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  1. Blue-moon

    Sold Timmy v3

    $SOLD, essentially brand new. Barely used. Comes with box and manual, etc. No trades. Shipped and paypal'd CONUS
  2. Blue-moon

    FS Origin revival trem

    Great pedal. And got a great review from Premier Guitar
  3. Blue-moon

    Sold Sarno Black Box tube buffer

    $285 shipped, CONUS Only No trades Barely used. Comes with bag and power cable. They don't come with boxes. These don't come up for sale very often.
  4. Blue-moon

    What’s your “why isn’t this pedal more popular?!!!” pedal?

    The klon. I just don’t understand why more people aren’t looking to buy one.
  5. Blue-moon

    Knobs are fun, more knobs = more fun

    If you like playing with a lot of nobs—well that’s your business
  6. Blue-moon

    Sold Vemuram Myriad Fuzz

    $337, shipped CONUS. Mint with box, etc. No velcro on pedal. No trades
  7. Blue-moon

    Which pedal by what company are you wishing would happen?

    I am hoping Barber picks up the Hermida line from Lovepedal. Not sure why I think it would be a good fit. But I could see Barber making the Zendrive. It would be cool...none of the stupid tweaking BS with different color schemes. Just a good old Zendrive like Alf used to make. @David B, I know...
  8. Blue-moon

    What is your main overdrive pedal? (2020 Edition)

    I love this thread. Lots of variety...from cheap ODs doing the job to high-end boutique stuff. One OD that I am slowly falling in love with is the new Jetter Pedal X. Such a great sounding and responsive OD. Even at low volumes. Sounds great with my tele and my Les Paul.
  9. Blue-moon

    Sweetwater wasted no time... EVH content.

    at least wait a few days.
  10. Blue-moon

    Official Thead: RIP EVH Eddie Van Halen

    Yikes. That's awful. What a major loss. Such an inspiration. He is the reason many of us fell in love with the guitar.
  11. Blue-moon

    Future of Hermida Audio

    So since Lovepedal seems to have gone belly up, will someone pick up the Hermida Audio pedal line? Not sure if that was a partnership or if Lovepedal acquired Hermida. Hoping it was just a distribution partnership and that will will see someone else start offering zendrives.
  12. Blue-moon

    Threads I just don't read anymore...

    That really only leaves the klone threads!
  13. Blue-moon

    I can't afford this

    That is awful advice. Who has time to play when they have to curate a large collection of boutique pedals? That is a full-time job.
  14. Blue-moon

    Another Klon Sighting

    Fish are smarter than you think. The are elusive little sh!ts.
  15. Blue-moon

    Ack! Surprise GIG Todaaay!! What Pedals to Bring?...

    Someone needs to take their Xanax.
  16. Blue-moon

    Vemuram Myriad is LOUD!!!

    I have the same complaint. I was just playing it an hour ago. The volume on mine is nearly off and it is still loud. They said, it does sound amazing.
  17. Blue-moon

    Sold Spaceman Polaris (white)

    $255 paypal'd and shipped No trades Mint condition with box, manual, etc. No velcro on pedal
  18. Blue-moon

    Beware Strymon " Invoice " email

    Because they perceive Strymon's customers as being wealthy?
  19. Blue-moon

    Enough is enough

    I’ve decided to stop buying pedals and use the money to buy my wife gifts. Ha! Like that is going to happen
  20. Blue-moon

    Jetter Pedal X

    Pretty interesting pedal. Sounds really good to me. It almost has a fuzz/muff quality to it. According the description on the Jetter site: “There is no clipping stage in this pedal. No diodes, LEDs, FETs, etc. It involved finding a complimentary number of individual gain stages (five) combined...

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