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    Sold 15' Fulltone Gold Cable Straight-to-Straight, barely used, $20

    Per title, selling a 15' Fulltone Gold cable. $20 pp'd/shipped.
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    Sold Capo and Slide Collection + Pick Holder | $40

    Selling the following items as one lot, asking $30. 1) 5 x Assorted capos, Keyser, Shubb, etc. Drop D, Cut Capo included. 2) Metal slide. 3) Glass Slide w/pouch. 4) Snark clip-on tuner (needs battery). 5) Dunlop, mic stand pick holder. 6) Black zippered mic pouch to hold everything. ***Strap...
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    Sold Quad Set of Electro Harmonix 6V6 Power tubes, Weber Bias Rite, assorted preamp tubes.

    SOLD! 1) Matched quad of EH 6V6 power tubes (new from Tube Depot). 2) Weber Bias Rite (single). 3) 2 x Chinese 12AT7 4) JJ 12AT7 5) Jan/Phillips 12AT7WC 6) EH 12AT7WC
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    Sold Complete Pedalboard Making Kit - Includes over 30 solderless Bill Lawrence plugs, cable, velcro, etc

    SOLD Selling a grab bag of goodies left over from my pedalboard assembly days. Will include a 1 SPOT adapter. Includes: 1) Over 30 Bill Lawrence Wilde Cable solderless short plugs with cable cutter. (If you know what these are, this are amazing! These are worth the $100 alone). 2) Several...
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    Sold Custom 2002 Taylor 810C Acoustic Guitar - Engelmann Spruce Top - K&K PWM Pickups

    Up for Sale is an exquisite custom ordered 2002 Taylor 810C not 810 or 810CE. I am the original owner and have taken great care of this guitar, I absolutely love it. The only reason I am selling this guitar is to help fund the publishing cost of my first book which will be out this year. $1,849...
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    Sold Golden Age Neck Humbucker, A2 Mag, Nickel-silver Cover, SOLD

    StewMac Golden Age, Vintage Spec Neck Humbucker, Alnico 2 Mag, 7.34k, vintage braid wire, Nickel-Silver Cover, SOLD
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    Post photos of your one sub PA setup.

    Considering adding a sub to my 2 x 12" mains. What configuration do you use and what does it look like live?
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    Anyone own Yamaha DSR112's?

    Been testing, comparing Mackie, EV, QSC and Yamaha mains. I've heard the DSR's but only against the K12 and PRX612. Others I've been trying out this week are the EV ELX112p, ZLX12p, DXR12 and KW122. Any thoughts on the DSR112....I'm ready to make a decision here.
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    Anyone own any powered 3-ways?

    Just looking to start some discussion on 3-way powered speakers. I'm in the market but have not totally committed to going 3-way...yet. Mackie HD1531 EV ETX35P JBL PRX735 QSC KW153 Line 6 L3t/m Carvin TRx1253A Others?
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    Anyone own an ART Pro Channel II or Presonus Studio Channel?

    Just looking for any input, reviews, experience on these units.
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    Turbosound Speakers

    Doe anyone have any experience with Turbosound speakers? I hear nothing but good things from pro install companies. They've been around a while but I've never heard of them. Specifically the Milan or iq series that Sweetwater sells?
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    QSC KW112 vs. K12

    The specs of the K series vs. KW series seem the same. Do these models use the same drivers and amps, etc? The only difference being the birch cab for the KW? Has anyone had a chance to directly a/b the two models?
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    EL84's & 6V6's: Same Impedance?

    Do these tubes have the same impedance? Just wondering if this decision would affect selection of the OT primary or if it would work for both.
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    Cabs & Crossovers

    Are crossovers required for 4x10 cabs; with or without a horn? Just curious if most 4x10's come with a xover or if there are any cabs you know of that do not utilize one.
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    Focusrite Scarlett (USB 2.0) vs. Saffire (Firewire)

    Just looking for some general input on these two Focusrite options. I got a new laptop that has both USB2.0 and Firwire 400 options. I have not commited to an interface yet. Is the Saffire running FW/a gonna be any better than the Scarlett series? Or is it a wash?
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    Semi-Open & Open back headphones...

    I'm good on closed back after picking up a pair of DT770's and ATH-M50's. What are some good open and semi-open to consider? K240, DT990 anyone?
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    Thoughts on Laptop Hybrid Drives (SSHD)?

    These "hybrid" drives are new to me. Any pros/cons? From what I've read eSATA PCI cards are problematic for Laptops which would only leave me with the USB 2.0 option for an external drive. This internal hybrid in slot 2 seems like a decent option to consider. 1TB, 64Mb Cache, 6.0 Gb/s, $119...
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    Heil Pro Set 3 Headphones?

    Has anyone tried these? Frequency Reponse 10 - 22,000 Hz
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    Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro: Any better than the AT ATH-M50?

    Just curious if anyone has compared both of these. I currently have the ATH-M50's and they sound really, really good. Just wondering what the difference is in the DT 770's, anyone prefer those over the M50?
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    Best Value Opinon: Equator D5, Yamaha HS50M's, Tannoy Reveal 501a's?

    I sold a pair of Wharfedale 8.2 Diamonds a few months ago and am looking at the three monitors below for replacements. Any opinions on which may be the better deal here. All are brand new from well know retailers, price is for the pair. 1) Yamaha HS50M's $258 2) Tannoy 501a's $315 (Can...
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    Any Roland "Capture" interface users? Comparable or better than Focusrite?

    Keep reading good reviews on these. Anyone here a fan? Are they comparable/any better than the competition? Specifically, I think I've narrowed my decision down to one of these three so any input is appreciated. Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 Roland Quad Capture Motu Microbook II
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    Best Bang for Buck MIDI Controller?

    Best "bang for the buck" midi controller for general purpose use? Running Reaper 4.402, Abletone Live Lite, Komplete Elements, Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 USB. Short List By Brand/Retail Below: (Any sway, what say you?) Akai MPK-Mini $99.00 Akai MPK-25 $249.99 Novation LaunchKey 25 $149.99...
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    Cost effective hardware/software solution for collaborating with band members?

    My bandmates and I are wanting to get serious about writing original material. We are all older now and how never written together (the band is 3 yrs old). But we all have done original material in our younger days. Weekly rehearsal isn't a good time to work on original material and...
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    Anyone usig the Red-Eye or Ochid Preamps?

    Mainly interested in feedback/reviews on the Red-Eye DI box. Also just found out about the Orchid line from the UK. Anyone got any experience with either of these two companies?

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