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  1. J

    Mesa Boogie Maverick 2x12??

    Many years ago, I owned and gigged with a Mesa Maverich 2x12. I loved the sounds of that amp. However, it ate power tubes for breakfast. (Amp was purchased new, and I used Mesa branded tubes.) It ran quite hot. The tubes were all PC board mounted. This, in itself, shouldn't be a problem, but I...
  2. J

    What's your favorite Dunlop pick?

    I like the Ultex Sharp 1.0 picks. I have a couple of real tortoise shell picks, and the Ultex are the closest in feel and sound to those tortoise shells, and at a price that cannot be beaten.
  3. J

    I really dislike the pot configuration of strats

    What about a blender pot, giving you volume, master tone, and blender? The blender adds the bridge, when the selector switch is in the neck or neck+middle position, and it adds the neck, when the selector switch is in the bridge or bridge+middle position. Very simple to wire. There are...
  4. J

    Ceriatone OTS 50

    A couple of days ago, I finished building a Ceriatone OTS 50. I built this for a friend. To anyone who is considering building this amp, be warned that this is not an appropriate project for your first build. It is quite complex, and the kit comes with no instructions, other than a parts layout...
  5. J

    Telecasters........ I gotta ask....

    Another thing to remember about the Fender butt-crack. Original Teles came with a snap on cover that went over the bridgeplate. (The cover often became an ashtray.) That cover was large enough to hide the butt-crack.
  6. J

    Where do you like your wah? In the front of the amp or the fx loop?

    Many years ago, I had an Ibanez wah pedal. It was the only wah pedal I have ever tried that actually worked beautifully in an amp's effects loop. I think it may have been the best sounding wah I've ever had. The problem with it was that the entire housing was plastic. It wasn't long before...
  7. J

    Strat pickup advice

    Install the new pickup. If the pickup is out of phase with the other two pickups, reverse the leads of the new pickup. Unfortunately, you can't tell, ahead of time, if this will be the case. It would not be the first time. Over the years, Fender has changed the magnetic polarity of their...
  8. J

    wiring question for vintage guys

    I had a 50s Fender Duo Sonic, way, way back, and it had a ceramic cap.
  9. J

    Terry McInturff's onboard FullTec EQ (passive, no batteries!)..a description.

    This was truly ear-opening. One of the reasons that my Strat is my least played guitar is that it is impossible to get it to sound like anything other than a Strat. That Spitfire sounds like it covers a lot of territory.
  10. J

    Esquire owners! What pickup are you using?

    I use a Klein Tri-State, V2. The full pickup is fat, yet still twangy. The other two taps give the pickup more twang when I want it. The three different taps might sound very similar at lower volumes, but the they differentiate themselves with more volume, and with different types of OD.
  11. J

    Pre-lawsuit Lentz Tele, Yes or no?

    I have two Lentz T-styles. I am the original owner of each, and they'll probably be the only guitars I'll own forever.
  12. J

    Phaser check

    I use a Malekko Phaser. It is pretty good, and it fits on the board. (It is quite small.)
  13. J

    There Can Be Only ONE - Strat vs Tele: If you could only own one? Which one?

    A Tele is the essence of life. Anything else is just a guitar.
  14. J

    Buffer placement/need

    There are some folks who recommend that the buffer be put last in the chain. Bob Bradshaw is one of these, though he also is one who recommends that another buffer also be placed earlier in the chain, but not necessarily first. According to him, there are some types of pedals that do not...
  15. J

    What pots to use?

    Normally, one would use audio taper. You can use linear for tone controls, but you might not like it. (I have experimented with linear for both volume and tone controls, and didn't like the results.)
  16. J

    Does the TC Polytune still have heaps of issues or did they fix them???

    I got my Polytune when it was first available. It has always worked like a charm, for me. I don't know what these issues are, that people keep mentioning.
  17. J

    Picks - details details

    I actually have a couple of real tortoise shell picks that I have had for some time. Nothing beats them, but some things come very, very close. The Red Bear picks might sound the closest, but they are very pricey, and can take a while to get. A much cheaper alternative, and one that, to me...
  18. J

    Dakota Red Esquire, maple or rosewood fb?

    I have two Tele clones. Each has an ash body. One has a round lam rosewood board, and the other has a round lam maple board. Each guitar was born as a two-pickup Telecaster. I converted each one to an Esquire. The maple board is actually much better as an Esquire, but the rosewood board...
  19. J

    J.R. Kohler Precision Telecaster Saddles

    For my ash body, maple neck/rosewood board Tele, I use Bob's cold rolled steel saddles with the aluminum E/A. This guitar will do country and rock.
  20. J

    62 RI vs 65 RI Strat Anyone own both?

    I no longer have either, but I have owned each. I preferred the 65, by far, over the 62. The 65 has a round lam rosewood fretboard, whereas the 62 has the slab. I have never been able to come to terms with a Fender guitar with a slab rosewood fretboard, whether it was a Strat or a Tele. I've...
  21. J

    am i crazy? cae wah trimpots

    I have this wah. The conventional wisdom says put the wah before the OD/distortion boxes. I have never been able to get a wah to sound good, that way. This wah AFTER the OD/distortion boxes sounds much better, to me.
  22. J

    Wah Before or After Dirt

    I have had several wah pedals, over the years, and never have I been able to get a good sound with the wah going before the dirt. For me, the dirt has to come first. Many years ago, I had an Ibanez wah pedal. It was an excellent sounding pedal, but it was at its best in the effects loop of...
  23. J

    Do you use a 4-way switch in your Telecaster?

    I use an "other". My Tele has a five-way switch. The guitar has two single coils, like any normal Tele, but the bridge pickup has a tap. The five-way gives me full bridge, full bridge + neck, neck, neck + tapped bridge, and tapped bridge. I have never cared for the sound of two single coil...
  24. J

    tapered vs linear pot?

    It sounds to me as if the bleed capacitor is too large. If the guitar has humbuckers, I have found that a treble bleed cap larger than 180pF will give that effect (losing everything but the highs). A bleed cap of 180pF is what PRS has always used. If the guitar has single coils, I have found...
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