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    Laminating Celluloid

    I've got some thin .060" tort celluloid I was thinking of laminating to a wood, or possibly a metal substrate and was wondering what might be the best glue and or plan of attack. Other than a little binding, I've not a lot of experience with glueing celluloid. Initially I thought about maybe...
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    Some 7 String Fun ... Horizontal Style

    I've been a busy beaver working on a couple of these JP7's and thought I'd share the first one to finish up. Its a sweet guitar in some lightweight mahogany and maple. 25" scale, Duesenberg multibender, 7 string Stringmaster style pickups, and an Outrigger bar for stand up playing. She has a...
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    CTS Push Pull Pots

    Now that CTS has had their new push pull pots out for a while, I was wondering if anyone here had any experience with them. In particular I am considering one of the DPDT for a project that will get some pretty heavy use and I'm debating on using a simple and reliable toggle switch or walking on...
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    Piezo Bridge / Saddles

    I've got a build coming up and I'm contemplating adding piezo to the mix. What are some of your favorite solutions? A hardtail style bridge would be my preference and for no reason in particular, the Schaller 3D-6 Piezo has caught my eye. Is the Schaller a worthy contender, or?
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    My Take On A Cherry Burst ... No Clowns Allowed

    Here is a fun one I thought I'd share. My Coronet prototype in a hand dyed cherry burst. It is based off a late 1930's Recording King and yes, those are original Bakelite knobs :) Some basic specs 24" scale Black Limba / Korina body and neck Quilt Maple top and headplate Cocobolo rosewood...
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    Rosewood Pettingill P6 Deluxe Lap Steel ... Easy On The Eyes And A Sweet Voice

    Here is a fun one I thought some might like to see, a P6 Deluxe in cocobolo with birdseye maple trim. She is easy on the eyes and has that classic sweet voice! Its a shame that these Lollar Horseshoes are no longer available, they are very nice. A fun detail, one of the goals / requests when...
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    Angel 8 With A Multibender

    Here is a fun one I just finished up and thought I might share. I had a request to build an 8 string version of my Angel 6 string so I dug through my stash and found that I had just enough of that sweet figured sapele do do one more. She is 25" scale, figured sapele and birdseye maple, gold...
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    Cardinal Lacquer

    I am getting ready to put together an order from LMI and am considering trying out some of the Cardinal lacquer. I've seen a few positive comments on the Cardinal product and thought I'd run it by the collective here. Do you like it? Does it really shrink back / cure quick enough to buff in 7...
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    New Pettingill P6 Deluxe Prototype 001 ... Not your Grandads Bakelite

    This is a project I've wanted to do for a long time and I'm tickled to have had the chance to bring it to life. Its everything I had hoped it would be, great looks and a sweet voice. As happy as I am, I'm also sad that Lollar will not be making any more of the Horseshoe pickups. I've got one...
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    Lap Steels Rule!! .. My latest Creation

    Here is a fun 8 string steel I recently finished and I thought I'd share. Some basic specs 24" scale 3/8" string spacing Body is chambered black limba with a flame maple top fretboard is cocobolo rosewood with mother of pearl fret and position markers pickups are custom BG-Pups 8 string...
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    Sweet Voice And Easy On The Eyes ... A Sapele Bender Belle ... Lap Steels Rule!!

    Here is a fun one I just finished up and thought I'd share :) The lighting could be better, but these are not too bad for now. A few specs 24.5" scale 1 piece Ribbon Sapele body Birdseye maple fretboard and trim Dusenberg Multibender bridge BG-Pups A3 Rock Winds 4 way rotary switching Custom...
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    Belle Of The Ball With A Multibender

    Here is another fun one I thought I'd share, a maple topped Belle with a Dusenberg multibender bridge. Some basic specs 24" scale African mahogany / khaya body flame maple top and head cap rosewood fretboard with bone inlay BG-Pups Custom Blues neck and BG A3 Rockwind bridge 4 way rotary...
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    I Call Her Angel .. An Art Deco Themed Pettingill Lap Steel

