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    Shipping in Summer

    Do you know how to adjust the truss rod? Set the intonation? If you do then it shouldn't matter. If you don't know how you should learn.
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    Fender Deluxe Lone Star Strat vs. ordering a Carvin Bolt

    After making the switch a few years ago I'll never go back to solidbodies. Whenever I pick up a friend's solidbody I realize how much I miss what a semi-hollow does. To each his own.
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    Affordable Gibson alternative?

    Comfy neck profile too. My first taste of a semi-hollow was my AS93...that I still own. I got spoiled with the way the design allows for great upper fret access. A few years later I decided I simply had to have that classic rounded shape so I bought a Sheraton. Fine guitar but I was disappointed...
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    NGD: Eastman T386

    Gibson and Fender both enjoy that headstock tax. And as for guitars at that price point, I don't know what it is but I think there is some subconscious conditioning going on when comparing Big Name Guitar Company to another brand guitar that is 1/3-1/2 the price. There's part of me that says...
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    pickups in a semi hollow or chambered guitar vs solid body

    For a hollowbody I'd stay with potted pickups...unless you have a 100 foot long guitar cable and stand way far away from your amp. Then again Ted Nugent managed with his Byrdlands. Semi-hollows you can go potted or unpotted. I have some Seth Lovers in my Sheraton and one Seth Lover in my AS93...
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    Why do th recent year PRS guitars lose so much value?

    Maybe too many people in the used guitar market are turned off by the flashy finishes and don't want bird inlays.
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    Affordable Gibson alternative?

    For a semi-hollow in the best-bang-for-the-buck category it is hard to beat an Ibanez Artcore. Also, look into a Sheraton. Great guitars. And if you want to cover all your bases, also get a P90 guitar or convert a humbucker-equipped guitar by dropping in some humbucker-sized P90s. Check out...
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    Fender Deluxe Lone Star Strat vs. ordering a Carvin Bolt

    Just playing devil's advocate here: why not try a different style of guitar? Set-neck: 24 3/4" scale semi-hollow or hollowbody if you're looking for something different.
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    Time to break open the piggy bank... DG-335 is back

    Wait! Do they at least come with robotuners?
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    One electric, one acoustic guitar

    Why not split the difference and get a really nice hollowbody? I've owned acoustic/electrics before and they always retain an acoustic guitar feel and just happen to have the ability to plug into an amp. A hollowbody feels like an electric but just happens to have the ability to do that acoustic...
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    Is there a chance of ever finding an 8-9lb LP Custom?

    I agree. I've never seen one of these in person but it just doesn't seem right for any Les Paul to be so thin.
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    Is there a chance of ever finding an 8-9lb LP Custom?

    "A thinner mahogany body with traditional 9-hole weight relief secures an ergonomic experience in the hand..." http://www2.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/Les-Paul/Gibson-USA/Les-Paul-Custom-Classic-Light.aspx
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    You are designing a single pickup guitar: what pickup and position?

    A semi-hollow with a P90 bridge position.
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    2015 Gibson Midtown Standard....available Pelham Blue

    Epiphone's Slim taper profile is pretty fat. I think the slim taper refers to the difference between the nut width and the width at the end of the fretboard. I had that neck on a couple guitars. Very nice and beefy. It's the 60s slim taper you have to avoid if you dislike thin necks.
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    2015 Gibson Midtown Standard....available Pelham Blue

    For me slim necks = quickly cramped hands. I investigate neck profiles and try them out before buying. I avoid the slim ones.
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    Golden Age Parsons Street Humbuckers

    I had a set in a Gibson LP Studio. I don't remember which magnets I opted for as at the time I had yet to go on the tone quest. I didn't know about the difference between magnets or potted vs. unpotted. I just knew I wanted something like a PAF. I also upgraded the pots and caps to PIOs. Stock...
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    Do you ever avoid playing #1 to keep the strings fresh?

    I have five guitars and spread the playing around as much as possible. I really don't change strings very often. Wipe 'em down after ea. session. They last a long time.
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    P90 Guitar for Under $500

    One option is to find a humbucker-equipped guitar you like on the cheap and drop in a set of P90-ish pickups yourself. Scouring Craigslist can yield some good finds for a project guitar. I traded guitars on CL and dropped in a set of GFS Mean 90s on the new acquisition. They're pretty good...
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    Diamond Life Hanger Failure

    How to relic Step One...
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    Want to buy Gibson LP but.....

    Tokai, Burny, Orville, Greco, Edwards to name a few. Check Reverb to see what's available. Some killer deals to be had on these guitars.
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    Help me choose new guitar!

    You should really play all three and see which one speaks to you more. Go to GC or whichever store has a good selection and try 'em all out. One will just feel more "right" to you. Go with that one.
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    An eco future for guitars.

    Do they market these to Prius owners?
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    Set on an SG- what years to look at?

    This thread is a few months old and I'm looking for some perspective. I've got my eye on a 335 Studio that has the baked maple fretboard. How does it compare to rosewood in the feel and sound department? Any big differences? Plusses? Minuses?
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    That's when you fire back with, but you have HOW many pairs of black shoes and you need another?
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