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  1. RockinRob

    Warmoth Prince Tribute bodies

    I truly miss Prince.
  2. RockinRob

    Staff reduction at GC

    I was in the Edina, MN Guitar Center on my way home from Mayo clinic on Wednesday. I've been having some rough health issues and said dammit, I am treating myself. Had 4K cash in my pocket. Wanted to try the new Jub. Completely ignored. ok, I said, grabbed a 4K LP from the wall, and went...
  3. RockinRob

    Unless I am reading the wrong, 2016 R9's for 4K at Sweetwater

    Frankly I am blown away anyone thinks 4K is a good deal. But whateva.
  4. RockinRob

    Best Les Paul Copy under 500? EDIT: Received the Guitar, damaged during shipping. Help needed

    This was fantastic playing and tone. Well done sir
  5. RockinRob

    New Gretsch Guitars - Reviews and Opinions

    Love mine, see avatar
  6. RockinRob

    What is the criticism of the ash/rosewood combo?

    My experience is that a tele loses a little spank with rosewood.
  7. RockinRob

    Epiphone Vs Gibson

    Damn...indistinguishable in that vid.
  8. RockinRob

    Kramer colors of the 80's

    Wow that the nicest Kramer I have seen ^
  9. RockinRob

    Les Paul people, help me out

    Cmon man, only one reason a serial number is scratched out.
  10. RockinRob

    Electric shock at gig and how to test.

    Lots of great advice here but please don't discount your amp. It's a 70s silver face? This ain't the kind of thing you play around with until it happens again. Bring it to a tech, check leaky caps, all that stuff.
  11. RockinRob

    Why do we need an unboxing video?

    Seriously? I can't believe it HASN'T happened yet
  12. RockinRob

    girlfriend went Gibson ES crazy this week, and I benefit

    U lost me after "I'm not marrying her".
  13. RockinRob

    NGD: I'm a grown man and I play a pointy guitar...

    I'd puncture my sack with that.
  14. RockinRob

    anyone, regardless of how hard you've tried, come to the conclusion that you're not a gibson guy?

    I feel the same exact way. I never understand people that buy multiple guitars and then string them the same, adjust the action the same, put in the same ole pickups, like the frets all the same. To me a guitar has to look, play and sound different than the next to be special. Whether I am a...
  15. RockinRob

    Your 1st guitar

    1975. My Dad took me to Daddy's Junky Music store in Portsmouth, NH. The salesman offered my dad the 10 yr old Strat, kinda dinged, or the brand new Hondo 2. I did not chose well, although that Hondo was treated like royalty for a long time.
  16. RockinRob

    Guitar wall hanger with base?

    This hanger was similar to a string swing, but it has a base where the bottom of the guitar sat...almost like a mounted guitar stand. Can't find one like that for sale.
  17. RockinRob

    Guitar wall hanger with base?

    i was at a mom and pop today, and their Taylor's were on a slat-board hanger, but there was also a base that they rested on. Unfortunately, neither mom nor pop were around to ask them about them. Does someone make these commercially for mounting on a normal (non slat) wall?
  18. RockinRob

    1951 tele bridge pickup shootout

    I dunno man. I consider myself to have good ears and I just didn't hear enough here to really prefer one over the other. Whatever differences there are would appear to be easily compensated for with a slight nudge of the EQ. Neither seems particularly hotter than the other.
  19. RockinRob

    Guitar Center: What are you doing?

    Stores pay about half LIST, not retail. The electronics pieces typically have even less margin. The rest of your argument is absolutely correct. Guitar Center and Walmart make money on volume, so it is a little ridiculous to me that a local Walmart wouldn't match their online price. It all...
  20. RockinRob

    Anyone noticed a longevity change in D'addario XL strings?

    I use primarily dads but keep some guitars strung with other brands. I think that if d'ad changed their formula it would be very apparent in tone change, which I haven't noticed. Maybe your relief hasn't changed, but I'd still be willing to bet you are just experiencing humidity changes.
  21. RockinRob

    Does Stringing Strings Over A Stop Tailpiece On A Gibson Guitar Make A Dif?

    I have a 79 LP Custom. For decades I poo-poo'd top wrapping. But I noticed the neck angle was forcing the bass strings to rub on the back of the bridge. So, I decked it and top wrapped, and lo and behold the clouds parted and Mr Paul spoke to me from the heavens. He borrowed a rock from...
  22. RockinRob

    The most overrated guitar...

    Saying a strat is overrated is kinda like saying sex is "ok". Brutha, yer do'in it wrong.
  23. RockinRob

    What are tomorrows sleepers/classics?

    I think the Korean Gretsches are freaking fantastic.
  24. RockinRob

    Let Us Now Praise Cheap but Excellent Guitars

    I bought a Gretsch electromatic from Musicians Friend using the july4 coupon, and I couldn't be happier. I simply can't believe this is a sub 1k guitar. I can't find a flaw on it. It came from MF in great shape. The neck was perfect and needed no adjustment. The action was easily lowered a...
  25. RockinRob

    Where are the 4th of July sales?

    if u know of any, post em! Daddy needs a new Gretsch.
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