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  1. MadFrank

    Hats off to Emerson Custom

    In the spirit of credit where credit is due, I just wanted to give a shout out to Emerson Custom. I had planned new pickups for my 335 and Tele for a while and wanted to install good treble bleed caps when the new pickups were wired in. Messing with fuzz and volume knob cleanup is one of my...
  2. MadFrank

    Peach Tube Screamer Shootout.

    It’s an interesting comparison if you wanna while away 20 minutes on it. Superb playing, and what awesome tones he’s getting from this rig! Personally, and there are so many variables that it’s just a throwaway ‘impression’ really, but I liked... The real original 808 The Maxon OD 808 The King...
  3. MadFrank

    Concerts you wish you’d went to when you had the chance.

    You know, ones you could have actually gone to! Hell, I’d have loved to have seen Hendrix at Woodstock, but that’s was 5 years before I was born. So you know, gigs that you could have feasibly attended when you were old enough but didn’t, for myriad reasons, but always regretted. Janes...
  4. MadFrank


    I don’t expect this to be a super popular thread, but... Madchester, or ‘Baggy’ , for those who aren’t familiar (why would you be?) was a brief period of colourful, unique and exciting guitar based music that came out of Manchester UK in the late 80’s and very early 90’s. It was a scene full...
  5. MadFrank

    Quick question, maybe dumb, treble bleed caps and humbuckers?

    Is it ok to install treble bleed caps on humbuckers? I’ve only done it on single coils and a google search wasn’t that helpful. Thanks.
  6. MadFrank’s the cover that’s the better version!

    As a sister thread to the thread that’s about the original being perfect, here’s where an artist just raised a song up another level by covering it. Of course, just in my opinion. Original Perfection
  7. MadFrank

    Fredric Effects Blue Monarch - new KOT clone.

    Just noticed this. It's new, but I don't know when it was released exactly. ''The Fredric Effects Blue Monarch overdrive is based on the popular BB overdrive of the 90s, with the mods offered by the KOT version of this circuit with the long waiting list! We've redesigned the layout so all...
  8. MadFrank

    Anybody have experience with the 'Greenie' P.A.F types?

    Firstly, I love Grennie. Secondly, looking for a new low-wind vintage set of PAF's for my Gib 355. Seems like a no brainier, right? I love sweet vintage blues and country playing, not hot pickups, soulful clean styles is more important than anything else, and the Honk. The Honk in that middle...
  9. MadFrank

    Lets talk about the music that makes you melancholy and wistful.. but joyful too.

    I mean, I don't mean to bum anyone out here! I do know that most of you, like me, who love music so much, associate sounds, like smell, with memories and emotions and there is whole swathes of music, nay eras, that for one reason or another just hit you in the heart and memory like a freight...
  10. MadFrank

    Need advice please. Throwbacks not working for me. Can I salvage them?

    I hope the title makes sense! I purchased a pair of Throwback SLE-101 MXV hums for my beloved 1990 335 a while back, to install when I updated the guitar with new hardware to bring it into the new century. They were an expensive treat to give my guitar the best vintage style PAF pickups I could...
  11. MadFrank

    A little light-hearted thread... Post your next purchase!

    Kind of a pre-whats in the mail thread. It's for the next definite thing your gonna spend money on. Only one rule - you can only post one item. So if it's a pack of strings, planning to be immediately followed by a Les Paul... the pack of strings it is! So, I'll go first.... Neo Micro Vent...
  12. MadFrank

    JHS - What Is A Blues Breaker?

    Informative, concise, entertaining, full of superb context and history, Josh is really killing it with these shows. A superb resource for the whole community, new and old hand alike. I look forward to each new episode.
  13. MadFrank

    New Catalinbread SFT

    Damn that sounds good! The lower gain clean-to-crunch 'Stones' range really speaks to me. It's got that Freddie King kinda thing that I love, plus, you know, the best Stones-Era tones! ...straight to the top of my want-list! :rolleyes::D I wonder if C'Bread are gonna make similar gain-range...
  14. MadFrank

    New Catalinbread pedals- CSIDMAN, New SFT and the Bicycle Delay

    Set for NAMM. I kinda want to rescue the Bicycle from the trainwreck of that 'other' thread, so please lets not mention any of it and just have fun talking about the pedals. :) A new SFT! A V2 no less. I wonder how it differs? And what is a CSIDMAN when it's at home?! It's very much in line...
  15. MadFrank

    What would happen if ...

