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    Marshall 1959RR, trying to tame it

    So I'm thinking I would like to gig out with my Marshall 1959RR amp. The thing is, this Marshall Randy Rhoads amp is a non-master volume amp and its lowest settings start at extremely loud and move up from there :hide So I have a few different pedals and a couple attenuators to try it with it so...
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    Paul Gilbert Playing Marshall 1959RR

    At NAMM 2009, Paul Gilbert played a show with Racer X and live he was using two white full stacks of Marshall 1959RR's :) One white stack was a back up and the other run with a THD Hot Plate. Here are a couple shots for your enjoyment, one is during setup and the other live:
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    Good Attenuator For Marshall 1959RR

    Recently got my Marshall 1959RR head, the Randy Rhoads tribute amp. Its basically a non-master volume JMP and the volume goes from very loud on up LOL. Anyway, while I enjoy playing it cranked with my custom molded ear plugs in, I figure I probably should consider an attenuator. Question is...
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    Jack Zucker and Sheets Of Sound

    I was reading the new issue of Guitar World and in it Dweezil Zappa gives credit to Jack Zucker and Sheets of Sound! I thought to myself "Hey, I recognize that name!". I listened to lots of Jack's Axe Fx demos as well as read his posts on here. So, Congrats Jack :AOK
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    ADA Pitchtraq and Digitech IPS 33 Smartshift Harmonizers

    I know these are not in the same league as say an Evintide but of the two which is a better harmonizer the Pitchtraq or the IPS-33 Smartshift? by better I mean which sounds better, tracks better, easier to program, etc... Also, I have found a manual online for the ADA Pitchtraq but can't seem to...
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    In Ear Monitors For Live Use

    I play in an 80's hard rock cover band and the problem I'm having is that the stage volume is so loud that I can't tell my guitar from the other guitarist/singer's or the bass. In other words its all getting jumbled together so much that you might as well say I can't hear on stage even though we...

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