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    Komet 19??

    I have been really checking thes amps out lately and have been considering buying one. It seems like an amazing little amp. The only concern I have is why are so many for sale all of the sudden? I dont mean to be negative Im just curious as to what they might not like about it before I shell out...
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    This is going to be a great weekend!

    Finally some cool music in my area. I am going to see Joe Bonamassa tonight and Joe Satriani with Mountain tomorrow night. Has anyone seen these guys recently? Im kind of curious what to expect. I am curious about Joe B's cool gear also..someone said make sure to take earpluds for Joe Bs show...
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    I would like to learn to play slide..any suggestions?

    I am a blues,shredder type lead player. I have been listening to some slide playing lately and would like to learn it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Is there a special setup I need on one of my guitars...higher setup etc. Tuning options? Not sure if all slide is in standard or...
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    Line6 toneport and Ableton live lite??

    I just got the toneport and it came with the Ableton Lite Live software. I am having a little problem and I was hoping someone could help me. When I open the toneport and pick my tones etc and get ready to record...I open the Ableton program and it sound great. When I arm the track for recording...

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