    Here is a sweet one I just finished up, I call her Angel. Some basic specs 24.5" scale Quilted maple and figured Sapele body Gold mother of pearl inlay custom matching wood pickup rings, knobs, and control cover BG-Pups A3 Rock Wind Tele set 4 way rotary pickup switching Duesenberg multibender...
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    Introducing The Southern Belle 001

    Here is a new one that is a little more traditionally shaped than some of my other creations, SB-001. The inspiration is a mix of a few old classics. The smaller bottom bell is kind of Gibson EH, the barbie doll waist is Supro Tonemaster'ish, and the graceful upper lines are classic Weiss hollow...
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    8 String Pettingill Teardrop Lap Steel

    Here is a fun one I just finished up that I thought I'd share. I had a request to do one of my 8 string Teardrops in a 2 pickup configuration and I'm quite pleased with how she turned out. The pickups are some cool prototypes built with dual row Alnico rod magnets for the pole pieces. I made the...
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    The UltraP .. A Vinatge Gibson Inspired Lap Steel Build

    Here is a fun one I just finished up that I thought I'd share. I have a player with a vintage 40's Gibson Ultratone like in the below pic that approached me to build an Ultratone inspired steel in mahogany and curly maple using one of the Lollar Supro / Valco string through pickup reproductions...
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    New 8 String Lap Steel Prototype, The JYD

    Edit: The JYD turned out to be a real winner and I will be adding it to my offerings in both a 6 or 8 string and in custom configurations. 8 string as shown for $1600. PM or email me for information on how to order one in a custom configuration tailored for you...
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    Sneek Peek ... Junk Yard Dog 8 String Lap Steel

    This is a fun new prototype / model of mine coming down the home stretch and I thought I'd share a couple quick pics of the Junk Yard Dog. Its 24" scale, chambered swamp ash body, feathered black walnut top, birdseye maple fretboard / head plate, and walnut neck. She is getting some very cool...
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    8 String "Tele" Pups ... Lap Steel Style

    This is a fun one ... I'm building a honky-tonkin 8 string lap steel and and wanted Tele type pickups for it. Unfortunately 8 string Tele pickups are about as scarce as hens teeth, so after much thought, and because I'm a glutton for punishment, I decided to jump in head first and build /...
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    Mahogany And Curly Maple Lap Steel With A Duesenberg Multibender

    Just got this one finished up and thought I'd show her off a bit. She has a sweet voice and will be heading out on tour shortly, look for some video and clips soon. Some basic specs 25" scale Honduran mahogany and curly sugar maple body Mahogany fret and position marker inlay 32 fret Camel bone...
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    Black Limba / Flame Maple Pettingill Lap Steel

    This is a revised version of my Cody model, a little simpler model than some of my creations, but built with all the love and sweet tone that you would expect from one of my instruments. My goal with the Cody is to help fill the middle / intermediate void in my lineup. Its certainly not going to...
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    Some Quilty Goodness ... Lap Steels Rock

    Just got this one finished up and she has a sweet voice. Some basic specs 24" scale one piece quilt maple body cocobolo rosewood fretboard, control covers, pickup rings, and knobs mother of pearl markers and logo string through body cocobolo bridge with a phosphor bronze saddle custom...
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    Any Interest In Ready To Finish Drilled And Routed Lap Steel Bodys

    I was wondering if there is any interest in ready to finish and assemble lap steel bodys? I've done a few on special request, but have not pursued it too much up to this point. For those that like to do some work themself, it would be a great way to get into a top quality steel at a good...
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    6 String Walnut / Quilt Maple Teardrop Lap Steel

    Thought I'd share a sweet steel I just finished up for a customer. Not only is she easy on the eyes, but has a sexy sweet voice. Some basic specs 25" scale Black walnut and quilt maple Figured walnut bridge and control covers Grover tuners BG-Pups A4 mag BG bucker Fret and position markers are...
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    Tis The Season For ... Walnut ... Lap Steel Style

    Thought some of the steel guitar fans might like to check this one out, its got a sweet tone and rings like a bell :D 22.5" scale figured black walnut and quilt maple BG-Pups H90 bone nut basswood inlay Tru Oil finish .

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