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  1. TravisE

    WTB Tele bridge pickup screws and tubing...

    Picked up a tele pickup (Duncan antiquity) on here and thought I had screws but I don’t. Need the tubing, too. Hit me up if you have some extras laying around. Thanks!
  2. TravisE

    What’s your dedicated slap-back?

    My main slap-back has been a BMF Decho but it’s gotten a little noisy and I’d like to try something else. I’d like something that can/will do a very short 30ms as well as something for a little longer 80-130ms. I have a different delay that I love for longer settings - and I rarely use more...
  3. TravisE

    Sold 2007 Martin D-28 - $1,750

    Unfortunately, I’ve gotta sell this ol’ gal. It’s a fantastic sounding guitar. There is a little bit of fret wear (mostly cowboy chord area) and some discoloration at the end of the headstock from a cheap clip-on tuner. Other than that, the guitar is clean. Please look through the pics - there...
  4. TravisE

    What tuners would you put on this?

    The old ones just haven’t been doing the job and they turn backwards so kinda odd to use, anyway. I’m not trying to stay original or anything. I’m thinking Grover minis but I’m looking for suggestions.
  5. TravisE

    Your most unique?

    Just wondering what some of your more unique guitars are. I tend to gravitate toward things that are off the beaten path - and am interested to see your’s. Here‘a mine. It’s a late 50’s/early 60’s Danelectro/Silvertone U1 with an added TV Jones Classic Filtertron and Jeff Senn bridge. I plan to...
  6. TravisE

    FSOT Pigtronix Class A Boost - $65

    Got a few pedals kicking around that could use a new home. Both pedals come with original box and work perfectly - both have Velcro on the back and the Bearfoot has the typical chips in the paint that are inevitable with these pedals. Bearfoot Model G - $120 SOLD Pigtronix Class A Boost - $65...
  7. TravisE

    An OD without the fizz?

    I’ve been trying to land on the proper OD and still haven’t quite gotten the right one. Some that I’ve tried are close but have a “fizz” to them that can’t be dialed out. I may just go back to the Blackstone MOSFET as it’s been my favorite so far. I also thought a POT might be a good option...
  8. TravisE

    Hum that goes away after warm up?

    I’ve got an amp with a fairly significant hum that goes away after the amp warms up...say, 5-10 minutes of playing or so. I’ve been through and changed all of the tubes. Would you say it’s likely a broken/cold solder joint? This is an old amp (1961) but has had the caps changed and been 3...
  9. TravisE

    Sold 80’s Ibanez UE405 (Delay, Chorus, Comp, EQ)

    Classic analog effects unit. It works and sounds excellent. It’s missing one screw from the top, one of the rack ears got bent in shipping when I bought it and I straightened it the best I could. The only other caveat to this unit is that some of the “insta-patch” switches have worn out and...
  10. TravisE

    Sold Gold Lovepedal Tchula $125 shipped!

    This is a brilliant pedal but I’m needing some dough to retube one of my amps. -Lovepedal Tchula (gold) - pedal only. I didn’t get the box or anything with it. $125
  11. TravisE

    Sold Electro-Voice (EV) RE20

    Excellent condition. Include case and clip. $350 sh/pp’d. *SOLD PENDING PAYMENT* Trades possible but not likely.
  12. TravisE

    Thinking of selling my C414. Mistake?

    It’s such a great utility mic. It’s good on everything from guitar amps to acoustic to room mic. I always get good results with it (and if I don’t, it’s not the fault of the mic). That said, I’m kinda bored with it. I’d love something with a bit more color and interest. I’ve heard great things...
  13. TravisE

    Tele saddle suggestions?

    Okay, so it’s not a tele. It’s an old Danelectro with a Jeff Senn bridge. I love the bridge but I’m not really getting enough down pressure - you can see where the E and G especially are moving around on the saddle a bit in the photo below. I don’t want to raise the saddles and shim the neck any...
  14. TravisE

    Sold V1 Fulltone Fat-Boost 2001

    Great sounding boost. Early version includes original box. $75 sh/pp’d. Trade for vibes, reverbs, delays, fuzz, OD, mics, etc.
  15. TravisE

    Power options for passive monitors. What’re you using?

    My main monitors are passive but I have a second set for another reference and I power them from my vintage stereo receiver. It seems to sound fine but I would like to invest in a decent power source for them. Looking for suggestions beyond the Alesis RA-100.
  16. TravisE

    I feel icky for asking but...

    Have any of you tried those Beyer knock-off headphones by Behringer? The BH770? I’m not expecting them to be great but, for the money, those might be good tracking headphones. Looking forward to your impressions.
  17. TravisE

    Sold Mojotone PAF Clone & HH Tortoise Strat Pickguard - *Prices Lowered*

    Price is shipped/PayPal’d. Mojotone Low Output PAF Clone - F Spaced Neck humbucker - $55 Warmoth HH Tortoise Strat Guard $20 Take both for $70 sh/pp’d and I’ll leave the pots and switch intact. Otherwise, I’ll probably pull that stuff and hang onto it.
  18. TravisE

    JHS Clover Owners - Are you still liking it?

    To the folks who’ve had a Clover for a while now, any thoughts on replacing it? If you’ve had one and replaced it, what took its place?
  19. TravisE

    Sold Univox U3R Reverb Unit and Truetone Buffer

    Let’s try this again. I chickened out last time because I really like this thing. This has had a few changes because I think it was used with a ham/cb radio rig at some point. So, there’s one weird one 4-pin mic input installed but the 1/4 inputs work fine. The bypass Jack was replaced with a...
  20. TravisE

    Sold Hermida/Lovepedal EPH-3 Tape Echo - $80

    Get yer tape echo on! $80 shipped to your door (continental US).
  21. TravisE

    Who to fix my broken Ibanez UE405?

    I recently picked up an old Ibanez UE405 effects unit. These things are very cool and I’d love to use it with my steel guitar rig but I’m having difficulty getting it to work. It only passes signal with the unit in complete bypass. When any of the effects engaged, the unit no longer produced...
  22. TravisE

    Any of you use a cassette 4-track

    I just picked up a few old cassette 4-tracks. It really took me back to early recording days. Anyone still use one? Maybe drums to tape and dumped back to computer?
  23. TravisE

    Sold Bearfoot, Hermida, Walrus, Fulltone, & DOD Bi-Fet Preamp

    All pedals include box and papers - yes, even the DOD. Prices include shipping/PayPal -Bearfoot Pale Green Compressor - TRADED -Hermida EPH-3 Tape Echo - $85 -Walrus Lillian Phaser - SOLD. This pedal was bought new by me less than a week ago. It’s mint. So good but I don’t think I’ll ever use...
  24. TravisE

    Panning pedals?

    Am I missing any? Boss PN-2 Ibanez Stereo Box EHX Next Step Dunlop Tremolo Any others that you can think of to auto-pan from amp to amp? The cheaper the better.
  25. TravisE

    You’re allowed one modulation pedal...

    ...what would it be? I don’t generally keep many on my board but I like to have one swirly effect available. I’m not counting tremolo, so pass that one by. I’m talking classic phase, flange, chorus, etc. What’s your pick and why?

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