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    Vemuram Jan Ray = Timmy clone, Part II

    Thank you for starting another thread, I was afraid I might actually have to work this afternoon ;)
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    Vemuram Jan Ray = Timmy clone

    As well we are now aware that in the world of pedal design "Brass moves ass"
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    Vemuram Jan Ray = Timmy clone

    I took apart my Timmy and it turns out it is actually a clone of a Boss DD-7 Does anyone know where I can get a tap tempo switch for my Timmy?
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    What makes a good chorus good & a bad chorus bad?

    Just my opinion but a good chorus has a mix knob
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    Whats wrong with the Flashback?

    Great demo of all the modes!!!! What were your settings on the pedal in the tape mode when you played Bad
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    The Edge in a box?

    I think this sums it up pretty well, there isn't really one pedal that is going to give you all the Edge tones That being said you also don't have to spend a ton of cash on rack gear to get in the general area I found with a Vox AC4TV, Timmy and Memory Boy I could get close enough for just...
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    i have a great idea!

    I'll chip in, but just to warn you I will try to have sex with it
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    When is the new Klon coming out?

    Rumour is Axl Rose is using one on his next album
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    Trades: Is there no love?

    If a poster puts no trades in an ad I can respect that and won't bother them When selling pedals I usually am open to trades Sometimes you get an offer for a pedal you are not familair with and when you do a little research turns out it's something you are really interested in
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    Boss DD3/DD7 deley pedals?

    I think those are two great ones to go with and will allow you to compare both an analog and digital delay and see which one you like better :)
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    Boss DD3/DD7 deley pedals?

    The Boss DD3 would be a good choice if you don't need any of the extras, it's built tough and easy to use If you're looking for something a little warmer the Carbon Copy is also a good choice for a easy to use analog delay
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    Going for shimmer...Help?

    I saw a guy on Youtube who does great U2 demos using a Verbzilla He had the wet output of the Verbzilla going into a volume pedal then into a second amp He would use the volume pedal to blend in the amount of shimmer, it sounded really good!
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    Neunaber Stereo Wet is AWESOME!

    I have been thinking about getting the orginal Wet since there are more popping up for sale now I wouldn't use the stereo outs and am not really into the computer updating thing, since you have both would you say the original is still has a similar basic tone
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    I love Gearmanndude, but...

    I find his demos to be really fun, but when it comes to really wanting to hear what a pedal sounds like I prefer Burgerman
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    Ultimate TGP pedal board

    One where the pedals change every two weeks ;)
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    Best Chorus Pedal for $100 or less

    I second this, great chorus pedal
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    MJM London Fuzz

    Can you power either the silicon or germanium London Fuzz with a daisy chain
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    The Solution to All Dirt Pedal Choices . . .

    But what if you like different types of dirt, that is a lot of amps....do they make an Amp Train board Plus buying, selling and trading pedals is fun....have you ever tried taking a big amp to the post office, much easier to ship a pedal
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    Cmatmods Signa Drive

    I had a Maxon OD808 and a Signa Drive and I prefered the Signa Drive by far You can get the typical TS sounds out of it, but you can also get a really nice open, ballsy crunch out of it too
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    What's the point of overdrive/boost/distortion pedals?

    This pretty much sums up why use pedals
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    Drive pedal that isn't muddy when playing chords????

    I would also have to say the Timmy
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    Recommend a distortion for a guy who hasn't bonded with distortions..

    I really like the Suhr Shiba Drive In my opinion it doesn't make your amp sound like a cranked Vox, Marshall etc, it just add more gain but doesn't colour your tone
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