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  1. TheGrooveking

    What speakers have you tried in a Thiele cabinet?

    I've tried the usual suspects, EVM12L and Mesa C90 Black Shadow (Celestion Classic Lead 80), but what else have you guys tried and what were the results? TheGrooveking
  2. TheGrooveking

    Pro Bender Mk II - Reference Tones

    I was thinking about we should setup a few threads were people could list or link to songs/videos that best represent the tones a certain pedal makes. I'll start of with the Pro Bender Mk II fuzz, list the players/songs that you feel really have the tones of this great pedal. TheGrooveking
  3. TheGrooveking

    Sweet Sound Electronics update!

    Just wanted to let you guys know that I just got off the phone with Barb Sweet, Bob's wife. As I've listed before Sweet Sound Electronics is still going, matter of fact they started shipping Mojo Vibes again, with more than a dozen going out this week. The fuzzes will be a little while, but...
  4. TheGrooveking

    TC Nova Modulator Thru Zero Flanging

    I was wondering if any of the TC Electronic Nova Modulator owners have tried the Thru Zero Flanging? How does it compare to other flangers that you've tried that could do TZF? I somehow missed this in specs of the unit and just now noticed it. TheGrooveking
  5. TheGrooveking

    Brass Guitar Case

    I was looking into ATA guitar cases and thought about a few cases I recalled seeing in the late 70's in the Chicagoland area. These cases were polished brass and/or chromed brass. They were called ATA cases by the music stores selling them, but unfortunately those stores are long gone, so I...
  6. TheGrooveking

    Trem Block, what did you change to?

    I am looking into a few different trem blocks for a few strat style guitars and was wondering what your experience with this has been. I've been looking at the DeTemple Titanium and also a few brands of steel blocks. What did you guys have and change to and what happened to your tone...
  7. TheGrooveking

    Alnico's in a 412

    I was wondering if anyone here has tried or uses Alnico speakers in their 412 cabinet. I was contemplating 4 Scumnico's 30 watters in a Stone Age 412B cab. TheGrooveking
  8. TheGrooveking

    Anyone here do a direct test between a Timmy & a Abunai2?

    As the title states, I was wondering if anyone has compared the Abunai2 against the Timmy, please give me the straight 411. TheGrooveking
  9. TheGrooveking

    Who's running two TS9's?

    I was wondering how many others might be running dual TS9's out there? I've been doing it for a few months now and really dig the interplay between the two. I set one of a very light overdrive, more of a boost and the other with more overdrive, together running one into the other is killer! I...
  10. TheGrooveking

    Jensen Neo users your opinions needed here!

    I was wondering about litening my gig rig and was thinking about Jensen Neo speakers and was wondering what the feedback would be from those who have been using them. Also please list what amp/cabinet arrangements you are using them in. I tried doing a search on Jensen Neo, but Neo is too...
  11. TheGrooveking

    M-AUDIO EXP expression pedal

    I was considering a few of these, but was wondering if anyone here has used them and what they thought of them? Also if so how do they compare to the Roland BOSS EV-5? I am putting together a new pedalboard for a small rack and trying to keep the weight down to a minimum, otherwise I would use...
  12. TheGrooveking

    What kind of routing is under the G&L Tribute ASAT Classic?

    I am contemplating changing the pickups in my G&L Tribute Semi-Hollow ASAT Classic, but before doing so I was wondering if what routing exists under the pickguard. I was contemplating putting a humbucker in the neck position if the routing is large enough, any info would be appreciated...
  13. TheGrooveking

    Budda BudWah differences....

    I had read in a few different older threads that there has been different versions on the BudWahs, so I pulled out my Budwah I bought back in 1999 and then my 2007 and compared. The only difference I could find is the color or the circuit board. Red versus Green soldermask and the addition of a...
  14. TheGrooveking

    Who can rehouse a Arion SCH-1?

    I am looking for someone to take the internals of my Arion SCH-1 and put it into a metal enclosure and install new potentiometers and good jacks. I know that Landgraff does this, but he is backlogged. I sent this pedal out last April 07' to have this done, but the guy can't do it, so I need...
  15. TheGrooveking

    Pawaves JPT-10 true bypass tuner..

    Anyone have any experience with these tuners? TheGrooveking
  16. TheGrooveking

    Open back cabinets, how far from the wall?

    I was just wondering, as I am sure many of you have open back speaker cabinets and combos. How far away from the wall at home do you keep your open back cabinet? The reason for this is I have been experimenting with moving amps around and with having a few of them, I typically keep them near a...
  17. TheGrooveking

    100 watt Alnico speaker....

    I am contemplating one of these, either Scumnico or Weber 100 watt Alnico for a 1-12" cabinet and was wondering if any of you guys have any experience with either the Weber or Scumback 100 watt Alnico? I am planning on putting it into a CAA 1-12" Cube cabinet. TheGrooveking
  18. TheGrooveking

    Neo speakers, your opinion...

    I figured I would post this here, since it seems the other Bass forum on this site doesn't get much traffic, I've had a few questions there for a while with no response. My question is for those who played regular ceramic based speakers and have or now are playing Neo based speakers, what's...
  19. TheGrooveking

    Keeley no longer modding Rats, so who else does this

    I checked with Keeley and they confirmed that they no longer mod Rats. So who else mods Rats and if you have had one done, does the LM308 IC make a big difference? TheGrooveking
  20. TheGrooveking

    Help me understand.....Two-Rock....

    I was at a Two-Rock dealer today and the only amp they had in stock of Two-Rock's was the little combo the Jet. I realized after checking when I got home that dealer had put the wrong price on it. The dealer wanted $4,200 for it, but it listed for $3,200 on the manufacture's site. I realize...
  21. TheGrooveking

    How many of you have played a Groove Tubes amp?

    I was wondering about this the other day. A friend stopped by to check out the Egnater Seminar head and while here he decided to put one of my Soul-O 45's through it's paces. He was very shocked as to how great the amp sounded and was blown away as to how it took it pedals. This made me think, I...
  22. TheGrooveking

    Fender Twin Reverb extension speaker question

    A friend of mine has a 1978 Fender Twin Reverb and wants to connect a closed back 212 cab with two Celestion Vintage 30's to the amp, to use along with the 2 internal speakers. The question is in regards to impedance, the amp says 4 ohm total, but the two internal speakers are 8 ohms each and...
  23. TheGrooveking

    1-15" speaker cabinets, open or closed, what's your experienc...

    I'm contemplating some new 1-15 speaker cabinets for some new in box EVM15L's I stumbled upon. I was wondering if any of you guys have any experience with 1-15 cabs and if so what type of rig did you use it with and pleae describe the sound. Also if it was open back, closed back, ported, etc...
  24. TheGrooveking

    How does the GT-500 compare to the OCD?

    I am curious, I have been extremely busy, so I haven't had a chance to grab a GT-500 yet, but was wondering how it compared to the OCD, for those who may have tried them both. TheGrooveking
  25. TheGrooveking

    Contemplating going with a multi-effects unit + pedals, what do you think.

    I find that of course for some tunes I need chorus, some need flange, some need phase, you guys know the drill. But what this adds up to is a pedalboard that looks like the airbrake for a B-29 Bomber. As I get older I am becoming very sensitive to lugging around a boat load of gear. I know...

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