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    12AX7 tube ??'s

    I've done some searching around on this and haven't found the info I'm looking for. Are there any issues/problems with the NOS 12AT7WC JAN Philips tubes I'm seeing for sale for $9-12 several places? Will these work well in cathode follower positions? And, of the current production 12AT7's...
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    5e3 suddenly blowing fuses

    I have a buddies 5e3 copy that is all the sudden blowing fuses within 15-20 seconds of turning it on. They're blowing so fast, I don't have time to measure any voltages. All I've done so far is replace the power tubes.. Lead dress on the amp is very clean. I don't see any signs of burned or...
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    Line6 Verbzilla echo setting?

    I just joined a rockabilly band and am shopping for a decent echo pedal. I'm considering killing 2 birds with one stone and looking at the Line 6 Verbzilla... reverb back up and hopefully the echo setting will give me the slapback effect I'm looking for. Does anyone out there have any opinions...

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