days, and bad days.....

    Alittle thing over the Vinnie's jam backer.... Thanks to Althrax for the track!
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    Fuzz and vibe....

    Or how you can use them in alot of different places... Thanks to Mats for the sweet backer.... Marshall Class5 combo, Fender CS JB strat, CM optical compressor, Voodoolab Micro Vibe, Jimi Hendrix system Classic Fuzz.....nothing fancy or hard to come by stuff.... Used Audio Technica Pro 37...
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    A little jammer over Journo's Far from real...

    Used my CS JB strat. Dirt is my MXR CAE 402, comp Boss CS-2, delay Hardwire DL-8. All reverb are plugins used in Nuendo.
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    Journos Palos Verdes jam

    Thanks Mats...that really had a sweet feel this backer...:) Hope that life is good to you! Here is alittle jammer over that sweet track....loads of fun to play over!
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    Inside Edge jammer, Vox AC-15C1 Laney VC-15

    Guitar ESP Navigator strat from the mid eighties with Van Zandt Blues singles. Dirt is a Way Huge Fat Sandwich, comp a modded CM comp/lim, delay is my new Analogman Dual delay. Just fooling around on the first new day of the year.... :) Niels
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    Haha they are bonkers at Emma Electronics

    Lol talked to a buddy of mine today, he sent me this link... Haha made my evening....
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    That old jammin with Vinny YT clip

    Used my old Ibanez RG....and a Dunlop JH classic fuzz for this one.... Delay is my Hardwire DL-8... Chorus Ibanez Bi Mode, comp modded CS-3... V5fLDsCWCOk
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    Small PF style clip

    Used my 80's Navigator strat with Van Zandt Blues singles. A tubedrive that uses a different powersupply than it was born with(went from useless to actually being able to sound like something) Delay is a Hardwire DL-8, compressor a modded Boss CS-3...
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    Modded Cool Cat Drive.....mostly cheap fun

    And the signal path goes as this. Boss LM-2, Cool Cat Drive(modded), Cool Cat chorus, Hardwire delay, Boss EH-2, CM Rockbug, looped in from console, Lexicon LXP-1 reverb. Used my old Kramer Pacer Deluxe with a DiMarzio Breed humbucker in the bridge...
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    Quick test of the Cool Cat CD-1 distortion.

    Just clamped it in my board, adjusted it alittle and used a backer as well.... Nothing fancy, just laid back straight stuff.
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    Laid back on an Island jam...

    Found this nice track at Gilmourish...and since it is bot hot and humid here today...thought I would play some laid back easy going stuff... Used my MIJ 85 Hotrod Squier.
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    JH covering Like a rolling stone....

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    Comfy numby jammer YouTube

    Well with deviations for sure...used my old MIJ 85 one bucker Squier Hotrod(born that way) Pickup is a JB. Dist is my modded Ibanez Fat Cat, delay DD-2 and reverb is a Lexicon LXP-1. Other effects, Boss LM-2, Boss CE-3 into the Fat Cat.
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    Asteroid surfing.

    Trance meets guitars... :bong Old Kramer went offworld for a few moments there...
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    The outline

    Alittle thing... Used my Fender Heartfield superstrat.
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    Moyra freestyle....

    Eh well rockballad of sorts.... Just hit record and left my mind somewhere.....highly evident...yeah.... Used my old Kramer Pacer Deluxe with a DmZ Breed and two old J-100 Jackson singles.
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    Alittle slightly sad thing....
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    Wish you where here jammer

    Well wanted to do something different with this one:)
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    Funky GM track jam...

    Thanks to Texsunburst59:BEER (that was your track right??) Hehe sorry I think I forgot, but I am pretty sure that the backer is his:) Anyways used my Kramer mutt, amp was my Bug and drive is a DC Drive.. Reverb LXP-1 on hall, Ibanez CP-835 compressor, Boss DD-2 and DSD-2 delays...
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    More Journo jam...Weak knees.

    Used my Heartfield Fender again. Prototype drive, Ibanez CP-835 comp, Boss DD-2 delay, CE-2b chorus, BF-2 flanger. Thanks to Mats for the backer.
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    Fat tuesday jam....that was fun Mats :)

    Thanks to Journo for the backer... Used my Fender Heartfield with a DiMarzio SuperD from the mid seventies. Amp is a CM is a prototype one.... Delay Boss old Ibanez CP-835.

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