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    Death cap on Airline 62-9013a

    Hey guys! Just grabbed one of these. Supposedly very similar to a Silvertone 1482. Sounds really nice. After some wrestling with the chassis I got it out to inspect the internals and figure out how to get a 3 prong power cable installed. The death cap isn't where I expected it to be as...
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    ISO: ES-125/225 style guitars

    Hey guys, I've got a hankerin' for a single cut, P90 equipped hollow or semi-hollow guitar, ideally with a bigsby. Budget is under $2k, but I want a good guitar. Not really interested in MIC/MIK at this point, so Epiphone, etc. are kinda out unless they're of the Eastman/Grestch level of...
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    Looking for an amp that has a warm tweed tone, but with more power and EQ

    Maybe reverb too. I'm basically looking for a combo amp that has 30-50 watts, has a warm, bluesy, tweedy tone somewhere in the 5e3 or old Marshall camp, but has more control over the tone. I want something pretty smooth sounding, not too bright. Lots of mids, and low grind when it breaks up. No...
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    Lowest profile but super sturdy strap locks?

    Hey guys!! I've got a pair of Dunlop strap locks on my 60s Starfire. They're fine, but I always bump the edge of the strap with my hand on this guitar because the strap lock pushes the strap out almost an inch from the guitar. I know its sort tweaky, but I'd love to get the strap as close to...
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    I need a source for threaded pins in a vintage Guild bisgby.

    Hey guys! So I have this 60s Starfire I love to death. Killer guitar. It has the original bigsby, but appears to be missing the pins to hook the ball ends of the strings on. There are threaded holes. Anyone every seen this? Anyone know where I can find these threaded pins? I've just bee...
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    Pickup repair guy in Los Angeles? (Wax potting)

    Hey guys! Frantically getting ready for tour and discovered my Starfire squeals like a pig with a fuzz on. I need to get it potted but don't really have time to deal with it. The pickup guys I know are all out of town. Anyone know a good pickup repair guy in town that would be able to turn...
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    Pedalboard troubleshooting gurus!!

    Hey guys! Trying to work a new pedal into the ole touring board. I have a problem with it, though. When the pedal is in the chain the power cable is sort of microphonic. Like if I tap on it you can hear it through the amp. I isolated the pedal in a true bypass looper (culprit is a non-TB...
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    Analogman ARDX20 w/Amaze0 review

    Hello gentlemen! First, a little background on me: Professional touring and studio guitarist. I spend several months a year on the road touring all over the world and play/write music for tv, movies, records, etc. when I'm home in LA. Doesn't really matter, other than to give some insight...
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    Price check: 1972 embossed Gibson T-Top

    Hey guys! I'm just trying to establish a price for a pickup I have. Anybody have an idea what T-Tops are going for these days? Mine is in extremely good condition, cover has never been removed, sticker is missing.
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    Clark Beaufort Special in the house

    Hey guys, I just received a Clark Beaufort Special. It is one of the older ones with the Mojo cab. Looks super nice. Came with a 12A125A speaker, NOS preamp and rectifier tubes, and some JJ 6V6s. This is the first legit Tweed style amp I've owned and I gotta say it kicks ass. Really warm...
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    Why is a Clark Beaufort 18 watts instead of 12-14? 12-14?

    Hey guys, Just curious, why is the Clark Beaufort, which is supposedly a knockoff of the 5e3, 18watts instead of 12-14 watts like most 5e3s? Is there something different in these amps that makes them rate a bit higher? I know it is probably and indiscernible difference in wattage, just...
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    Is there a pedal that does backwards and octave shifted looping like the Line 6 Dl-4?

    Hey guys! Title pretty much says it all. I never really liked the DL-4's effect on my tone, footprint, and so-so delay sounds, but I LOVED the ability to create loops and play them double speed or half speed. Great for weird textural effects a la Bill Frisell. Is there a pedal out there that...
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    When did Ebay seller fees become 9%?!?!

    Hey guys! I just sold something on ebay and then got my bill from them. The fee was really high...I checked it out and apparently they charge 9% now. When did that happen? Between that and paypal fees ebay has become a really terrible deal...
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    Can you put a different bridge on a Danelectro?

    Hey guys! I'm contemplating putting a different bridge on a Dan-o. U2 or similar style reissue. Could you put a hardtail strat or TOM bridge on one of these? Can you route out the body at all? I know its a masonrite top. Can this be cut cleanly and easily? I'd have a tech do the work, just...
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    Gibson Robot guitars with a Capo?

    Hey guys! I play with a guy who uses a lot of capos and struggles with tuning a lot. He's a singer first, guitarist second, and tuning is an issue for him. I was wondering if a robot guitar would be good for him. Do you have to program each capo setting as a separate tuning? How would this...
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    Middle position on Tele is very weak. Solutions?

    Hey guys! I've got a 1966 Telecaster with the original bridge pickup but a newer neck pickup. The middle position on the switch is super quiet compared to the neck or bridge alone. Not just thin, but much lower in volume and basically useless. Is that because my vintage pickup and newer pickup...
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    Is it stupid to mount a ZVex pedal sideways?

    Hey guys... Trying to tighten up my pedalboard before tour....anyone gig regularly with a ZVex pedal turned sideways? Considering it but not sure if I'd have trouble hitting the switch or not hitting the knobs....thoughts?!! :D Thanks! Mike
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    Can anyone in the LA area hook me up with a place to get a DPDT switch today?!

    Hey guys! Minor emergency repair needs to be made to my 80s Rat2. I need a DPDT footswitch ASAP. Anyone in the LA area know a place I can walk in and buy one? Thanks! Mike
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    Need to replace the switch in my late 80s smallbox Rat 2..what part should I use?

    Title covers switch is crapping out on me. What's the proper replacement part? Thanks!!! Mike
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    Got Tonepros Kluson for my 1966 tele, but they don't fit. What does?

    Hey guys! I wanted to put some new tuners on my guitar for a big tour. Can't be messing with vintage tuners in front of thousands of people, ya know?! I thought the Tonepros Klusons were supposed to be a drop in replacement, but they have an extra piece of metal that goes around the base...
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    Any use for a blown speaker?

    Hey guys! I just got an amp and it came with a blown speaker. I'm getting the speaker replaced, but I'm curious if there is anything I can do with the old one. No visible damage, but it reads 0 on the ohm meter. Is this trash, or can I do something with it? Mike
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    Anyone know where I can get a knob and battery cover for an 80s Rat?

    Hey guys! I've got an 80s Rat...smallbox...early Rat2, I think. Board says 86, pots are 87. Its the square one with the flat topped knobs. I'm missing a knob and the battery cover. I emailed Proco, but got no response. Anyone have a source? Thanks! Mike
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    Mesa Boogie/Celestion C90 alternatives

    Hey guys!! Curious what you guys have tried as a high wattage alternative to the C90. It would have to be a 90+ watt speaker as it'll be going in a Electra-dyne 1x12 combo...I dig the C90, but am curious what others have tried...
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    Consensus on best compensated Tele saddles?

    Hey guys! Considering swapping out my saddles on my '66 Tele to improve intonation. I currently have repro non-compensating brass ones in there in place of the original steel "threaded" ones. I like the brass, just want better intonation. Glendale? Callaham? There seem to be many options, just...
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    Does the Deluxe Memory Boy sound like the Memory Boy?

    Hey guys, I've got a Memory Boy and I'm digging it. Not quite DMM, but is beating the rest of my delays at the moment. Adding tap tempo and other controls to it would be pretty cool. Is the tone the same as the regular MB? Thanks! Mike

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