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    Convince me to give a Floyd Trem another try

    I could never get into Floyds Yes tuning was a pain and if it wasn't set up right you wouldn't be in tune for long. Unless you're really going to use it in your music, I would go hard tail and keep enjoying yourself.
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    Good semi-hollowbodies for $1000 or under

    The Ibanez Artist semi-hollows from the early 80s are solid. Or the AM50 from the same era is a great buy and they come up fairly often at less than $1000 on ebay.
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    American Deluxe (HSS) pick up replacement question....

    The answer I was looking for, thx.
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    American Deluxe (HSS) pick up replacement question....

    Hi guys. I just grabbed myself a 2010 AD HSS strat which I'm totally loving EXCEPT the stock HB which sounds kinda screechy to me. I've been eye-balling the SD pearly gates trembucker with the nickel cover but I'm finding a lot of conflicting info online about complications regarding hole size...
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    Thoughts on Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster

    Just picked up a 2010 Deluxe HSS for a great price and love it. Very well built. The N3s are not so bad, but the HB admittedly is kinda screechy though. I'll probably replace with a pearly gates .....
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