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    On the hunt,"Reverb"

    I'm looking for a quality reverb pedal, but the Important part being, it must have a "Mix" control,& at 12.00 the dry /Fx mix is equal, but as it's increased, the dry signal decreases, (IE: More reverb, less Dry signal). I had an Alesis Microverb, years ago, which offered this, but never found...
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    Wiring Query, (Help)

    Can any, "Wiring Wizards", offer a solution to a problem, I'm having.? Due to the limited depth, in my SG Custom,control cavity, I thought a simple solution for coil tapping, all three HB's at once, would be, a master tone, & use the second tone pot, as a variable coil tap, using a "No Load"...
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    80's Miles track.

    Does anyone have any sheet music / Chart for a track called, Code MD, from Miles, Davis,84 Album, Decoy. Written by his keyboard player at that time, Robert Irving III. I have searched all the obvious site's & retail outlets for this, but it seems like, it was never in print. Any help...
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    "Free" Deniece Williams / Marcus Miller

    Does anyone have any Tab, sheet music, or knowledge of this song? Any input, would be greatly appreciated, Ive been looking for this for many years.
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    The Cate Brothers.

    I used to "Love" this band when I discovered them, back in 76. Loaned out the albums, & never got them back. I recently sourced the same albums on CD, so, Re listening after a "Long" time, & loving it. Never heard much about them in years, has anyone here caught them live, or in touch with...
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    Seymour Duncan Triple shot.

    Anybody tried these "Switching" pick up surrounds yet? I think I may have a use for these in a guitar which has no room for push / pull pots. Any opinions, good or bad appreciated? Thanks.
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    Ground Problem.

    Hi, I recently replaced the steel saddles on my CS356 for Tusq saddles, just to help eliminate slight tuning issue's, (Bigsby version, now cured), & I must admit I prefer the tone to the steel, on this guitar at least. However, this means, as I'm sure all the experts here will know, that my...
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    Retro fit Trem Info please?

    I want to replace the RM Pro trem system,(Licensed Floyd), on my Yamaha MSG / Image guitar. Has anyone installed a Kahler on an Image Dlx guitar? I realise that once the RM Pro is removed, it might need some "Infill" wood replaced, then the Kahler fitted. I'm just attepmting to avoid any...
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    Steely Dan DVD.

    Has anyone else bought the "New" Dan DVD? Compared to the "two against nature" DVD, the picture & sound qualty leaves a lot to be desired I think.
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    Sheet music /Tab Wanted.

    Does anyone have the above for a song called "Crime of passion", written by Danny Ironstone, Mary Unobsky, covered by Bonnie Raitt on her 86 Album Nine lives? I have played this with a band before, but, I'd like to check the middle section, which always seems to make me rethink what I'm...
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    Comments on Fender amps, "Pete Anderson"

    Hi, I remember a few years back in a "Tonequest" Interveiw, Pete Anderson stating that his Tech in the early days told him that a "Deluxe Reverb" had a bright switch, which was shorted out, but when, wired in, the "Up" position was the same as a "Super Rev" bright switch in the down...
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    Go West / Alan Murphy in U.S.?

    Did any U.S. members ever witness any live gigs, or TV broadcasts with this band some years ago. I know they toured the U.S., & contributed to the Rocky 4 soundtrack, I just wondered if there's any old TV footage, or anyone caught them on tour? I know it was eighties pop, but, a phenomenal...
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    Query on 65 Twin Re issue.

    I just picked up one of these, & although I "LOVE" the tone, it seems a bit underpowered. I know it's only 80 watts, & I'm used to using Twins, (Rivera II, & Red knobs). The 65 is fitted with Fender/Groove tubes,6L6 (Blue).They look like Sovteks. And GT pre amp tubes. Does anyone else have a...
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    Static noise?????

    I replaced the scratchplate on my 50's Classic Player Strat with a Red T/Shell plate. I covered the rear of the plate with adhesive foil, which I've used many times as screening. Now when I play the guitar, if I touch the S/plate, there's a distinct crackle like a static noise. Anyone...
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    RS guitarworks pot problems?

    Just fitted a set of these, & had problems when re fitting the knobs. The knibs holding the pot casing together opened up without too much pressure,(re assembled them twice, but still they open up). Anyone experienced this problem, (seems like the metal is very soft & bends very easily)?
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    Boogie Mk II C+ Query?

    I've been offered one of these in head form. I know people say this is "THE" Boogie to have, but any known Issue's or drawbacks speciffically with this model?
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    Mod query /Semi content.

    Does anyone know if a push / pull pot will physically fit inside a 356 or a 345 body? I coil tapped my Les Pauls & love the sound, so I thought I'd try it with my semi's. Thanks in advance to anyone.
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    Fuzz Help please?

    After using Zendrives & Keeley BD2 / Rat mod for years, I decided to use some old pedals I had lying around. Big Muff , Little big muff specifically. Although I enjoyed the sound, (It took me back some), I'd forgotten how these EH units sucked tone & were very noisy. Any Modern equivalant will...
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    I recently bought an SG Classic from a friend, a great player & a great woody responsive tone. My first experience with P90's I thought...Duh! After pulling everything apart before a restring, I discover the P.U's are Gibson P100's. These P100's seem to take a beating on these pages, so what can...
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    Fender Supersonic

    Anyone tried these yet?? I'm not even sure if they are available yet in the UK?
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    Boogie Mk IV Problem

    I realise that Boogie's dont have variable bias / balance pots fitted, but I'm trying to revalve a Mk IV combo, & not much success. On Installing a set of Sovtek 6L6GB's, I switched on & heard High pitched Oscilation. Re installed old tubes, switch on, & no problem. I then Installed a set...
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    6L6 Recomendations

    I need to order a quantity of replacment & spare 6L6's, & I'm prepared to look at current production types, rather than carry on using NOS types, as I have done for some time. I have tried some Sovtek 6L6GB's & EH6L6's, but didn't think they were that great. Can anyone please advise on the...
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    Fuchs headroom.

    After experimenting for ages with various tubes & bias settings to acheive high clean headroom on my Fuch's Mods, Ive settled on what I "Think" works O.K. Can any other users throw some advice / experience in this area?

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