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    Fuzz War alternative

    Are there any Fuzz war alternatives out there? Clones? Something that will get me close? Seems to have that heavy, almost intermodulation thing happening
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    Does your Muff do Gated sounds?...

    I've noticed my Catalinbread Manx has a nice, natural gate with the gain rolled back. It's not spitty or abrupt but musical. With the gain up its loses it, obviously. It's all about the sustain then. With an overdrive AFTER it, it really gets that Jack White vibe going. But I've never noticed...
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    Malekko 616 has halved its delay time!

    So my 616 has developed a weird problem. It no longer maxes out at 600ms. It's now 300. Still sounds great. Nothing else is wrong. It's just that with the time Maxed's 300ms. Sent an email to malekko. Nothing back yet. Tried powering down and up again. Any ideas?
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    XVive U2 wireless system

    Anyone have experience with these units? Looks like something cool for the xmas list. I've never used a wireless system before.
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    Any MXR Badass Variac Fuzz reviews?

    There is very little on the YouTube front. Love my BOG fuzz. A tone control would be great to dial out some fizz sometimes though. Looks perfect
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    Mooer FOG fuzz (for guitar)

    I've seen this in their bass lineup. Anyone used it on guitar? Not many youtube clips around. Supposedly has some Woolly Mammoth influences…
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    Ibanez Mini Analog Delay

    Anyone had a chance to try one yet? There don't seem to be too many reviews out there
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    Any good mini sized Mod pedals?

    would love a phaser or a vibe...thinking of a Pickle Vibe. Is there anything else I'm missing?
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    Honey bee in a mini enclosure

    Does anyone this? Is Dan Zink still offering Bit'o honeys? Why don't you see the Mooers/joyo's cloneing these? Seems really hard to find a good low-gain, saggy overdrive in a mini format.
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    Moen Buffalo

    Anyone using one of these? I'm take it that I can use it as a: -master amp parametric eq -headphone amp -DI for a board/recording. Seems like a handy bit of gear. Not sure if I can just leave it plugged into my amp, and just switch the EQ on and off?
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    Movall Firefly / Tone city Sweet Cream

    How close do these get to a honeybee? Any others doing a mini-sized version of a honeybee?
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    I want a tweed champ with reverb...

    ...and I don't want to pay more than $600 :hide Asking too much? Oh yeah, no reverb pedals either!...
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    Catalinbread 5F6 and Manx first impressions

    Well, I've just spent a few hours with these two....and while still deeply in my honeymoon period, id thought i'd write a few first impressions. Love 'em both! I had a Bass big muff, and always used it with the bass boost on. Loved the huge sound, but at high volumes the bass was just a...
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    Sorry, did I miss the thread on the NEW Squier La Cabronita + Bigsby??? Dayyyymmmm....
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    Anyone gone from a Tubescreamer to a RAT for...

    ...low gain overdrive sounds? Kind of over my TS ( mi blues pro) and am looking for a different flavor. This will be into a Deluxe reverb. Do you still get plenty if mids with the a Rat? Thanks
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    EHX Deluxe Bass Big muff...for guitar?

    Any tried one through a guitar? I think the switchable filters would be cool. Gate is helpful. Wasn't the original bass big muff a Russian version anyway? Thanks
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    Fuzz face tones through a clean blackface amp...

    Any options? My London fuzz is great but needs to be stacked with an overdrive to tame the highs. Plus, it's a lot of gain and noise with both on. Any fuzz faces that are quite dark and don't need a cranked amp?
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    Jaguar has a dreaded DEAD SPOT

    I added a really nice Fender Blacktop Jag neck to my Squier VM body. Everything is great about this setup. Action, string spacing.... has a resonant dead spot. G string, 12th fret. Will changing out the neck for another blacktop neck give me a good chance of removing it? Or am I...
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    Pedalboard gift fail

    My lovely wife decided to get me a guitar related gift for the first time ever. Problem is that I've always restrained my pedal purchases to fit the size of my humble homemade board. This thing is just a monster though... Even if I bought a pedal every week for the rest of the year I...
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    New Malekko 616 MkII

    Anyone know if they fixed the buffer/bypass issue where it either brightened or dulled your tone? I really loved the repeats on this thing, plus the mod....just hated how it coloured your tone.
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    Airline Tuxedo....impending purchase! (UPDATED!)

    Thinking of picking up one of these bad boys soon. Played it last week...loved it. Great woody tone. Pickups sounded fantastic, tad noisy though. No middle position reverse wound :( Neck was neither chunky or thin. With the pickups, being a hollow body, can you drop in aftermarket...
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    When did Fender/Gibson start doing reissues?

    They weren't doing '50's and '60s reissues in the 80's were they?:huh
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    Im off to go buy a Gretsch Double jet....[updated!->HNGD]

    Saw and played one yesterday. I'm in love. I'm going back today to pick it up. They are really well priced, played great. I've got 3 to choose from too. All Gold ones. Anything I should know before sealing the deal? You have about 7 hours!
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    EQD Dream Crusher q's

    ....I've got the EQD bug BAD. Looking at picking up a Dream Crusher to possible replace my London Fuzz. Q's: -does the dream crusher have an internal trim/bias pot? -I know my London doesn't really sound good unless the fuzz is at/near max, but from what it sound the DC is a bit more...
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    EQD Bit Commander :-0

    ....sounds fantastic. Monophonic, but tracks really well. Perfectly gated synthy tone. Super fat(phat!), can be set up to sound huge, really huge. The best bonus is winding out all the octaves, and having a really nice fuzzy overdrive. It's funny, I would pay money for just fuzz tones alone...

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