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    I believe this is my first clip post. Your feedback is not only welcome, but encouraged. To read my comments about the track follow this link:
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    Best current production EL34?

    Whatcha think?
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    RSA 23 clips

    Here are a few clips that Dennis E. sent me of his /13 RSA 23. I'll let him chime in to explain the guitar(s) used, settings, etc.; but I will say this: That's a sweet sounding amp! :dude
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    My J. Nunis Custom is finally here! (pics)

    Well, it's been a long time in the making, but well worth the wait. Earlier this week I brought home my J. Nunis Custom guitar. It's everything I'd hoped and then some. Several months ago I gave Jim a three page list of very specific things I wanted in the guitar, even gave him a photoshop...
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    Volume pot bypass

    I'll finally be getting my custom J Nunis guitar in another week or so and one of the little tricks I asked to be added was a push/pull volume pot that would be wired to bypass the volume pot when the switch is pulled out. My goal with this set up is to allow me to a) roll off the volume to...
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    Line 6 Leslie Sim pedal. Hmmm....

    Anybody seen this yet?
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    ToneCore noise solution?

    Ok. So I got a Line 6 ToneCore Tap Tremolo. I put it in the effects loop of my Loooper (other loop is for my drive pedals), hooked it up to my PowerAll and it was working fine at home (bedroom volume through my old hybrid Crate combo). I didn't experience any of the noise i had read about so I...

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