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  1. Tritone

    Show your pedalboard: 2021

    They are kind of similar for sure. I think the SHOD has a lot of gain on tap, or at least I think its sweet spot is at 50%+ gain which is pretty heavy for me. At that gain it sounds like a monster and like a fully cranked amp with a lot of sag and harmonics and it's just so satisfying. I never...
  2. Tritone

    Who will refuse to watch "The Pedal Movie" on principle alone?

    This thread is wild. I love it. Never thought I'd see "cringe" being tossed around on TGP like it is on 4chan or Twitter. Can't wait to see TGP's first use of "based and red-pilled." As for the OP's concern: I don't know if I'll watch the documentary, but if I do, it will be despite Reverb's...
  3. Tritone

    Official Boss Waza Craft Club :)

    I have had a bunch of delay pedals over the years, including a Memory Lane v2, Strymon Volante, etc, and the DM-2w is my favorite by far. The EQ on the repeats is just so good. If they came out with a DM-2w with a tap I'd buy it in a heartbeat.
  4. Tritone

    Reissue DOD 280 Compressor . . . Worth the $99 or stick with the higher dollar comps?

    I know this is a late reply, but the 280 is maybe my least favorite compressor I've ever tried. Don't let this one experience turn you off from compressors! First of all, it was so dramatically compressed that I never turned the compression knob above ~20%. Also, the attack was weird (too slow?)...
  5. Tritone

    Pet peeves when watching gear videos

    Basically in order for me: DISCLAIMER these are my real feelings but at the end of the day I applaud anyone trying to help other people by making these videos. Don't take my callouts too seriously! 1) Not using a proper mic on the amp. It's especially mind-boggling when they have thousands and...
  6. Tritone

    Strictly FUZZ

    So I've wanted a Death By Audio Fuzz War for yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeears and I finally picked one up. Dear God did it live up to the hype. It kicked my Big Muff with Tone Wicker off my board. I know it's been around for a while but holy moley what a great fuzz. If you know the band "Fuzz", it's the...
  7. Tritone

    Muff with Mids Knob

    I like to imagine this is just a random, off-topic aside.
  8. Tritone

    Alternatives to Greer Lightspeed

    I got a Lightspeed, immediately didn't really like it (can't remember exactly why) and replaced with with a Bondi Breakers, which I'm much happier with.
  9. Tritone

    Why isn't Stone Deaf more popular?

    I have 2 Stone Deaf pedals. I like their basic sounds, but I would say they made some questionable design decisions. They aren't the most intuitive to use, either. In a lot of ways, they are downright unintuitive.
  10. Tritone

    Affordable PAF?

    IronGear Rolling Mill pickups seem to be well-liked too. About $75 for a new set.
  11. Tritone

    Post your favorite "classic" fuzz tune

    Basically this entire album:
  12. Tritone

    After the obligatory buying and selling of pedals, which OD or Distortion was the one for you ?

    For me: * Bondi Effects Breakers - low gain, relatively transparent, treble and bass knobs help it adjust to any amp or guitar * Mad Professor Sweet Honey Overdrive -- more gain, more mids, but still very natural sounding and touch sensitive
  13. Tritone

    Which amp is everyone running their boards into?

    I have 11 Katanas which I position to create a 6-dimensional stereo rig.
  14. Tritone

    Best open sounding 4 knob overdrives

    I think the Bondi Breakers fits this description perfectly.
  15. Tritone

    Greer Lightspeed soundalikes

    Posting a goop'd PCB isn't so helpful. There's a (supposed) schematic on page 3 of this PDF. There's also an analysis of the Tubescreamer circuit here. Maybe someone with some electrical engineering skills and pedal circuit knowledge can chime in. Or it might be a good project for me because I...
  16. Tritone

    Anyone tried the Bondi Breakers yet?

    I ended up getting a Breakers in the mail today. I really like it a lot. It kicked the Looking Glass off my board. It will take over for "transparent" overdrive duties. I think I'm happy with my pedalboard for the rest of the year now.
  17. Tritone

    Show Your Pedalboard: 2019 Edition

    I'm using a Friedman Power Grid 10 and a T-Rex Chameleon.
  18. Tritone

    Show Your Pedalboard: 2019 Edition

    It's a Temple Audio DUO 24.
  19. Tritone

    Show Your Pedalboard: 2019 Edition

    I think I'm done for the rest of the year.
  20. Tritone

    Strictly FUZZ

    Fuzz question! I have a Fuzz Factory from 1999. I opened it up the other day to see a breadboard inside. Is it typical for this era of Fuzz Factory to be built on a breadboard?
  21. Tritone

    DOD Rubberneck or Boss DM2w?

    I have the same question. My DM-2w is perfect for slapback, but I miss having a tap tempo feature for longer delay times. I'm considering the Rubberneck to fix that problem and run double duty for slapback AND longer delays. The other option I'm considering is the JHS Panther Cub.
  22. Tritone

    Fuzz/Distortion for big drive AND spitty fuzz

    One that doesn't get mentioned a lot but which I really enjoy is the Pelican Noiseworks Half Horse. The "grain" knob goes from smooth low-ish gain in the first 2/3 of the range to spitty glitchy fuzz at higher settings.
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