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    Austin Speaker Works Elegante's in a Victoria Golden Melody? Thoughts?

    Picked up a Victoria Golden Melody about a month ago, a really incredible amp btw.. It came loaded with Eminence speakers, but I've been using ASW's in all my amps for years now, (KTS60, Kts70, Peacemaker, Elegantes) How do you think a pair of Alnico Elegantes would sound in the Golden Melody...
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    A nice easy trick trick for the Carr Bloke

    I picked a Carr Bloke recently (my first Carr) just to change things up. It is by every possible measure, a Steve Carr a stack in a box, the feel, tone, breakup. It's what He calls his first dedicated overdrive amp; and has a lot of gain on tap "if" that's your thing. But I was hoping to...
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    Need a recommendation for a reverb pedal.

    I recently picked up a Carr Bloke to have a little fun with on stage, you know to change things up a little. Being a Marshall inspired, or as Steve describes it, "a dedicated overdrive amp" there's no reverb. I'm not ashamed to admit it, I love reverb. All my regular gigging amps have it. I...
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    Probably a dumb question, what's a normal level of bias drift?

    I noticed my Carr Bloke sounding a little fizzle and harsh in the highs. I thought to myself, probable time to replace the power tubes. The amp's preowned and God only knows how much playing time was logged on these things. I thought I'd check the bias which was reading about 1.18 (and...
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    Regal 2 trouble shoot help

    I hope to speak with Mark today, but I turned on my Regal, everything Lights up, fuse good, jewel indicator, all filaments in every tube, but no sound. I tried Replacing every tube from the rectifier, all preamp and power tubes, But still no sound. The speaker is functioning when connected it...
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    Well I did it.. Pulled the trigger on a Carr Bloke

    My first Carr amp boys. I'm not a high player, but my insticts tell me there's magic to be found in this amp, especially in the more plexi Classic end of the spectrum. Loved the Stones demo on Youtube with the Tele, really, really cool sounding, perfect breakup. The thought a killer "little"...
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    Recommendations please on a bias probe.,

    After all these many years there's no reason I shouldn't be doing this myself. Can you guys recommend a bias prob. 6L6's are the priority right now, But I have amps running 5881's and 34's as well. Thanks guys
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    Re bias question

    For decades a lot of us would simply replace powers tubes in our Marshalls and Fenders without re biasing. Then we found religion, a tech and that mindset changed. Fast forward, this weekend I realized it was definitely time to replace the stock Russian 6L6's in my Louis Tremoverb. After years...
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    Tell me about Bigsby Les Paul's

    The Zevon thread got me thinking about Waddy's Les Paul which made me realize I've never gotten my hands on a Bigsby equipped Lester. And that's after decades of playing and owning so many Les Pauls :hide2 I know they're probably a pound and a half heavier, and not dive bombing weapons. But...
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    Warren Zevon

    It doesn't get much better than this. Sitting here with a killer bottle of wine and listening to Warren's body of work. From Lawyers, Guns and Money, Werewolves, Excitable Boy, Roland, Poor Poor Pitiful Me, to Carmelita. I'm just so blown away at this level genius story telling. Was Warren...
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    Thinking I might pull the trigger on a Carr Bkoke.

    I own a bunch of great amps, but never owned one of Steve's amps. Feel like I want to give this one a try. The Bloke sounds like one fun, explosive little combo. :dude I'm not looking for Twin Fendery cleans; I already have amps that do that. But the Blokes edge of breakup Marshall tones have...
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    Is the Carr Bloke a one trick pony?

    I've never owned a Carr, but know the build quality and tone to be superb. I was intrigued by the bloke. I own a an 18 watt 2-12 RetroKing which Is absolutely phenomenal, and an old Marshall which cover me pretty well in that territory. I thought a single 12 marshall type combo might be...
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    Just ordered a ASW KT60!!

    What can I expect to get out of this baby?? I already use a KTS70 which I absolutely love! And an Elegante, wonderful speaker, insanely warm and sweet. The kts60 is going into a single 12 open back Kendrick Kspot. Im using Les Pauls, Esquires, and Strats. Ron recommended this as being...
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    Austin Speaker Works Elengante v. Crossraoads v. KTS70??

    I guess point one is I love Austin Speaker Works. I've running a KTS 70 in my Louis Electric since day one and it is incredible. So when I picked up a Kendrick K-spot recently (wonderful amp btw) I had to hear it with the ASW Elegante. The Elegante has the warmest sweetest highs I've heard...
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    Oh no! My Elegante just stopped working?

    Just got it, worked great for a couple of days, playing tonight through a 35 watt about halfway up, all of a sudden,,,nothing, no sound? Tried the amp through another cab with a kts70, worked great. Did this thing blow? I wasn't even playing that loud?? Any thoughts??
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    No reverb or No Trem in Victoria Regal Any ideas?

    Hi guys and gals I love this Regal to death (another thread) But in the meantime I have no reverb and no trem. Im not much of a trouble shooter. I tried swapping the foot switch from one of my Fenders-no luck I replaced the reverb drive and trem tubes which immediately fixed the problem but...
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    So how are your playing chops when wearing your guitar as low as Jimmy Page?

    How does he do it? The live footage of Jimmy winging his ass off in The Song Remains the Same" is easily one of the the most intense, dazzling displays of guitar wizardry ever recorded. And somehow, he pulls the whole thing off with his Les Paul slung down around he knees. I tried, who...
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    Why do think the Dual Professional and Tone Master never caught on?

    Wasn't it only a couple of years before Fender pulled them from the line up. I wasn't big TM fan, but I can see where a lot of players dug them. I still love my Dual Prodessional. They just never caught on.
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    Any TGP's playing in the Old Orchard Beach area this week.

    I'll be chillin' in my favorite place, looking forward kicking back, having a drink and hearing some live music. Probably not a whole lot of places, but what the heck, figured cant hurt to ask.
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    Were the original Bluesbreakers wired for 8 or 16 ohms?

    An easy dumb question that someone here could answer in their sleep. Thanks
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    I'd welcome any additional thoughts on the Komet 19!

    I've listen to every clip I could find, Alex Garcia's being my favorite. loved the Hendrix cleans and Billy Gibbons screaming harmonics he pulled from that 19, great player, great job on the clips! I've read everything I could find, spoken to Hogy and everyone associated. My first choice...
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    Could a bad tube socket be the cause for a blowing power tube?

    It's happened a couple of times now, seems odd. :confused: Extremely frustrating.
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    Were the 60's Bluesbreaker's wired for 8 or 16 ohms?

    I thought it was 8 ohms; but thought I better ask the experts, (and I can't find my Marshall book)
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    Is it possible that the power coming into my home is not uniform/effecting my amps?

    On occation I swear I can hear changes in my amps tones/output while I'm playing. This is through a variety of different amps which have had no issues. I usually right it off as, "O.K., this is a bad guitar cord?" Now I'm asking myself a completely different set of questions: 1st- Is the...
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    Saw Robben Ford on Fri. eve.

    Finally! Unequivically my new favorite guitarist. Damn! He was playing in a beautiful small theatre in Pittsfield, Ma., a triple bill with Ruth Foster and Jorma K, DEFINITELY worth the hour drive through the Berskshire mountains in **** weather. Robben's playing is so amazing! He was running...
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