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    Where do you put your tuner?

    After my Shure GLXD6 wireless (which also has a tuner). Basically it's just for backup if something goes wrong with wireless, so I can run signal with cable too. And for playing at home, if the pedalboard is 1m away from my feet I really don't bother to use wireless at all.
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    Strymon El Capistan - Still worth it after all these years?

    Well, it ditched Timeline from my board - mostly because pedal estate reasons -, but I like how simple it is to use and sounds great. Age of the pedal (or algorithm) shouldn't matter, if it sounds good, it's good. Plenty of much older pedals that are mainstays on people's pedals are out there...
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    Your FAVORITE Guitar Brand?

    80's and 90's ESP's, Gibsons and Fenders. New ones don't feel the same in my hands and feel plasticky for some reason :dunno HM EVH Wolfgang Special neck - that's a perfect neck profile for my taste even though the headstock is butt ugly.
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    The 5 most recognizable iconic Guitar Tones

    Eddie Van Halen Billy Gibbons Jimi Hendrix Brian May Angus/ Malcolm Young HM: The Edge
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    Greatest live album.

    My Top 5 in importance to me: 1. Ramones - It's Alive 2. AC/DC - If You Want Blood... 3. Kiss - Alive! 4. Hanoi Rocks - All Those Wasted Years 5. Iron Maiden - Live After Death How many of those are REAL live albums is debatable, but those used to be consistently on my record player when I was...
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    I like my bridge pickup ...

    My fave is BKP VH II, which I guess is a medium (8.9 kΩ) output pickup. Honorable mention in singles apartment to Lollar's J-Street (8.7 kΩ).
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    Is the Digitech Drop worth a try?

    I use one (in fact I own two of 'em) with my guitars that have Floyd Rose tremolo. Drop works well, but there's one important thing to consider - you have to play loud enough that you won't hear the acoustic ring of the strings, otherwise it's pretty unmusical mess. Other than that Drop works...
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    you have a Les Paul guitar w/humbuckers, your amp is a marshall {or marshall-esque}, what overdrive pedals do you like?

    If amp is set to drive, then some boost and/or Klon - in my case Xotic EP/Wampler Tumnus Deluxe. If amp is set clean add some MIAB to the mix. I play mostly (hard) rock.
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    Issues with Evidence Audio SIS

    I had a practice cable just for learning to build the cables right. Once I had good clear signal coming through it I cut the cable from both ends so I had to do it all over again. That way I could see what I was doing right and what wrong. It takes a little time, patience and repetitions to...
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    Bare knuckle pickups - new disappointing price and looking for recommendations

    I have BKP's in my ESP's and Les Paul. Fantastic, organic sounding pups. I absolutely love their products, but I have to agree that those are pretty steep prices. I guess they lift the prices up after Brexit because their market got significantly smaller. I ordered few pickups after Brexit and...
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    Who are your favourite guitarists and why?

    EVH - King of them all, brilliat innovative playing all around and great songwriter Billy Gibbons - badass playing and good songwriter Warren DeMartini - tastiest shredder, great melody lines (even though many RATT songs blows ass) Euroboy - solid rock playing all around Steve Clark - great riff...
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    The Beach Boys

    My mom used to like Beach Boys and The Beatles, so their music is pretty much into my earliest memories and in my DNA. Some songs are somewhat corny, others are brilliantly genius. Love that stuff; Fun Fun Fun as much as Good Vibrations even though they're miles apart stylistically. BB is...
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    What do you play when it's just you?

    When alone, I like to play along the records (or iTunes library or Spotify), whatever music style or bands I like to listen at given time. Mostly 70's punk and rock, 80's "hair" metal, hard rock, The Police, maybe some 50's and 60's bands/artists, even The Go Go's and Bangles... with that kind...
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    Lead solo guitar delay effects..

    I don't know the amount of ms, but I use delay that's one or two pretty short repeats just to add some thickness and ambience. Set and forget. I don't use delay otherwise in my playing, but I'm aiming for Warren DiMartini solo sound on Invasion of Your Privacy record. Using El Capistan (or...
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    What's your opinion of EVH 5150 standard series?

    This is one option I've been thinking about - I love the simplicity of it, my favourite ESP does have just a volume knob too. I barely use tone knob on any of my guitars anyway. Few questions; - What kind of trem stopper did you use? Does that not stay in tune when using D-tuna without it? -...
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    An advice needed for Quintessence and Drop

    I guess in this case it's the Quintessence, since it does harmony (rather than Drop, which just pitches down the signal)? :dunno
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    Worst pedal you've had the displeasure of playing.

    OCD. Maybe I used it wrong by being the main distortion sound, but in my opinion it was awful :dunno
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    all time best guitar pickups in your opinion

    Humbuckers - Bareknuckle VH II's For Tele - Lollar J-Street on bridge and Royal T on neck For Strat - Bareknuckle Irish Tours (although I wish they'd be hum free)
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    What's your opinion of EVH 5150 standard series?

    I'm looking for a guitar with Floyd and D-tuna for quick drop fix and so far candidates are EVH 5150 standard series or EVH 5150 Striped (that 1984 style model). Basic 5150 has two humbuckers, 5150 Striped has one, so I assume it's a tad lighter in weight. I have had Wolfgang Special and loved...
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    An advice needed for Quintessence and Drop

    I need some advice; I have Digitech Drop and TC Electronic Quintessence Harmony pedals - which one would you put first and second in the pedal chain and why? My gut says Drop first but like to hear your opinions. Both pedals will be put before looper/switcher (somehow Drop sounded awful on...
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    What’s the One Pedal You Keep Coming Back To?

    For some reason, tuner :dunno
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    Revivaldrive compact vs Hotrod compact?

    I have Hot Rod Compact and by using the blend knob it'll clean up nicely, same with the "weird" more/pres knob - if one opens it up it'll be pretty plexi like. That pedal can do just about anything from hot rodded hair metal to classic rock sounds. In fact I use the blend knob quite a bit just...
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    Versatile overdrive pedals?

    Without having tried one, I'd assume Wampler Gearbox is pretty versatile. Has a noise gate on it too.
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