    ... I adjusted the single-action truss rod in my Gibson Southern Jumbo all the way from fully clockwise to fully anti-clockwise?! :eek: I've been up in the fully clockwise zone with the help of a guitar tech, and now want to explore the other extreme in the search for the guitars 'sweet spot'...
  16. MadFrank

    BEARFOOT 2015 EURO TOURBOX TIME! Sign-Up, Reviews, Banter and Updates!

    It's BEARFOOT Time!! That's right, this thread is to announce the impending arrival of the new (the 8th, I think?) Bearfoot European Tourbox. :banana:banana:crazy Party Time!! This Tour will include - The Model Hs- :eeks :love::love: The Sparkling Yellow OD3 :dude:bow The...
  17. MadFrank

    LAVA - Coil, but not Coiled?

    Right, I like - the tone of the Retro Coil. A lot. But, I'm wanting to move past the actual coiled version. So, apart from the 'Un-Coiled' version, does anyone know if any other Lava cables use the same cable itself? Thanks! :aok
  18. MadFrank

    One Control Black loop - any good?

    I'm thinking about getting one of these for my board - It's so I can hook up a volume pedal and/or wah anywhere in the chain without any major fuss, and to keep the bypassed tone sweet. It looks nice and simple for a guy like me. I like the fact that...
  19. MadFrank

    About to re-fret my Vintage-Spec Strat. Any Advice please?

    Ok, I'm lost with this stuff! :facepalm I have - a 2003 Fender Custom Shop 62 Strat. Round-Lam Rosewood board. All 'Vintage-Spec'. ...which I believe means.. 7.25" Fingerboard Radius. Vintage-Style frets. It's my No.1 guitar and I love it dearly! But, I have ground down those frets and...
  20. MadFrank

    Bearfoot EURO 'FOCUS' Tour - All the B's and a G!

    This is the BAREFOOT European 'FOCUS' Tourbox!! :dude:dude:dude This awesome idea is brought to you by Donner. :bow So the idea of these 'Focus' tours are that they contain the Bearfoot pedals assembled by type, so you can demo all the variations on a theme that Bearfoot produces. For...
  21. MadFrank

    BEARFOOT EURO TOURBOX No.7! UberBee, RRB1 ,LRTrebler & CandiruAppleFuzz!

    Hi Guy's and Gal's, it's time to announce the start of the .. Bearfoot European TourBox No. 7!! :dude :dude:dude The new Tourbox will include the following awesomeness - The UberBee The Radical Red Booster #1 The Little Red Trebler and... The Candiru Apple Fuzz Damn...
  22. MadFrank

    Which Eminence Patriot is most like a classic Jensen?

    For that classic 'Blackface' tone, which 12" Patriot is most like a ceramic Jensen C12N -type? I like Eminence speakers. I'm looking for a bold, yet tight bass, sparkling treble and a scooped/subdued midrange. Just very balanced overall. Thanks for your help, guy's!
  23. MadFrank

    NAD - Magnatone Twilighter Single 12

    Just received this yesterday! I am one very happy boy! Magnatones new 1X12 6v6 Combo, with Reverb and Vibrato/Tremolo. Purchased from Cliff and Patricia at Destroy All Guitars. I have to give a special shout out to Cliff and Patricia because they were so awesome to deal...
  24. MadFrank

    Damn.. my Tuner fell apart. What's currently good?

    my bloody Pitchblack just fell apart! :mad: I tried to fix it, and now it's even more broken. :rolleyes: Still, It's served me well for five years or so. Even though I was slightly suspicious it wasn't totally accurate. So.. I haven't been keeping up with the current tuner wars. What's...

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