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    Sturgill Simpson Cuttin Grass

    Killer new Bluegrass album. A must for any Sturgill or Bluegrass fan. Old tunes but re-recorded. Still sounds great. "Sturgill Simpson Raids His Own Catalog For Surprise Bluegrass Album : NPR"
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    Duellist vs Soloist

    For those who own or have tried both, what do you feel the differences are? Trying to decide which one to grab. I know the TS differences are minimal but still curious now that both have been out for a while. Thanks!
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    Machine Head 72 or 98.6 degrees pedal

    Anyone still using one of these? They are new to me so trying to track one down. Thanks!
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    Stringjoy Broadways Pure Nickel.

    I recently received a couple sets of Broadways custom 9.5-44 strings. I had been wanting to try some round core 9.5-44 sets but they are almost impossible to find. Stability. These strings stay in tune better than other string I have used in the past. Currently using Mangan pure nickel which...
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    Amperex el84 code help.

    Just grabbed some Amperex el84 and cant figure out these codes. No getter info. Typical Amperex plates. White lettering, made in Holland. Heerlen symbol- 9j4, and 9h1. Are these 59 or 69? Will update getter info when they come.
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    The Texas Gentleman, The Cordova's, and Sam Lewis. New to me country jambands

    I have been really impressed by these three bands over the last year. Kind of jambandish in some ways but all of these guys are solid musicians. All these are bands are somewhat new to me. Gives me hope for the future of music.
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    Phish Dinner and a movie Tonight. Marshall content.

    10/28/16 Vegas. I was there great show. Golden Age is a must listen. Great Marshall tones. Sounds better than I remember, although that's not much of a surprise lol.
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    HH Telecaster bridge humbucker too bright.

    I have a HH telecaster wired up with 500k pots. I'm using a single tone and single volume pot. Is there a way for me to lower the resistance on the bridge to 300k but keep the neck at 500k? Thanks.
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    Random bias and Plate voltage questions

    After biasing my amp a few times over this weekend I have a few questions. Do different power tubes actually change the plate Voltage? I installed two sets of 6l6 and one set of 6v6 and PV readings were 475=6v6. Winged c 6l6=450, and Rca blackplate 6l6gc=420. From these reading it seems the...
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    79 Deluxe reverb bias blown rectifier

    Question for you guys. I have a 79 deluxe reverb that was rebuilt by Allen amps. It came set up for 6l6s but wanted to run 6v6. I emailed David Allen and he said since it has his upgraded transformers I should be able to rebias for 6v6 and use the current gz34 at 16 ohm. He also said I could...
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    Custom guitar body builder options?

    I'm looking to have someone build me a Mahogany back, Koa top, double F hole semi hollow or hollow, Tele or Strat body. Maybe a carved top as well. Is Warmoth the only option for something like this? I sent an email to Best guitar parts but didn't get a response so I'm guessing the answer was...
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    Phish MSG 12/30/19 Tweezer for the record books.

    One of the best 3.0 jams for sure. Happy New Year!
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    NAD: Allen modded 79 Deluxe Reverb

    For the last 7 years I have played vox amps exclusively. Recently I started to miss my old 72 Vibrolux. Didn't want to spend much but I needed that Fender fix. I saw a local ad for a 79 Silverface Deluxe with Allen Transformers that was priced right. I started to do some research on Allen...
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    79 Deluxe Reverb bias pot?

    Chasis pics added below. I just picked up a 79 Deluxe Reverb and want to switch from the current 6l6's (has upgraded Allen Transformers) to 6v6. Does the 79 have a adjustable bias pot or a balance pot? If it has a bias pot where is it located? Have probes for PV and CC on the way. Thanks!
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    Trey Anastasio band /w Derek Trucks at Lockn

    Two of my favorite guitar player melting faces! One of the best shows I have heard in a long time. Gives me the chills. Trey sits in with DTB the next night but haven't heard that yet. Derek sits in at around the 55:00 mark. Wish I had been there.
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    Buckers for Trey Phish tones that aren't 59's or Stag mags?

    I have Phred Dockstar on the way and want to swap out the pickups. Looking for pickups that will get me in the ballpark of his tone but don't have to be spot on. Like a 59 with more mids?
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    Proanalog Strident Boost

    Anyone using one?
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    Ghosts of the Forest

    Looking forward to hearing the rest of it. Off to a good start. Komets on this one? They sound great.
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    Trying to date an Analogman modded TS9 reissue

    I just grabbed a Analogman TS9 off Reverb and noticed after the fact that the pedal had a AM sticker that I have never seen before. The sticker reads Analog man vintage guitars, website, phone # and says ts808 mod. I'm guessing the mod is old since I know Analogman used to sell vintage guitars...
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    White Zendrive Squared on the way!

    Just grabbed a Zen Zen or White Zendrive Squared off Reverb. Anyone have one of these and if so, how do you like it?
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    Origin Post is preparing shipment? What does this mean?

    I ordered a pedal through a reverb shop in Greece. Since the 27th the pedal has not moved and Tracking says Origin Post is preparing shipment. What does this mean? Some sites say it means that it has not been processed through customs and other sites say the opposite. The seller told me to...
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    Jam pedals Dyna-ssor compressor

    I have one of these on the way. I haven't used a compressor in years but the simplicity of this one grabbed me. Always wanted to try a Ross style compressor. Anyone using one? All opinions welcome.
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    Where to find 5/16 compensated brass saddles similar to CJ Tooling?

    Now that CJ Tooling is no longer selling his 5/16 compensated brass saddles has anyone found a good substitute? I just slapped an old set of CJ's on a Tele and man what a sound. I had forgotten how nice these are. If anyone has a spare set please pm me. I have a CJ set of 1/4 inch but prefer the...
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    About to go insane!!

    Pics added on page 2 Just got my telecaster back from a luthier. Guitar has rutters saddles that have been on severaI guitars on mine with no issue. No string tree on g. I had a fret level done and he also recut the nut slots. I'm having a bizarre issue with the G string that I just can't...
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    Mounting a tele neck pickup in wood tricks?

    Last time I used clay to make an impression. It worked okay but is there anything easier?

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