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    Strymon Volante!

    Yes but midi is's just know...boring.
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    Strymon Volante!

    It's OK I figured it out. So scratch everything I said about it. I'm gonna externally wire that three way toggle, tape it to the middle of my forehead and then bend down and rub it against things to change the setting. Problem solved!
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    Strymon Volante!

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    Strymon Volante!

    Hardly an accurate summation but none the less.. How about some quantized sample rate changes other than via bending down and flipping a three way toggle? Why not? (for reasons outlined already that y'all seem to find so offensive) I'm guessing this must be achievable via a footswitch...
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    Strymon Volante!

    Is it snowing in here?
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    Strymon Volante!

    Spinning, passing, floating, skipping, skimming, swimming. Yuppers.
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    Strymon Volante!

    There's a prototype knocking around called the Eventide Rose, maybe something to see this NAMM. If the Volante had CV/EXP control of the speed (sample rate) I would buy one. Otherwise I can't really think of a reason to get excited by it. It's a magnetic echo digital thing. We have those.
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    Strymon Volante!

    Yup. Take the Magneto, strip anything that makes it interesting so that it becomes suitable for boring, dumb guitarists. In all seriousness, you guys don't understand what you could do with this thing if it had dedicated CV/EXP jacks for speed, feedback and mix? Edit: I suspect Eventide are...
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    Thorpy fx The Dane overdrive/boost

    The Dane known as Pete lurks hither?
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    Is The Boss SD-1w Made In Japan?

    You misspelt China.
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    What Compressor for smoothing spikes and limiting signal evenly but with no squish

    Definitely not an optical, in my experience. A GC-2 or Compressor Pro is the ticket. Or the Bondi compressor perhaps.
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    New Meris Something in the Works? Enzo is here!

    I'm prepared to speculate that it's yellow and has a bypass switch.
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    Why 'Rock' is dead for the mainstream masses today. My theory

    Nurse!! He's out of bed again!
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    How many different effects pedals are there in current production?

    Thought so. Anything else y'all wanna know just post it here.
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    Help me ID this boost pedal please.....

    That's a Keeley Looper. (bypass looper)
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    New Meris pedal (Polymoon)?

    Got my Polymoon today. Stunning! I'm very impressed and pleased. Actually, it's quite a giggle to get those sounds from a guitar pedal, the thing is a little powerhouse. Oh and i also like the metallic white, very fetching.
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    AM Sunface RCA: more noisy than other transistors?

    Personally I don't really mind the extra noise my TI has compared to my NKT275 red dot. I just think of them in terms of their respective voicings, NKT275 for its vocal, brassy mids and the TI for its brighter upper mid cut and prescence and its nice cut lower down the mids, it has a really...
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    AM Sunface RCA: more noisy than other transistors?

    His TI might be quiet though. I have a TI and it is pretty noisy though, granted.
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    AM Sunface RCA: more noisy than other transistors?

    Is it like an irregular frying bacon type of sound within or on top of the hiss? If so it's just the noise some transistors make. To do with leakage or something but it's all part of the game so learn to embrace it and consider it as part of that individual fuzz's character and sound. Or not...
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    BBD Delay Aliasing as an Desirable Effect

    Oh yeah, you just reminded me, Zoia has an aliaser module.
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    BBD Delay Aliasing as an Desirable Effect

    drolo has a patch for the Molecular Disruptor with an aliaser in the feedback path of a delay. Not BBD but it sounds good, in fact i think i would have more use for that as an effect because it's more prominent.
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    Whole house is on Dimmer switches, major hum, OE Cali 76 almost unusable

    Getting rid of the dimmers and get some lamps instead would be my advice. Or noiseless pickups. The pickups are picking up the noise, not from the power IME. Easy to find out, roll your guitar volume off and see if it goes away.
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    Red Panda Tensor

    I don't know all the answers to that without getting a hold of one or asking Curt, maybe some Tensor users can chime in about it, but I do hear a volume envelope on the start and end of the loop. Like a tremolo effect. I had a quick look for an example, if you listen to 1.28 to 1.38 I think I...

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