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    Amazing Bob Dylan Video

    I have no idea how much this must have cost or how long it took to make but it's really freaking cool! http://video.bobdylan.com/desktop.html
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    Logic Pro X

    New version of Logic was just released. I'm hoping someone else here takes the plunge and lets me know how it is :)
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    PSA: The New Daft Punk is Worth a Listen

    Yes, it's over-hyped but its pretty freaking good. It's essentially an old-school funk album in many ways. Some really tasteful guitar sounds and playing. It's streaming on iTunes for free right now.
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    Should I be worried???

    This is my 1994 Heritage that I just discovered a little crack in. It's been an especially dry winter in NYC so far. I do the best I can to keep my place humidified but apparently not enough. My question is: should I be worried about this? Do you think it's just in the finish or a bigger...
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    Maybe a dumb question about Ohms...

    I ordered a Vox 212 cabinet that has 2 Celestion Blues at 8ohms each. How could the cabinet be 16ohms as it's labeled? I thought that if it were series it would be 4ohms and parallel it would be 8ohms? What am I missing?
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    Opinions Wanted: Stereo Rig Help

    My band is finally getting our own rehearsal studio and amps are not supplied so I am going to have to go amp shopping. I play stereo out of my Space and I love the sound so I know I want to get two amps. I usually love Vox (or Vox-like, I have a Hayseed 30 at home with a Blues Jr) amps so...
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    What's like an AC15?

    I am in the market to buy two more amps for a rehearsal space and I was thinking of a couple AC15 Hand-wireds. They are the right price and availability (I don't want to wait months for a build) but just so damn heavy! What's is similar in tone, quality, price and availability but weighs...
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    Anyone here ever work with Larry Crane?

    We recorded a song and even though we were very happy with the recording, the mix left a lot to be desired. The final was flat, dead and uninteresting. We were thinking of sending it to Larry Crane (the guy with the ads in Tape Op) and I was wondering if anyone here has done so. Any good...
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    Writers Block... Tips?

    Earlier this year I went on a song writing spree which produced some of my best work to date. The problem is I haven't written anything I have liked now in over 8 months. It all comes out as derivative, unoriginal and uninteresting. Any tips on how to get through this and get back that...
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    I've decided I don't like pick guards on LP's...

    Is there any way you guys know of to fill in or hide the little hole left near the neck? The one on the binding doesn't really bother me but the neck one does.
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    Incorporating a "hired hand" into the band.

    My band originated with two people. A drummer/singer and me on guitar. When we play live we usually have to hire a bass player and we have a decent stable of them to choose from at this point but it sucks having to shell out the money each time we have a show. We have started playing live...
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    Rebuilding Pedalboard. Fun or PITA?

    I just got a new power supply, a few pedals and I had a few of my Lava cable go to $h!t on me so I have to rebuild my board from the ground up. My question is: Do you enjoy the process of building a board or hate it?
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    Thinking of getting rid of my volume pedal

    I have had a volume pedal on my board as far back as I can remember but it is usually in one of two positions. All the way up or all the way off. In an effort to make my board a little more efficient I have been thinking of doing away with the pedal and just using a small mute switch...
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    NPSD! (Ciokolate Content) - Updated with pics!

    Just got my Ciokolate in the mail after waiting months for it. I won't have time to rip my board apart and stick this baby on until the weekend but I'm looking forward to it. My first impression though is how heavy it is. I was not expecting it to weigh so much. Still beats flakey, noisy...
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    Removing the Poly Finish from a Tele

    Hi. I have looked and looked and could not find a great guide showing how to remove a thick poly finish from a guitar. I have seen that many people have done it and said it was easy but I'd prefer a step-by-step guide instead of "just use a heat gun" before I start ripping my tele apart...
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    Seriously, what's the point?

    Of having a big Labor Day sale when THIS is your list of brand exclusions? Fender, GC?? Really???
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    Timeline editor!!!

    In case you haven't seen it yet!!! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=4082218545168 This will be very very helpful indeed.
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