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  1. Tritone

    Supro Comet

    I got one about a week ago. It's very small and light. It feels very sturdy and well-made. I really love the feel of the handle. The sound is very balanced and easy to dial in. Mine has a G10M Greenback in it. One tone knob is usually not ideal for me because I think most amps have more bass...
  2. Tritone

    Recommend a Nice Clean Amp under 1K for use with a PRS semi-hollow body

    If I were you, I'd pick up a used Princeton Reverb Reissue or a used Supro Comet. They both have 10" speakers, reverb, and trem. The Princeton is going to be mored scooped and glassy, but the Comet sounds great clean, too, IMO. They also both sound great at bedroom volume levels.
  3. Tritone

    Celestion G12H-30 Anniversary vs. G12H-75 Creamback

    Anyone else directly compared the G12H 70th Anniversary speaker to the G12H-75 Creamback?
  4. Tritone

    Swart AST speaker swap options for more treble and more dBs

    I have swapped out a stock BV-25M for a G12H30 Anniversary, and the amp was noticeably brighter and more balanced. I'm happy with the swap, though I kinda want to try a G12H-75 Creamback. I definitely prefer an "H" type to an "M" type in this amp. Note that it is a pain to swap these speakers...
  5. Tritone

    katana paches

    I found this one on Google:
  6. Tritone

    What's your favorite speaker?

    I play clean or edge of breakup through various Voxes, Swarts, and Fenders, although none of my Fenders have had speaker swaps. I have only swapped a fair number of Celestion ceramic speakers. I don't know if I'd like alnico speakers more, but for the ones I've tried, here are my favorites...
  7. Tritone

    Clean, big, open 3D sounding amp for chorded music at home?

    Just for fun I searched the page for pretty much every classic amp I could think of off the top of my head. Tweed, Princeton, Deluxe Reverb, Bassman, Super Reverb, Twin Reverb, AC30, Marshall, Katana, etc, and almost every single one has been mentioned, most multiple times. But just to add to...
  8. Tritone

    New (2019) Fender Tonemaster Deluxe and Tonemaster Twin

    Is that true? Are these made in the USA?
  9. Tritone

    Dream Rig 2020?!?!.....1 pedal...1 amp....1 guitar....Go!

    Gibson ES-330 -> Death by Audio Fuzz War -> Swart Atomic Space Tone
  10. Tritone

    Madison Square Bedroom 2020

    Is that a Polytune? Sweet!
  11. Tritone

    New (2019) Fender Tonemaster Deluxe and Tonemaster Twin

    So yesterday at Guitar Center I played through at TMDR for about 20 minutes to try out a Telecaster. Wasn't thinking of the amp and after the demo I realized the amp impressed me even more than the Tele. It sounded and responded like my platonic ideal of a Blackface amp. I had been treating it...
  12. Tritone

    Who has played the new Handwired Fender Princeton?

    After reading through the relevant threads on TGP, most posters said the handwired version sounds better, but we humans listen with our eyes and wallet as well as our ears. What we need is someone to record a blind A/B with the PRRI through the same speaker and post it to Youtube. There was one...
  13. Tritone

    Vox tone

    Isn't "ridiculous and not worth it" the unofficial motto of The Gear Page? I say somebody HAS to do this, for science!
  14. Tritone

    Benson Nathan Jr.

    Anyone picked one of these up?
  15. Tritone

    Music store not going to carry new tonemaster amp's

    One feature you're leaving out that I think is really cool is the silent recording with the cab IRs. They sound really good from what I've heard so far. I live in an apartment and like to record but can't turn my amps up too loud and my Suhr reactive load always sounds a little unnatural. If the...
  16. Tritone

    If You Could Only Get A New Fender Amp...

    Me too. The silent recording sounds reeeeeeeeeally good from what I've heard.
  17. Tritone

    Benson Nathan Jr.

    I think it sounds great. $1649 in case anyone was wondering.
  18. Tritone

    New (2019) Fender Tonemaster Deluxe and Tonemaster Twin

    I think I will get the Deluxe. For me the real killer feature is the built-in IRs in the line out. From the clips I've heard it sounds just as good as mic'ing the amps. Silent recording is useful for me, and I have a reactive load box and some IRs, but my setup does not sound nearly as natural...
  19. Tritone

    BOSS KATANA 刀 amplifiers

    So I have made a few posts poking fun at the Katana craze, but I actually picked up a Katana Head today for practicing and it sounds really, really good for clean and low gain. Maybe the other modes sound great too but I haven't even checked them yet. Today the Katana army gained one more...
  20. Tritone

    Non-buyer's remorse: Egnater Tweaker SDOTD

    I had one. I thought it was good, but after getting rid of it, I don't miss it at all really. One thing to note is that early models don't play well with most 6V6s--it's recommended to stick with JJs. This threw me for a loop when I kept getting "bad" sets of 6V6s.
  21. Tritone

    If you had $1800 to spend on an amp, what would you buy?

    I'd buy 7.86 Boss Katanas.
  22. Tritone

    Vox AC10 with or w/o Greenback speaker

    Maybe a Creamback? That's what made it into my AC15 and I will never replace it.
  23. Tritone

    Princeton vs. AC15

    I have a Princeton Reverb Reissue and an AC15HW1. They are my only two amps and I've had them both for about 2 years. I prefer the Princeton as a pedal platform but the AC15's overdrive is amazing. The clean also has a lot of character. I will say I did not like it much with the Greenback and...
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