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  1. smolder

    Current market price questions?

    So... I’m not a big acoustic player... mostly electric, but I love playing ad hoc with local folks and it’s often bluegrass (I learn a lot). I just sent my Collings to Austin for repair and have been considering a back up axe. My 2019 vintage price guide shows a range of 1325-1750 for D18’s and...
  2. smolder

    K&k min + on board pre

    Any insight on this product? I have one installed and it works really well... does not seem to be available anymore.
  3. smolder

    Keeley Roto Sonic

    Anyone on here get one of the thirty they released today? by the time I got an email, they were gone. I’m anxious to hear about and try one.
  4. smolder

    Always on Chorus

    Anyone do it? I recall Bonnamassa saying he did this with his tweed amps playing blues. What’s the deal?
  5. smolder

    WTB ISO Tantalum Capacitors

    I’m looking for a supply or a quantity of solid Tantalum axial capacitors at 22uf and 35-50 volts. I used to find them in odd places, but I’m about to run out. If you’ve got some you want to sell awesome. If you know where to get them... great! Those that I had were 150D/CSR13... but the...
  6. smolder

    rectifier identification ?

    asking for some help. Can anyone tell me what tube this is?
  7. smolder


    Looking for a mini that does a decent job of sounding like a fender amp reverb? Suggestions?
  8. smolder

    The small “plexi”?

    So... love my 50 watt 1986 cleans and slight grind (up to about 5), but I just don’t have the gigs to get volume up. Reading about the new line of 20/5 watt amps... and it’s tough to pull all of that together. Any summary thoughts (I realize this looks like a newbie ‘best’ thread, and for that...
  9. smolder

    NGD... LP Custom

    Just bought a guitar I sort of helped a buddy buy a few years ago. 1998 Les Paul Custom... tobacco plain top, two pickups, gold hardware, ebony fretboard... binding front and back... mint condition, entirely stock. the neck is thin front to back... I love that. The pickups are the hottest of...
  10. smolder

    Wide range pickups...

    The Fender website states... “We recreated the pair of Wide Range humbucking pickups to sound more like the ‘70s originals. Bold and fat-sounding, they have the punchy tone that’s inspired musicians for over four decades.” I’d be curious from those that have played them... are these up to...
  11. smolder

    AB763 Trem

    it’s a very simple circuit, but I’m baffled. (‘72 Deluxe Reverb) I’ve replaced all of the circuit... except the bug and the speed pot (it works). I can hear and see the bug pulse, but the guitar’s signals not impacted. I’ve double checked the signal path and replace V5. Oh yeah... in an effort...
  12. smolder

    Sunn Solarus project

    I have an amp that I’m trying to help a buddy with. I’m searching and reading... this Solarus is a Combo amp. I’ve read the Solarus was made ‘67-70, but the combos only in ‘68. I’ve also read they come in EL34, 6550, and KT66 power tube versions. This one has EL34’s, a 12AX7, 12AU7, and a...
  13. smolder

    Mikey and Widespread Panic

    I avoided these guys for years, but am now a full on board fanatic. Probably listen to the 50% of the time. Love their approach to covers and originals. My question. Mostly listened to Herring. Recently started really digging into Mikey. I find his style simple and even a little...
  14. smolder

    Recommendations... hammond, piano...

    guitar payer here... looking to bring some moderate keys ability to the band. I’d guess a keyboard will get 30-45 minutes of attention in a 3-4 set local pub gig. Playing jazz, blues, rock... likely not going to use all 88 keys. I love Hammonds, and my unscientific observations tell me that a...
  15. smolder

    PRS pickups?

    Can anyone give me the lowdown on PRS humbucker? In particular, 58/15 and 85/15’s. I’m interested in both the technical and the tonal differences. Thanks in advance!
  16. smolder

    Tru-Tron / Mu-Tron

    does anyone know if there’s been a shift here? I thought they were separate entities, but given the URLs and FB presence it looks like they may have merged. What’s the scoop?
  17. smolder

    Window baffling?

    I’ve got a music room that is the size of a garage. The front window is 3.5’ b 5’ wide. It currently has partial board with diamond foam covering it. The wife thinks it looks like ass. I agree. Any recommendation on sound baffling curtains that open and look better from the outside?
  18. smolder

    Soundcraft mixers

    sorry if this has been covered, but search failed me... any thought on quality and durability of these mixers? They seem small, have effects, and are low priced... seems like they might be a good weekend warrior solution.
  19. smolder

    ‘68 Vibrolux Reverb... how they working?

    I’m talking about the drip edge reissue thing they’ve been making - for gigging. I sold my ‘70 years back and regret it. Could do a BF Bandmaster on a 2x10... but the combo is barking at me. Anyone miss the tube rectifier? Do they hold up?
  20. smolder

    Microphones... where is the value?

    I've lost a few of Shure SM58's over the years that served as backups. I think list is $119 with discounts below 100. I'd there a better value mic these days? They've been the standard for so many years.
  21. smolder

    Long Scale: Gibson Les Paul CS

    Gibson made a batch a while back. Intriguing, but I don't have the option to try one. I like the overall feel of most Gibsons... not a fan of Strats, but Telecasters work well for me. Any insights from those who might have played or own one?
  22. smolder


    I live in Colorado at about 8300 feet. The weather forecast typically call for humidity in the 35-55% range. Adequate for most acoustics to adjust to. My in or out of the case, guitar hygrometers typically read in the 20's... maybe the 30's. In fact, yesterday I placed them both (they are...
  23. smolder

    D-18 and Collins

    the other day I was chatting with a friend who happens to be a pre-war Martin kind of guy. I suggested that I was gonna buy a second acoustic... something louder and brighter than my D16M... he handed me a Collings D1T and my jaw hit the floor. I shuddered at the price, and he said well, the new...
  24. smolder

    Loose volume knob...

    its a new PRS, and the. Volume knob direct between and below the humbuckers. I know I need to learn to keep away from it, but in the mean time is there a simple way to make it stiffer to turn?
  25. smolder

    Blonde super 6G4-A

    Does anyone have a wiring or layout diagram (or photo) for the filter dog house for this amp that they'd be willing to share? Working with the schematic has me running in circles and guessing. Thanks in advance.

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