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    Ebay purchase- should I be concerned?

    You can open some kind of case on Ebay or Paypal if it has buyer protection. Send a message to the guy (via Ebay, not via email) that you are disappointed that the object did not match the description, that the photo was not from the actual object, that you are unhappy, and ask him what he...
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    Who has bought and KEPT their Prince of Tone?

    I have my KoT and really like it and keep it. If the PoT wouldn't have the top-mounted jacks, I'd consider trying one.. I'm really not into making multiple cable-topologies I rarely use.
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    My Mexican Strat vs. American Standard

    Point of the topic? I prefer my US over my Mex. I can feel and hear the difference enough to justify the price paid.
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    Drop the Fulltone FD for a Wampler??

    I didn't even like the FD2, nor any wampler pedal :s
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    Line 6 M9 vs analogue pedals

    I didn't keep my M9 for too many reasons (pretty sure I posted most of them before in another M9 thread). Switching from the M9 to regular pedals always made me smile, switching to the M9 always made me keep tweaking to make 'em sound somewhat useful or to try and get the mix level of the delays...
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    So why would Eric Johnson use a Boss DS-1?

    Because he probably sets the tone to 10 o'clock too ;) The DS-1 doesn't have a useful tone range (at least for me), it sounds good with the tone on one specific position only, and for me it's somewhere around 10:30. I can imagine it sounds like crap on bright and low-lacking amps.
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    The Gear page overdrive pedal is in the making

    I don't like tall pedals, that why I didn't buy the Wampler Tripple Wreck. I still prefer jacks on the side, but power jack at the back.
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    The Gear page overdrive pedal is in the making

    That should be MkII actually; it's the red dot version!
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    Line 6 M9 vs Hardwire Pedals

    I didn't really like the M9 and was glad I could return it. I prefer the ease, sound and dynamics of standalone pedals. But it was kinda fun being able to use al kind of combinations, although some combinations didn't work out like I wanted them. I don't care if a "pro" likes it; I didn't.
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    I NEED an attenuator

    I had a Hot Plate and it only went from 'too damn loud' to 'still damn loud'. If you can live with that, it might be for you, otherwise it's not.
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    Rockett Pedals

    I really like my Animal. Very open and dynamic. But note that it's on the aggressive side. Has a lot of options. I had a 10k Hammer, but didn't like that one. It was VERY dark. I kinda liked it if I engaged the bright switch on my amp, but that makes everything else sound like crap. It worked...
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    This1smyne, where is he? anyone???

    I really think there is no good excuse, especially when doing business, not checking your junk folders on a regular basis (e.g.: weekly, maybe every two weeks). People shouldn't go looking for their contact on third party websites that want your private info before you can even try contacting them.
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    Where can I send my BOSS pedal to make it True Bypass ?

    Why do you all question the OP? Maybe you don't agree with him, but he has its own (and good) reason for it. I have the DS-1, and you can even control the tone suck by turning the gain knob. I sold the NS-2 because it altered the sound being bypassed. If this is an issue for him, and he likes...
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    Show us your pedalboard (#26)

    Just for the weekend. Will probably replace the SHOD with something else.
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    Should a FatBoost be my next new pedal?

    I really like it to fatten up my strat or tele.
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    New Strymon pedal teaser ... "FLINT" = Tremolo & Reverb

    You are right :( 0x0030: 2032 3030 204f 4b0d 0a44 6174 653a 2046 .200.OK..Date:.F 0x0040: 7269 2c20 3036 2041 7072 2032 3031 3220 ri,.06.Apr.2012. 0x0050: 3136 3a35 393a 3030 2047 4d54 0d0a 5365 16:59:00.GMT..Se 0x0060: 7276 6572 3a20 4170 6163 6865...
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    New Strymon pedal teaser ... "FLINT" = Tremolo & Reverb

    Is this a clue???? Double favorite/expression switch!!!!!!!! http://priv.devbox.be/temp/skitch/Fullscreen-20120406-184550.jpg
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    New Strymon pedal teaser ... "FLINT" = Tremolo & Reverb

    New picture!! (expression jack) http://www.strymon.net/products/flint/
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    New Strymon pedal teaser ... "FLINT" = Tremolo & Reverb

    What are flint flakes? One of the teaser pictures showed something about that ;)
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    New Strymon pedal teaser ... "FLINT" = Tremolo & Reverb

    Why does it have that dotted line??? I hope it's a looper.
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    Damage Control Womanizer - as booster

    It would be muddy as the Womanizer is a really thick sounding pedal. You are better of with a regular overdrive/boost pedal. Or you are better of with the Solid Metal or Demonizer (the noisier of the two) into a clean amp.
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    TC and Fulltone Boutique?

    http://www.crushthebutton.com/products/octron2 they ship to you! really nice guys btw.
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    Looking for a new phaser

    There is a simple mod (R28 ?) to make the volume bump go away.
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