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    polytune died(?)

    it does have a 12v and a 18v, but the polytune is 9v and that's how i was powering it. i don't have any surge protection but other than my mayflower being out of commission for a day everything else is fine. the mayflower is working fine now.
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    polytune died(?)

    ok thanks. any idea what i did so i don't do this again?
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    polytune died(?)

    hey guys, i've got a full size polytune i power with a voodoo labs ISO 5. saturday night it worked fine, sunday morning i didn't work at all. my mayflower also was out on sunday, but when i got home the mayflower works while my tuner still doesn't. i tried different outlets, different (voodoo...
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    Is it safe to...

    yeah even if the rating isn't conservative, i've never damaged anything by under powering. just some noise and oscillation.
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    Is it safe to...

    you'll be fine.
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    Classic Vibe or Mexican Standard?

    as someone who plays their MIM tele every day, i really don't know why you say the CV isn't a "real telecaster". the name?
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    Budget tele?

    the link i posted is a mexican. it's just a new "satin" line.
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    Budget tele?

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    jaguar pickups in a tele?

    anyone every do this? i just want something new and thought this might be an option.
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    Fender now offering bodies and necks for sale...

    i'd like to see this take off and fender add more options.
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    For ambient music which is more important a reverb pedal or a chorus pedal?

    you should try reverb->dirt->delay->reverb. it'll definitely you get that huge sound you were talking about.
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    M5 loses parameter counts.

    wouldn't that mean any pedal that uses an expression pedal have the same problem? assuming you're using the both ep for both.
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    Pork Loin guys, how do you set your internal trimmers?

    pro guitar shop has a demo online. i'd start there.
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    my amp is too loud...

    yep. maybe i should just look for a smaller amp. this biggest problem is the stage at my church is pretty small and it's not until a certain point on the dial it starts sounding great.
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    my amp is too loud...

    no master volume.
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    How do you get your strings in tune?

    i don't stretch unless i broke a string mid-set and need to replace immediately. usually i'll just dick around for about 20 minutes or so, adjusting as needed, and i'm set.
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    my amp is too loud...

    i feel like i miscommunicated. i'm not looking for more saturation necessarily, but at low volumes my amp sounds a little thin. also, this isn't an amp for my bedroom, i just prefer to be mic'd. when i turn the volume (not gain) to three or four, i really like the sound. but it is just too loud...
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    my amp is too loud...

    okay so to be sure, an attenuator will not be the same thing as having the amp volume down and the gain up, right? because i do that and it sounds completely sterile. sometimes i have the level on my mayflower way down and the amp but that's still not enough. thanks for all your help.
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    my amp is too loud...

    awesome. again, useless when it comes to amps. what are the differences between this and an attenuator? edit: holy crap?! 20 bucks? seems too good to be true. anyone have any experience?
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    paisley drive: what other pedals can do the chimey/AC30 -ish thing?

    i would it's MAYBE in the same ballpark, and others will certainly disagree, but maybe check out the mayflower?
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    my amp is too loud...

    i just recently got a traynor ycv 40 from the emporium. first off, i think these are really underrated amps. i like it a lot. but it's the biggest amp i've ever owned by about 25 watts. it's just too loud. everywhere i play outside of home i mic, and at home i can't get past 2 on the dial before...
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    100% agree. also, i feel like the only one that doesn't like "transparent" drives. i like my dry signal. i like the way my od pedals sound. i like them to sound different. oh well. i'm happy.
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    String Ball ends - Looking for a source

    that or go to your local shop, if you're friends with the guys i don't see why they wouldn't hang on to string they would otherwise throw away for up to a week or so. rinse. repeat.
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    Why doesn't Fender reissue the Starcaster?

    i think they'd do great today. i'd buy one but i'm sure they'd be too expensive.
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