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    Fender CTS pots

    Anyone know if there's a difference between Fender branded CTS pots and the non Fender branded ones?
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    Pet peevr

    Totally irrelevant pet peeve. The jack on your guitar is an output jack not an input jack! That is all.
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    Fralin SP43 bridge PU with Suhr Classic S

    I love my new Suhr Classic S but miss the P90 in the bridge position of my triple P90 guitar. I much prefer the neck and middle pickups in my Suhr. Anyone tried this? How does the Fralin balance with the V60lp and how effective is the noise cancellation system with the Fralin?
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    Suhr V60lp height recommendation

    Hi all! Any recommendations on the pickup height of the Suhr V60LP? My bridge pickup in particular seems too bright and harsh. Maybe John can pitch in on this?
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    Menatone TBIAC 4 knob question

    Here's an obscure question for you. Anybody here know if the original 4 knob Menatone TBIAC internally increases the voltage from 9v to 18v?
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    Suhr classic S

    I just got a Classic S with 3 single coils. Fabulous guitar but I have one issue with it. The high E is very thin sounding compared to the other five strings. I'm looking for suggestions to address this problem. I use NYXL 9.5 strings. I know this is problem with all S style guitars but it's...
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    Nobels ODR1 bypass

    Ok. Just how bad is the buffered bypass of the Nobels ODR1? I've seen some complaints about it mainly here on TGP. I know the mini is true bypass but I don't like mini pedals.
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    Iridium into a tube amp

    Playing mostly covers I find the Iridium very attractive but I also love my clean tube amp. I have no desire whatsoever to spend hours and hours trying to get the right sounds into a PA cab with modeling devices. Love my analog pedals. Every thing I see doesn't recommend plugging the Iridium...
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    In praise of Warmoth

    I own A number of nice guitars that have been just sitting for a number of years. I've only been keeping my #1" in gig ready condition. Not that there's been any gigs this past year. I decided to go through all of them. Three Strats, two Reverends, a PRS and a Les Paul. All of them were in in un...
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    SSS vs. HSS

    I've been researching getting a high end strat and one thing I've noticed is that the majority of the boutique brands, Suhr, Anderson etc. are HSS as opposed to Fender which are mostly SSS. Not much for me in Fender CS because I want 22 frets and no relics. Wonder why this is? I look at...
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    Hey! Pedal companies!

    Redoing my pedal board. If the I/O jacks are on the side. Put the DC jack on the top! If the I/O jacks are on the top. Put the DC jack on the side! You spend all this time designing and tweaking the circuit and you can't get this simple ergonomic feature together! GRRRRR!!!
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    Wah for funk and Reggae

    Any opinions on the best wah for clean quacky wah? Think Shaft and Bob Marley. Mini would be nice.
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    Holiday "Sales"

    My wife is buying me a couple of pedals for Christmas. Wampler Plexi Drive Mini and am MXR Timmy. I thought I'd help her out looking at Black Friday and Cyber Monday "sales." The Wampler is normally 150 and the MXR is 130. Sure enough both pedals said SALE, SALE! at 150 and 130. Buyer beware!
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    Cali76 vs GC2

    I like having an always on compressor and the Keeley GC2 has been my favorite so far. A buddy of mine just got an Origin Effects Cali76 and loves it. I understand that these are studio style limiting amplifiers as opposed to a Ross style squeezing effect.I have an Wampler Ego for that. Any tried...
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    Joyo American British and AC

    Here's a wacky idea. I have thought of doing a little analog modeling with the Joyo American Sound, AC Sound and the British sound on it's own board after my regular all analog pedal board into a clean tube amp. I already have the American and it sounds great. What day you? Anyone tried this...
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    KOT logo

    The Analogman logo is almost completely faded on my second generation King of Tone. Anybody else have the same issue? Will it effect the value? I don't think it's counterfeit. Purchased used from a good friend.
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    21 fret guitars

    What's up with 21 fret strat and tele type guitars? As a lead player I can't live without that 22nd fret. You don't have to move the neck PU out of the sweet spot like you do on 24 fret guitars. Why would you prefer 21 frets?
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    fender/marshall with one amp

    I think I have done it! I have managed to get both a clean Fender, overdriven Fender and Marshall sound with one amp. Heres the formula. Start with a good clean Fender or Fender style amp. In my case that would be an Allen Old Flame. Theres your clean Fender sound obviously. I use a Tim pedal...
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    tilt back legs on a super

    I have an amp with the same dimensions as a Fender Super Reverb with no tilt back legs and I want to install some. Can anyone out there who owns a super let me know where to mount the the legs and the stop for the legs. Cant seem to find one around here to take measurements. THANKS!
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    allen old flame

    YAHOO!!! Just ordered a brandy new Allen Old Flame 4x10! Can't wait! Already have a 2x10. Five more weeks to go until it arrives.
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    carr slant 6v

    I keep posting about the Carr Slant 6v because I am very interested in the amp but the closest dealer with one to try is over three hours away! The question would be for those familiar with this amp about the boost function on channel two. How much of a volume jump is it? I have tried other amps...
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    carr slant 6v overdrive channel

    When you read all the reviews about the Carr Slant 6v people rave about the clean channel. Not many folks talk about the distortion channel though. What do you folks familiar with this amp think about the dirty tones?
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    tone king or carr?

    I am torn between the Tone King Metropolitan and the Carr Slant 6v. I want sparkly black face cleans on ch.1 and bluesy overdrive on ch.2. has anyone played with both of these amps? Either of them really worth 3K?
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