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    Les Paul, pick guard or no pick guard?

    Why can't there be an option for "It depends" ? I've had a few LP's and some look better with it on, some look better with it off. I'm another one of those players who's technique tends to rip up guitars below the strings but right now I have an ebony and a gold top LP both without the guard on...
  2. K

    Gibson SG finish options! Whats your flavor?

    Burst all the way. Don't see many of them and it looks awesome.
  3. K

    I'm having visions of Lake Placid, Mint, and Rosewood...

    I know exactly how you feel OP. This has got to be my favorite looking Strat, period. Gorgeous!
  4. K

    Show Me Cool Straps for Goldtops

    That strap is cool! Where'd you get it? Nice guitar too!
  5. K

    Wrapping strings around aluminum stop tailpieces

    Mark Erlewine, a pretty respected luthier, suggests the top wrap for the same reasons - to get the bridge closer to the body for better transfer and to also decrease the string angle over the bridge to help prevent string breakage. As always, the results will vary by guitar but I'd disagree to...
  6. K

    Pointy guitar fever...anybody got it?

    I'm mostly a vintage style Gibson guy but this is like the guitar I first fell in love with that got me started playing. Very pointy. I'd like to own an original from the 80's one day.
  7. K

    Why do players think Tele's are hard to play?

    I picked up a used '52 reissue Tele back in the 90's for a cover band I was in that did a handful of Stones songs. I had it tuned to open E or G. After half a song my fretting hand would literally seize up and go numb, I could barely move my wrist or fingers. It was painful. Freakin horrible...
  8. K

    9s or 10s

    Both? I use heavier gauge strings on the low e, a & d and lighter gauge on the g, b & e.
  9. K

    What would your dream Firebird look like and what features would it have?

    I'll play! Bridge type? Gotoh Tune-o-matic Tremolo? No way! Tuner preference? Robot tuners that actually work well. Barring that, Steinbergers. Finish colors? Burst, Pelham blue, or seafoam green. Hardware color (gold, nickel, chrome, black, etc)? Chrome. Control setup - 2 Vol, 2 Tone...
  10. K

    For Those Who Get Tired of Floyd Rose Trems . . .

    After being very firmly in the vintage-style guitar camp my whole life I just picked up my first Floyd-equipped guitar last week. I'm struggling a bit I guess. I can literally see the bridge moving up when doing double-stop bends. I guess I never realized how much a part of my style those are...
  11. K

    Seth Lovers on the way -- anyone use em?

    I replaced the stock neck pickup of my '89 LP Standard with a Seth Lover many years back, I already had a '59 in the bridge. I was hoping for a bit more warmth and crunch, my tones are kind of 70's rock (Zep, Black Crowes, etc). I thought it was kind of muddy and had a bit of honk to it, and...
  12. K

    iphone amp sim apps: irig or ampkit? Definitive winner?

    I believe your contract with AT&T is for their 3G coverage, which is not wifi. The carriers restrict how much bandwidth they allow in a single download over their own network, which is currently 20 mb. Wifi is a wireless local area network. If you don't have one at home or work, you'll need to...
  13. K

    iphone amp sim apps: irig or ampkit? Definitive winner?

    Has anyone had any luck using the iRig with Ampkit on an iPad? With the free version of Ampkit, the clean channel sounds great, but the high-gain one squeals like crazy, and only goes away when I turn the volume way down on the iPad.
  14. K

    Firebird cases

    Thanks! I'll check into this.
  15. K

    Firebird cases

    Hola, so I recently picked up a Firebird V. Fantastic guitar, but the case is freakin GINORMOUS. I could have lived in it with a roommate in my college days. Does anybody make a *normal* sized case for a FB? Thx, Kush
  16. K

    gibson volume and tone knobs

    My Historic '56 Goldtop has the most usable tone and volume knobs of any guitar I've owned. Every notch makes a noticeable difference. It's perfect. I guess it's the 50's wiring, but I plan on doing this for every guitar I own. My other Gibsons, yeah, they're basically like an on-off switch.
  17. K

    Moving Away from LPs to .... ?

    I also played Pauls for a number of years and lower back problems sent me looking for a similar sounding, lighter guitar. It was an SG Standard, and I've never looked back. I'm picking up a Firebird tomorrow so I'll see how it compares too.
  18. K

    Gibson SG bridges - why did they change?

    How is it fixed? This drives me freakin crazy on my SG & Les Pauls.
  19. K

    1964 model reverse Gibson Firebird III demo.

    I love me some reverse Firebirds, but am I the only one who was so annoyed by that dudemanbro that you didn't even make it to the actual playing of the guitar? Bailed at 1:30, just couldn't take him anymore.
  20. K

    SERIOUSLY, how can this be necessary? The most ridiculous GUITAR!

    If it had a pointy reverse headstack, that would be hilarious. :dude
  21. K

    What? FA: The Edge's Les Paul!!!

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