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  1. Flying_Milkman

    What Guitar Checks Every Aesthetic Box for You?

    Hey all, Hope you’re all well and safe during this pretty strange time we got going on. I’ve had the opportunity to play more guitar in the last month than I have in a very long while and I’ve spent some time with my Non-reverse Firebird which has just been super fun lately. I was playing it and...
  2. Flying_Milkman

    Experience with 61 SG Standard w/Maestro vs the Wildwood spec 64?

    Hey all, These ones have me really intrigued and both look like great instruments. Other than the obvious (price) I’m wondering if anyone has experience with the two models. Actually, if you’ve got experience with either I’d be curious. Links to make it easy... 61 Standard...
  3. Flying_Milkman

    Show your Frank Bros guitar / my personal build thread

    So I'm pretty excited about an Arcade model I have coming from the Frank Bros. Working with Tim was a real pleasure and I've been really happy with the beginning stages of the process. We're just out of wood selection and wanted to keep a chronicled picture journey here for my own edification...
  4. Flying_Milkman

    How do you guys/gals cycle guitars?

    Was thinking about this today. I've got a medium sized collection of instruments. Most get gigged and some are the only guitar I use with projects. Others end up getting swapped out from time to time. I've got an indie rock band that I gig/record with the most - that one gets a Novo Serus J for...
  5. Flying_Milkman

    b3 Phoenix Thoughts? Things to know/avoid?

    Hey all, Effects forum primarily dude looking for some wisdom from you guys. Was recently turned on to the super cool b3 Phoenix and kinda really digging this particular guitar: A couple questions from the uninformed - that's me, I'm the...
  6. Flying_Milkman

    Jon Stephens and the Cold Souls - Badlands

    Hi all, hope you're doing well! Wanted to share my new song that my band just dropped a couple weeks ago. We'll have an entire EP released on Friday. Would love thoughts/comments etc on it. Thanks!
  7. Flying_Milkman

    1 Guitar, 4 Pedals, 1 Amp

    Hi all, had an interesting thought experiment today as a result of a gig I played. Showed up and the other guitarist had a real small, real simple rig (he did sound fantastic). Talking afterwards he mentioned that he likes to limit himself at gigs so he doesn't get lost in the effects and serves...
  8. Flying_Milkman

    So What Did You Buy Today?

    I've got a DOD Rubberneck and a ZVex Vexter Fuzz Factory coming my way. What'd you end up buying?
  9. Flying_Milkman

    Show Your Bigsby’d Les Paul

    Ive got a B7 on its way to my house that’s going straight on my Les Paul when it arrives. Would love to see pictures of your LPs with a Bigsby installed. 3, 2, 1... Go!
  10. Flying_Milkman

    Defend Your Number One

    Saw an interesting ThatPedalShow were Mick and Dan had to choose one guitar, one amp and four pedals to give the guitar performance of their life. If the rig sucked than they would be sentenced to death. They were given a couple minutes to defend their pedal choices. So that got me thinking...
  11. Flying_Milkman

    Anything cool on order or in the mail?

    Hey all - pretty excited about this Novo that's due in December. Admittedly mine is a little different in that it will have the Fiesta Red over a 3Tone Sunburst finish. I've never been a relic guy but I'm in love with the Novo shape and sound and realize that the wear is part of the territory...
  12. Flying_Milkman

    "Fender" neck given to me - can you help me ID what I have?

    Hi all, My sister has a friend that knows I play and put together guitars. The other day I stopped by to visit her and he gave her a box of parts. Found a couple usable bits but also came across this. Is it real? What's the deal with the totally squared off heel? Is this some weird knock off...
  13. Flying_Milkman

    Passing it Down

    Hey guys and gals, I got to thinking today about the first time I ever picked up an electric guitar. I remember the magic of that moment like it was yesterday (even though it was 20 years ago now). I remember my Dad driving me to my summer job every day to save up enough money to buy my very...
  14. Flying_Milkman

    What do you guys do for stage setups?

    Hi all, I have an interesting situation that my band and I are trying to iron out. We've had a great string of festival shows that have provided us with beautiful lights, great stage aesthetics and all the trappings that comes from playing larger shows. However, as with any band that's doing...
  15. Flying_Milkman

    Attack reducing pedal?

    So - weird request. Playing in a fusion/jazz thing for the next couple months. I'll be playing mostly chordal parts with the very occasional lead line (think Charlie Hunter stuff with a second guitarist). I'm trying to make my guitar sound a little like an organ for a few songs. I've got a...
  16. Flying_Milkman

    Slide Playing and Pedal Stuff

    Super curious to see/hear other people who play a lot of slide guitar. I'm not a terribly good slide player when it comes to blues playing - I generally go for the Harrison/Mike Campbell slide style of really going for melodic lead lines. My go to is fuzz with the volume turned down > compressor...

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