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  1. plextasy

    NPD - KOT

    Yep, as good as I remember.
  2. plextasy

    Boss TAE vs Power Station - power amps

    Bumped an old thread but got no traction so here we go. All of the recent comparisons with reamp/attenuators seem to be between the Boss TAE and the Ox while I see the TAE and Power Station being more similar and desirable for attenuation and live use. Who can comment specifically on how the...
  3. plextasy

    Ethos TWE-1 vs Dirty Shirley overdrive

    Obviously, these pedals are designed to achieve different tones but I'm curious if anyone has both and can describe any differences as well as similarities. I've had a Bogner Red on the board since they came out (2013?) and while I still love it, I'm just wanting to try something a bit...
  4. plextasy

    Need a push..or a pull (KOT)

    I emailed A.M. for an updated order link, thinking about finally going for it. I reached the top of the list back in March of 2017. The problem is that the options I want add $120 so I'm right back at the same decision I was at last year, trying to decide if I should buy a $400 overdrive...
  5. plextasy

    ABY vs "jumper" inputs of Super Reverb

    i searched first but couldn't find the answer to this, specifically the difference in running a buffered, transformer isolated ABY into both the Normal and Vibrato channels vs the old jumper method. I'm aware of the phase (polarity) being reversed on the channels, so I was going to experiment...
  6. plextasy

    Tube Driver, Buffalo TD-X and similar - need advice

    I recently put a big board together with multiple drives and regularly bounce between a few including a Barber Direct Drive, modified OD-3, BB pre, Bogner Red, etc.. Here's the thing: every time I plug into my trusty old PODHD (yea, I know) I LIVE on the Tube Driver model. I just love the feel...
  7. plextasy

    Leslie, vibe, chorus and the Neo Vent

    I currently have an Earthquaker The Depths for vibe and A.M standard Chorus which I use mostly to cop a Leslie effect. The AM is on, off and back on the board on a regular basis. Lately I've been loving clips of the Mini Vent rotary and have heard that it can even do a somewhat convincing...
  8. plextasy

    Has anyone successfully used a Presonus Firestudio with newer Mac?

    Specifically a Mac with Thunderbolt only I'm considering going back to a Mac, probably a refurbished recent model iMac. I have a severely outdated Macbook 13" and have since moved on to PC (Ableton, Reaper, and some free video editing software) but miss the ease of use and workflow of Logic...
  9. plextasy

    Does price drop on Line 6 M-series mean..

    that they're finally going to release the (IMO) long overdue replacement with Helix quality effects and higher quality footswitches?! An updated M9 would do quite well in the current market if the price was kept reasonable. I understand that there was no initial rush to replace the M-series...
  10. plextasy

    Timmy vs Rockaway Archer for front end boost (medium-high gain)

    I've played and love the Timmy and standard Archer/Klon circuit but I'm wondering how these two compare specifically for tightening up the front of a somewhat gained out amp without changing the overall sound too much. I love the sound of my amp (Ecstasy Classic) without a boost but I need...
  11. plextasy

    Help needed with outlet placement on flat board

    I've been getting my board together for what seems like an eternity. Trailer Trash flat with modified riser (moved closer to center of board to accommodate ES-8 and hide some cabling), currently soldering cables and plugs and working on an interface design with my buddy. I'm just not sure if...
  12. plextasy

    Idea for Boss - ES series integrated patch bay

    I have an ES-8 and am waist deep in the slow and painful process of getting my board together. The thing that kills me is that I have this switcher that can do so much yet I still need a pedalboard interface of some kind so my connections are entering and leaving from the same place on my board...
  13. plextasy

    NPD - Bogner Oxford

    The Oxford showed up a couple days ago and finally got to properly test it last night. Ran it into a Mark IV and Super Reverb (stereo out of Strymon DIG). It is capable of getting many different sounds! It can do a straight up clean boost, adding the same warmth, fatness and addicting feel...
  14. plextasy

    70s Fender Super Reverb dating question

    I apologize if this has been covered but I searched and couldn't find the specific answer I'm looking for. I'm buying a 70's SR from a local shop (just put money down to hold last night:) It's a silverface and has the less desirable master volume but I maxed it and used the channel volume and...
  15. plextasy

    Will Line 6 make a new stand-alone effects unit? (M5/9 size)

    I really think this would be a smart move on their part. The M series are actually still pretty good sounding effects in my opinion but they could use an overhaul. Anyone else like the idea of Helix quality multi-effects in smaller enclosures?
  16. plextasy

    pedalboard design advice needed

    In planning board length, I'm stuck deciding how much room to leave for wah/vol/exp pedals. With the ES-8 is it possible to have one pedal act as a volume and an expression pedal for certain effects per preset? I know the vol/exp with one pedal thing has been addressed in other threads but...
  17. plextasy

    Novo 24 vs PT-3

    I know this is old news but I haven't seen it discussed much. Really scratching my head here..why would PT get rid of the PT-3? It seemed to be a fairly popular model, no? I remember it was built due to high demand. The Novo 24 lacks the depth that I need and while I once wanted a PT-PRO...
  18. plextasy

    So, the Tube Driver model in the POD HD still rocks

    Seriously, no matter how many overdrives I play, none of them put a smile on my face quite how the TD sim in the pod does. :eek: Go ahead and execute me now, lol. I haven't owned or used nearly as many ods as many on TGP but I've played enough.. Xotic BB, BB+, BBMB (the latter is one of my...
  19. plextasy

    Boss ES-8 (or ES-5) with midi capable fx question

    I'm sure this has been addressed already but I wouldn't know where to begin searching, so on to my question: I've been planning on adding an ES-8 to my rig but with the more affordable ES-5 announced, I'm wondering if I could get by with fewer loops. So, I'm thinking that I could run a pedal...
  20. plextasy

    Who's still using the Diamond Boost EQ?

    I'd like to do my switching with the Boss es-8 and am close to pulling the trigger on one. I'll need to trim down the number of pedals at the same time. Might pull my MXR Custom Comp and EP booster and replace with the Diamond. Also considering the Scott Henderson RC. The mid range eq...
  21. plextasy

    DIY boards with perforated sheet metal. Anyone?

    I've been wanting to do something like this for a few years since seeing that prototype Dunlop NAMM board.. And now of course Temple is doing this. I've seen a couple here and there (I think TGPer "Frankee" built one) Just trying to get some ideas for a build. I even considered just slapping...
  22. plextasy

    Gotoh locking vintage (SD91) or split shaft?

    My 90s MIM strat has the old squier style tuning machines. They don't really do a bad job at holding tune. Not perfect, but the real problem is that two of them are rattling. Everything is tightened down, they are just old and this guitar was a beater that I fixed up. I really like the...
  23. plextasy

    What trem arm for my '95 MIM?

    Hi. I recently fixed up a beater MIM strat. I might eventually replace the bridge but for the time being, I need a trem arm. *I did try searching before posting this but only found contradicting info.. I'm not sure if the current MIM arms will fit the threads on the '95, and it also has...
  24. plextasy

    Been looking around, nice place

    Hi. I'm a long time Rig-Talker and want to branch out a bit. Been lurking for awhile here. I'm a pedal junkie and play in a couple bands. That's about it. Thanks for having me Jordan

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