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  1. Billy Idle

    Earthquaker Devices or JHS

    Both great builders, can't go wrong with any of them. What you actually want is a little confusing to me. For OD or amp-in-a-box, I would go JHS. EQD for fuzz.
  2. Billy Idle

    Strictly FUZZ

    Just wanted to say how much I love my Basicaudio Mutant both at home and with my band. I didn't expect it to sound this good on chords. I know some of you won't agree with me but I like its behaviour on power chords as well. A great and unusual fuzz. I bought it a few months ago and did not...
  3. Billy Idle

    The Alt.Country Club 33: Thirty Three and a Third

    I'having a hard time trying to figure out what the subject of this thread is. I don't understand the title, neither. Cool thread though, maybe I don't get it because I'm a foreigner..
  4. Billy Idle

    Any pedals similar to JHS All American?

    Another oustanding variant is JAM Pedals' Rattler+. Check out demos, it sounds fantastic !
  5. Billy Idle

    Favorite Pedals to run @ 12V and 18V?

    For my part, 18v helps me get a more defined sound when I use humbuckers. Especially relevant with catalinbread and lovepedal stuff.
  6. Billy Idle

    Shin ei companion FY 2 clone

    My tech built me one from Banzai kit, plus some other transistors he has in store. It is a 6-transistor version. My Tenia Fuzz is sparkle orange with JHS-like knobs ans it sounds RAD ! Gonna post a picture when I get it back !
  7. Billy Idle

    rockett archer ikon

    I think I just don't need this golddamned version for I already have an Archer and a Kalamazoo on my board.. Both silver. They stack so incrediBilly well, with the kala forefront as a gain changer.
  8. Billy Idle

    The Ones That Got Away

    The only one I am actually wish I hadst not sold is the next I ain't got yet. Therefore pedals are magic : look, they just vanished away....
  9. Billy Idle

    rockett archer ikon

    Très commercial, tout ça. ..
  10. Billy Idle

    Your favorite fuzzface type pedal?

    I love Basicaudio Mutant that I consider as a spongeous FF. I find that for Hendrix-like FF tones, JAMPEDALS' Fuzz Phrase beats them all. MJM's London fuzz and Solidgoldfx' bc 108 are rad. I have to say I have never played any AM sunfaces that a friend of my raves about.
  11. Billy Idle

    All the LE Timmy colors?

    Sorry OP but I think it is so superficial... Ok pedals are toys but I am a man and don't play with dolls... Just kidding ! Don't know why but I love silver and gold pedalsa and I could just not buy a pedal just because it is ugly. I own Jam Pedals though. Contradiction is the key ! I remember...
  12. Billy Idle

    Best guitar for pure nickel strings?

    OP, any guitar sounds better with DR nickel strings, to my ears at least. The reason I got acquainted with them is that I have always hated the sound of new strings on my single-coiled guitars. I yet fi d your question is strange as I would ponder about it in a reversed way : what kind of...
  13. Billy Idle

    catalinbread karma suture

    Thanks for the information, I thought the KS was meant to push the front of other dirt boxes. I have to try it after my Kalamazoo overdrive. Could you tell us what are you favorite stacking options for the karma suture ? Optional question : What does the word Catalinbread mean ? I have always...
  14. Billy Idle

    Best Mid-Gain OD ever?

    Lovepedal Kalamazoo rules them all !!
  15. Billy Idle

    Best botique guitar effects stores in Europe

    www.guitarshop.fr www.theeffectfactory.com www.lapedale.fr
  16. Billy Idle

    JHS for drive, lead and crunch?!?

    I own a charlie brown that I use as foundation OD. A great low to mid gainer for sure. I also have a Superbolt on my board which is also incredible. I love it' great bass response, a searing distortion that can almost cover fuzz territory. My Moonshine complements them in a perfect way. This...
  17. Billy Idle

    What is Shimmer?

    Hope you got my point into 2nd degree of language. I rather thought of a FBI division of chinese spies with a feather in the ass. But I appreciate satanic monks as well. Never thought of your chaining. Surely a brilliant idea. Gonna try it. Gotta. But I do think you belong to the raelian...
  18. Billy Idle

    Basic Audio Tourbox Pizzazz Unlimited! Canada: Infos, Testimonials, Reviews.

    How true can this be ! Totally concurr with your opinion. BA fuzzes are like a long-term investment. They are not those flavor of the month pedals you won't remember of after 5 or 4 days of playing. They are an adventure, they are a promise. I bought 3 of them lately but I won't use them with...
  19. Billy Idle

    Lovepedal Vibronaut vibe pedal.

    I received mine yesterday and immediately plugged between a cranked JTM45 and a 1972 custom shop telecaster. THE vibe ! Impressed by its depth, its controls and its slow speed ability. I have to try it after a fuzz, though. After dirt in general, as I always put my vibes first in chain. Love at...
  20. Billy Idle

    Endangered Audio Research AD4096 vs. Jam Pedals Delay Llama Supreme vs. ?

    The added modulation circuit is that of the Waterfall chorus. But I don't know if the chorus is usable on its own. I have the Llama Plus and feel happy with it. Only concernt is its size and overall ugliness. The ad4096 oscillates faster. You can't go wrong with any of Jam'stuff.
  21. Billy Idle

    If reduced to 8 pedals... which type would you pick?

    Fuzz Fuzz Fuzz Fuzz Fuzz Fuzz Fuzz Fuzz Tuners suck !
  22. Billy Idle

    Looking for a delay pedal

    Belle all the way ! Check out a used lovepedal echophonic too..
  23. Billy Idle

    DLS MKIII presence adjustment

    The DLS III is the one out from the JHS charlie brown. Tone controls counterclockwise for smooth and waem feel in both cases..
  24. Billy Idle

    Is this too much?

    Gents, you all had better take hard drugs
  25. Billy Idle

    What would you do? (Custom OD content)

    I would put the snarly first then tbe boost then the smooth fat od just to keep the eq from it. I would get more volume for the snarly and more snarl for the smoothest.
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