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    Do these Fuzz Faces sound the same or different to you?

    Vintage is way hairier and has that nice ragged edge. Winner for me. But to answer the question...different.
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    I hate to give absolutes but the vox pathfinder destroys 80% of all amps.

    Thread revival. I’ve had this amp awhile...but never really played it much. Normally play through the deluxe reverb. it IS really a great little amp. I initially didn’t know how to dial it in. I keep the boost off, gain low and use pedals for crunch. Just enough reverb when it’s maxed out...
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    NSSSLD - New Simple Sweet Spot Looper Day

    I posted a pic of this the other day. I’d never seen it before. ANY audio issues? Seamless switching?...Like a ditto? 3...2 more than 1. Perfect
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    I already have a DLS III but am considering buying a used Xotic SL Drive.

    I find the sl drive stacks MUCH better in super bass mode. I’m talking fuzz faces out front...
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    Donner looper

    What about this one? Haven’t seen it before
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    MJM Guitar FX London Fuzz - Appreciation Thread!

    Like this?! it’s actually a GE though. From what I was told. But finicky in hot temps so I never really assumed it wasn’t. Are they GE trannies? [
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    How's the Malekko Ekko 616?

    Underrated delay. Really nice delay with some great features. Cons: had terrible reliability. I’ve had 3 all up. All have had weird probs. Plus I still the buffer seems to overly add too much presence. currently got an Ibanez mini delay. Hasn’t got the same mojo.
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    Micro Pog equivalent / upgrade

    Don’t discount the Tender Octaver. You may have tried a V2 one. I have a V1 and a micro log at the same time and found it to be every bit as good. Not a good as a Full sized pog though! I think there is even a V3 out now? V2 appeared when there was a copyright claim on the V1.
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    Why is my Gretsch so muddy with OD?

    Ease up...was just a joke.
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    Non-Typical Big Muff Settings

    I run my Manx with the gain almost all the way off, tone neutral and only slightly volume boosted. It’s a really great fat overdrive sound and still heavy enough for QOTSA type tones. Plus I can stack a fuzz face into it. Fuzz on fuzz...need i say more
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    Fuzz War alternative

    Are there any Fuzz war alternatives out there? Clones? Something that will get me close? Seems to have that heavy, almost intermodulation thing happening
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    I'm looking for a fuzz

    Candiru fuzz...(candy apple fuzz with gate)
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    Favorite recorded Fuzz Face tone?

    Hendrix, born under a bad sign, about 2 mins in when you can hear him stepping on it.
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    Help identifying particular fuzz tone in JET song

    Saw them live a bunch of times and I too was obsessed with that fuzz tone. I do recall them using a fuzz factory in a magazine interview way back.
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    New EHX Triangle Big Muff Reissue

    So I’m confused. Which of the current reissues would be best for those nasty gated, but relatively middy tones? The new triangle?
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    Catalinbread appreciation thread...

    The Manx is a VERY underrated muff. Don’t know why it didn’t get more love here.
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    Fuzzy distortions in a mini format

    Lovepedal bone tender or some mini Rat clone
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    New MXR Mini Boost

    So does rolling back the trim pot eliminate the 'echoplex' side of the colouring and just leave the Microamp side?
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    Mooer Tender Octaver mkII

    SWEEEETT! The original is a great little pedal
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    Took a great shot of the "Gear Corner" - share yours too!

    I can smell the rich mahogany and leather bound books
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    Fuzz Face Mini Germanium vs Band of Gypseys (FFm2 vs FFm6)

    The BOG fuzz won't give you that true 'rolled back' tone that we all love. Some even refuse to call the BOG fuzz a fuzz face. I think the circuit is from an octavia (minus the upper octave). The germ should get you there in spades though.
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    EHX Canyon Delay/Looper

    Some of those sounds were like they were straight out of the Interstellar!

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